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Yes, of course

Every other form of media can and does, as I understand it. I don't see why games should be held to a different standard.

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What the hell is cyber stalking? How do you stalk someone on social media websites?

If it was just for attention, she wouldn't have killed herself. There's no point in getting attention if you're too dead to appreciate it.

Didn't we already have a Last Fm story with some girl sending herself threats and killing herself?
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Torment Tides of Numenera Project Eternity Watchdogs The Witcher 3 Transistor Wasteland 2 Batman Arkham Origins Cyberpunk 2077 MGS V South Park Stick of Truth
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Looks and sounds pretty bad from what I've seen and heard
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No, doesn't make any sense to want an Xbox One first
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Because it wasn't that good? It doesnt' do anything new or interesting and there are much better games in that style. It's an ok game to play with some other people. Ok usually gets 5-7 depending on where the review is.

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A good one to add
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So what? What are they going to show gameplay that has pretty much been seen before and all the bugs and glitches for all the people to lazy to read?
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Yes and no. Exploring is pretty boring the world is dull, there isn't much going on, towns are small and barely have any people, and combat is easy. So I might use them to find things. The games aren't complicated and you don't make any kind of interesting decisions or dialogue choices (especially not in 3) so there is no reason to have a guide other than for finding locations on the map.

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[QUOTE="darkspineslayer"][QUOTE="hoplayletsplay"]For those of you who don't care about critic reviews, I have a feeling you will if they were written better. I reckon reviews now a days are too subjective and in some cases, does not reflect what gamers feel about a title at all. Reviews need to be more comprehensive and develop a system to qualitatively judges the different qualities of the title.topgunmv

If you can come up with a objective system of rating something that is by nature, subjective, you will be a very rich man. I shail consider investing if you take up the challenge.

Gamespot already had such a system.

"All games were judged on five different categories: Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, Value, and Reviewer's Tilt. Each category is assigned an integer score from one to ten, and these five integers are combined using a weighted average to arrive at an overall score."

Via wikipedia.

Tilt was the part where a reviewer was allowed to inject their personal taste into the equation.

You do realize that how much a person enjoys a games visual style also effects their score of graphics, how much they enjoy and how much experience they have with a genre will effect their score for gameplay, and their personal musical taste will effect what they think of sound right?

Are you really saying that with that scale if a person just hated everything about the game personally that they would still be able to give it a score in every category and that the decided upon score would likely be the mean of what the entire gaming world thinks?

Then, didn't tilt and gameplay make up more of the score then anything else. So if someone gave the game a low tilt score the review wouldn't be very different it would still be about 1.5 points lower just from that alone ignoring the possiblity of giving Gameplay 1 less then somewhere else which would make the game score 2 points lower.