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Illinois Governor Wants To Keep 'GTA,' 'Halo 2' Out Of Kids' Hands

Where to start with this? How about the first sentence.

"That iconic black-and-white parental advisory sticker you see on CDs containing violent and/or sexually explicit content may soon be appearing on video games, if the governor of Illinois has his way."

(Could that be something like the ESRB rating on the box, the little things that tell you what the game has that has been on games for years? Or are they saying the people in Illinois can't read and need to have a bigger sticker and to be told what is on the game from store employees?)

"Stores that allow children access to games such as "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," "Halo 2" and "Mortal Kombat: Deception" would face a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in prison and a $5,000 fine."

(They all must just talk about Halo 2 because it is so popular. I never even notice the blood in that game, I think there was more of it in the first Halo.)

"The content warnings issued by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board — E for everyone, T for teens and M for mature — are merely parental suggestions. So it is not a criminal offense for stores to sell M-rated games to minors, a practice that a July 2003 report by the Federal Trade Commission determined to be commonplace."

(What more do they need? If it already tells you what the game is rated and parents let their kids buy it then how is this going to stop anything. All you have to do is ask your parent or an older friend to buy the game for you or buy it on any internet website like a lot of people already do.)

"Stores would also be required to post signs that explained the ratings system already in use by the video-game industry."

(.....They do.)

"The Illinois bills — one for violence and one for sexually explicit content — define violent games as those that realistically depict human-on-human violence and sexually explicit ones as realistically depicting male or female genitalia."

(How many games depict male or female genitalia? And why do they want to ban Halo 2 then, it doesn't have Human on human violence. It has Human on Alien and Alien on Alien violence. Also I would call Halo 2 realistic.)


"Here's a thought- for every kid that goes off the deep end and has their actions explained away by 'evil video games', their parents should serve time or be beaten in the public square. I guarantee you at that point parents would take a more active role in what their kids are doing."

"Blaming crap on video games is just crap. It's like me saying Osama Bin Laden went and killed all those people because he eats cornflakes for breakfast! Actually, I bet that if they did research into it every person who has ever committed a crime of any kind, in a country where cornflakes are available, has eaten them?"

"If they're going to be all whiney about this why don't they just make it illegal for children to enter stores, then parents would actually have to go pick up and see the games they want while the kids press their faces up to the glass waiting for Mom to exit. I bet we could get Windex to lobby for that bill."

"Take Larry the Cable Guy's words as a good point to that article "Guns don't kill people; people kill people. If that were the case, I would be able to blame my every misspelled word on my pencil"."

Well it looks like Illinois has moron for a governor.