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This would never have happened if she and everyone else in a 500 foot radius also had a gun.
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I supported it shortly after it went up on Kickstarter. Happy, and surprised, to see how much it gained in the last three days.
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Not really, if anything consoles have become far less relevant and they look to become even more so. I'll probably still get a PS4 eventually for some exclusives.
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Damn, that's probably my favorite series. Why the hell did they bring over Yakuza Dead Souls? It's like what happened when they brought over Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, they released a crappy game in the series it sold even less than usual and was reviewed poorly so they thought the series couldn't sell anymore.
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Unless his writing has really changed from Heavy Rain a good story and David Cage don't go hand in hand.
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i don't get the whole Titanfall thing. I am not hyped for it at all. I am looking more to Destiny and Battlefield 4. But that is just me perhapsThe_Last_Ride
^ Same, just without the looking forward to Destiny and Battlefield 4 part.
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No, you don't get it. Everything that is bad is supposed to be bad, you know, for satire. All problems solved now

[QUOTE="Lulu_Lulu"] I don't play games the same way as most people do, I replay games many times and at some point I'l be able to look at a game objectively. I for one, can play and finish a game with Zero emotional investment to any character. Also if you think about it VG Characters are terrible, yes even "the good ones" are bad. So maybe try not to get so emotionaly invested next time, unless you're playing Beyond Two Souls.Lulu_Lulu

You actually give a shit about those stupid ass David Cage games?

I'l admit Mr. Cage sounds like a major douche but What exactly makes you think Cage's games are stupid ?

...I played Heavy Rain and thought about the story characters, and dialogue.
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You actually see Ezio grow from an immature womanizer into a master assassin training other assassins. The character development of Ezio is miles ahead of Altair's and Connor. Also, Atair didn't even really have a personality in AC. But still, I'd put him in second because Connor is a such a twerp.

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It was very poor in every way compared to BG2 and other games like it. And the animations in the game during combat were worse than KOTOR.
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If they cared about their customers and providing a good service then yes, of course, it should be cross buy and play, which would also mean they should link the profiles together.