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Cross dress better dammit, I'm starting to think my characters are idiots.


I was reminded of something after reading Carolyn's article on Persona 4 (which I completely disagree with as I do pretty much any article on Gamespot that I've read that Kevin or Danny didn't have anything to do with), why is it that any time a character in a video game dresses like the opposite gender does everyone usually believe them? I remember this happening in a few games but the best examples I can give now is with Nauto in Persona 4 and Marth in Fire Emblem Awakening. Even when I first started playing the games with no knowledge of plot or characters I at no point believed that Nauto or Marth were men, hell Marth doesn't even seem to try to hide the fact that she is a woman, she just inroduces herself as Marth while looking and sounding like a woman.

If they were revealed to be woman the reaction was just, oh, then that would make sense but your characters in these games are always like, wow I never expected that. Is it because I like Fantasy settings and I like to control armies of elves or play as an elf and I'm just used to being able to tell what feminine looking characters are actually men and I can do the same thing with women, or are the characters we play as just really stupid (which really shouldn't be the case for Yu in Persona or your strategist in FEA)?


Oddly enough just after writing this I started to play Hakuoki Demon of the Fleeting Blossom, where the main character is dressing like a boy to not draw attention to herself. It does fool most people but at least three so far haven't been dumb enough to think she is a guy, that's a lot better than most games.

Gears of War Setting the Standard for Female Characters in Gaming Industry?

Are Epic Game's female characters a cut above the rest of the gaming world?


Short Asnwer: (typed out because the link option is not working)

The long Answer:

There really shouldn't be much of a difference between a good male and a good female character. Usually for a good character you should be able to remove any knowledge of whether the character is male or female, and still be left with a good character. When I think about the traits of my favorite characters in any media usually the traits that stick out the most have nothing to do with their gender. A character can embody traits more commonly associated with a particular gender but any good character is going to be more than just that.

Making women who have guns and kill stuff, without giving them any good character traits, doesn't mean that you are making a good female character that women can look up to, it means you are making a generic stupid character that stupid people will look up to.

When I see comments like, I like that character because it's a woman who shoots things while also "remaining very feminine" (since there isn't really anything different about their characters I guess that just means I can see they have boobs), I could just as easily imagine these same people praising the characters in a Michael Bay movie if they had just removed all the men and replaced them with women. Those characters all sucked, but now that they are women and they have guns and say generic uninteresting lines so now they are characters that every woman can look up to.

It's not that hard to find better written characters outside Gears of War (female characters included), and if Chris Perna believes that Gears of War sets the standard for female characters in the industry then that says a bad thing about future characters in the Gears of War series and for Chris Perna's taste in video game characters in genral.

Looking at some of the quotes from Chris Perna also raises a few other questions

You see the implants and the blonde hair and pants and you roll your eyes its almost like the game geeks idealisation of what a woman should be

I seem to remember Anya being the only woman (in the army at least) in the first two games, already highly unlikely when you are fighting for the survival of your species. I also seem to remember her as being blonde, having a nice figure, wearing make up (which doesn't seem like it would be a priority in the Gears setting). I seem to remember all three of the women that join you in your squad for Gears of War 3 (Prologue DLC for one of them) being pretty attractive, certainly not something I would say about any of the male characters that join your squad. I guess we don't know what the Carmines look like under those helmets, maybe they were all hot. Maybe all the men in the army are even more attractive then those three women, maybe they just wear helmets so they don't make Delta Squad feel bad, we certainly don't need Dom and Baird whining anymore then they already do.

I think because we didnt go that route we have more believability weve got more butch characters

You mean that one women, the one that was only in that one area of the game, and was only in the game and looked like that because of the comic books? Also, you know what is just as generic as a stereotypical male fantasy, a stereotypical butch character. A female character should be a well written character before a generic bombshell or just some guy with a gun that you added boobs to. 

When asked about a female in the lead role

"That's certainly interesting but I don't know,"

There's nothing interesting about it by itself, it is only as interesting as you make it. Epic's writers could make a game starring a female half human, half locust, half cyborg dragon and the character still wouldn't have any traits to make her interesting. I also wonder how Epic could think that their female characters are a cut above the rest of the gaming world when past, present, and future games have females as the main characters or as playable characters at certain parts of the story. As far as I know unless you are playing co-op with two (or maybe three) people you will never even play as a female character outside of having the choice to in multiplayer.

I also have to say that just the title of the article points out everything wrong with what Epic is saying

Epic: a female Gears of War star would be tough to justify

But existing female cast are a cut above the usual stereotypes

It's like they are saying, we don't want to give the women any important roles but there are certainly worse companies out there.

Speaking of games with good female lead characters

(Yeah, Gamespot posted about this a few days ago, but I was too busy with Fire Emblem to write a blog at the time, a series that does have good female characters and has had them in lead roles)

Level 5.......WHAT THE HELL!

I don't know if I've ever seen a boss battle handled as poorly as the third and final form of Shadar (the main villain for the majority of the game).

He fights like a generic cheap JRPG boss and his attacks exploit the terrible AI of my allies who refuse to move out of the way, defend, or heal themselves. Both of them get their asses handed to them in seconds. I used items to revive them only to have them refuse to heal themselves, even though they both have out a familiar with healing spells and have at least half their MP left. One of them stands in front of a charged attack and dies while the other stands on the spot that another spell is effecting, damaging him for every second he stands on it until he dies. Then the game cheats while I'm trying to cast my most powerful and costly spell, the game takes the MP to cast the spell but because the enemy goes into an animation (even though it has no effect on my casting character) my spell just disappears like I didn't do anything, of course the MP I used to cast it doesn't come back.

It's at this time about a minute into the fight that I'm very upset that they programmed a boss to exploit their god awful AI instead of making him a real challenge. It didn't help that in most JRPGs this would mean I would have to waste time grinding to beat him and it didn't help this is one of the main villains for most of the game that I was fighting. Not much of an epic final showdown.

I was about to let myself die to see if the continue option would put me back on this third form of the fight or reset it completely, so I stood still to await my fate. So he attacked, and attacked, and attacked, it was at this point that I realized that all he could do was exploit my brain dead allies, if I wasn't trying to get hit he would never be able to hit a character that I was controlling. The exception being when he does a more powerful attack that hits everyone no matter where they were, of course that move was easily blockable (by me, not my allies of course) and when defended against it would only take off about 1/6th of my total health, give me health and MP orbs because I blocked it, and then stun the boss for a long time after his attack leaving him open to attack. He only did that move three times during the fight anyway.

So to defeat one of the greatest evil sages of the world my strategy was to run around (to the left and to the right) like some hyper little kid, maybe because I was drinking all that cheap coffee to restore my MP and I am playing a young kid, while casting spells everytime the boss was about to miss one of attacks until he finally was beaten.

I'm really enjoying this game, but really, what the hell? Some people at Level 5 need to be fired. That level of stupidity should never be tolerated.

Also, I used magic to turn a fountain of milk into cheese. That's the greatest spell ever.

I may have lost some of my talent, thankfully I'm not this far gone (Journalism)

I don't write much anymore, I don't try to think of interesting or funny blogs to write, I don't write reviews anymore, hell I haven't even thought about writing any kind of 2012 blog about my gaming or top games like I've used to do.

There are probably a lot of reasons for that, when I think about it two reasons come to mind more than anything else. The biggest one over the last three years has been my previous employment at Wal-Mart and living in this town both have made me lose ability in just about everything writing, video games, math, speaking, faith in humanity, etc (Wal-Mart and Abilene tends to do that). The other reason being my growing love of watching a lot of different internet reviewers partly caused me to believe that I have no real reason to write anything when people can be watching/reading their videos/articles instead. I had almost reached the point where I would find more enjoyment in watching a Let's Play of a game than actually playing it myself, which is why I rarely post my opinions about games I've played anymore. With Wal-Mart in the past I seem to be getting back some of what I've lost over the last few and maybe I'll get back to writing more interesting blogs or reviewing games in the future.

That said, while I may not currently be up to the challenge of writing a well thought out, researched, thought provoking article I can tell when someone else is failing miserably at it and making an ass out of themselves in the process.

I was on Facebook earlier and had an editorial shared by one of my friends, this editorial. At first I thought it made for a pretty funny read, then I realized what a sad world we live in when I noticed it was an editorial written by a senior member of TIME, leaving me to wonder how someone who could write so poorly could even get a job at TIME or anywhere else.

The article is about the lack of female characters in J.R.R. Tolkien's world of Middle Earth. Well I think it is, I mean, that's the title of the article, although it does seem to focus more on the book The Hobbit then the overall world, and the movie The Hobbit, the Lord of the Ring books, The Lord of the Rings movies, Peter Jackson, and the lack of female characters in children's entertainment, cartoons, and legos. ...What was I reading about again?

If you want to write about something you should probably have more paragraphs in the article than talking points. I'm just saying that if I wanted to talk to you about something, I would probably start the article's subject out with some kind of point or subject then spend the rest of the time attempting to show why my point has merit or discussing the subject. Getting completely sidetracked in my very first paragraph and talking about something else entirely, let's say LEGOs, would make me look like an idiot and like I have no idea what I'm doing. Doing that would be almost as bad as titling my article as if it had to do with a long dead English writer, making the first paragraph about children's TV programs and LEGOs, and ending my five paragraph article talking about and quoting a modern day film makers for the last two.

A brief history about my username, I gave almost no though to it and just used the names of the two characters I was playing as in the video games I was playing at the time. Legolas (The Two Towers on the PS2) and Kyle Katarn (Jedi Outcast on the PC). While I do really like the Lord of the Ring movies, The Fellowship of the Ring being my third favorite movie behind My Fair Lady and Black Dynamite, I know next to nothing about J.R.R. Tolkien and the world of Middle Earth. I read The Lord of the Rings when I was about 10, a short time before the first movie was released, and didn't really think anything of it, I tried reading The Hobbit later and got bored (I would much rather read The Black Company or Forgotten Realms books).As the years have gone by I have started to really like having the username Legolas but it has nothing to do with me being a fan or being knowledgeable about Middle Earth.

From my lack of knowledge about Middle Earth you would think that I would be one of the articles target demographics, someone who knows nothing about what she is talking about and will just agree with her because I have no other point of reference. An obvious problem with that is that is in the world where the internet exists I could very easily do a google search to see why what she is saying is idiotic but before I even get done reading I already can tell that she has no idea what she is talking about, based on these quotes.

"I did not read The Hobbit or theLord of the Ringstrilogy as a child, and I have always felt a bit alienated from the fandom surrounding them. Now I think I know why: Tolkien seems to have wiped women off the face of Middle-earth. I suppose its understandable that a story in which the primary activity seems to be chopping off each others body parts for no particular reason"

Ignoring how wrong that "primary activity" is, if you say that you have no experience with what you are talking about in your article (in this case, not reading the book) you just shot yourself in the foot. She seems to allude to having read the books later in life, of course when you describe the primary activity of something with a phrase like "seems to be" you're pretty much admitting to not understanding it or that you still have no experience with the focus of your topic. Seeing the problems that the word seem can cause maybe I should reword my previous statement of "she seems to allude" using the word seems with the same definition that she is giving it. She (bull****) alludes to having read the book later in life. That does sound a lot better.

"There are, no doubt, many who know the Tolkien oeuvre much better than I who will protest my complaint."

If you are ever writing an editorial and feel the need to say that your article is bound to be read by smarter people who are more educated about the topic of your article than you and that they are going to use their superior knowledge to prove you wrong, you should probably just stop writing. If you are taking an entirely new stance on a topic and have a well thought out way of doing so with counterpoints to offer protesters that would make sense. What does this writer do? She immediately quotes people who have disagreed with her, just a tip, if you are going to post quotes from people who disagree with you, you should probably follow those up with the reasons why you don't believe that their counterpoint has as much merit as what you are arguing for. I do have to give her credit for this sentence as it was the only line in the article that contained truth, so much so in fact that I don't even have to do that above mentioned google search to find out more about the lord of Middle Earth or about the Author, it's all over the commentary of the article explaining why everything she said is wrong.

The real problem with this is that it isn't something that the author was told to write, it's an editorial, an opinion piece, an article about something that the writer took a personal interest in. It's one thing to not possess enough professionalism to do any research about a subject that you are told to write about but when you can't even bring yourself to care about your own opinion what possible reason does anyone have to take anything that you say seriously?

That seems to be one of the biggest problems with journalism today, including gaming journalism. No passion, no research, and no real thought given to anything, not even when it's supposed to be a writers own opinion.

"This isn't a review anymore, it's a mercy killing"

The last review I've been waiting for

Red Letter Media reviewed the Star Wars Prequels, Spoony reviewed FFX, and now Spoony reviews FF13. The major releases with the worst plot and characters that I remember watching/playing will all have been thoroughly ripped apart in hour+ long reviews by some of my favorite people.

Anyway, my 360 started overheating Christmas or Christmas Eve. It looked like it was a problem with the power supply, I didn't want to use my warranty that is still good for another nine months, so I tested my 360 out with Sitius' power supply hoping that I would be able to just replace that. It worked so I ordered a Microsoft Power Supply off of Ebay for $30 (after seeing all the one star reviews for other brands and hearing that they ruined 360s, wouldn't power on, broke down a few days or weeks later, almost started an electrical fire, etc) and I just got it in the mail today. Played for about five hours and everything seems to be working fine. What have I been playing?



This is one of the most enjoyable games I have played in a long time. It's like playing Gears of War if you weren't playing as a bunch of losers and if instead of wearing bulky armor that restricts movement and gives no protection you have armor that makes your character even more of a badass. I have no idea why I waited so long to play this game and feel bad that I bought it for only $11. Got it in the mail today along with my power supply.

Also ordered this


Binary Domain

Should get it tomorrow or the next day. Got it on Amazon for $14.

Without a job and a 360 I started to play some of the games I owned but hadn't gotten to, after playing a few I would highly recommend everyone who is an RPG fan pick up Xenoblade and everyone who is a fan of tactical games pick up Jagged Alliance 2 on GOG (and then download the 1.13 mod).

Nice to play enjoyable well made games instead of constantly being invited to play crap like Halo 4 and Black Ops 2. I guess I might have to get back to that now unfortunately.

Average gamers thoughts on violent video games causing violent behavior

Usual gamer response on violent video games causing real world violence

Of course the games aren't to blame, playing violent video games does not make a person violent.

Now I'm going to go against what I just said and blame the parents for allowing their kids to play violent video games, thus making their kids violent.

I will also ignore the concept of free will, social interaction, and outside influence outside the immediate family to support my firm belief that all people will always act and behave as their parents do be it good or bad, thereby making my second statement as pointless as my first.

.....I'm also an idiot, negating everything I said previously.

These people can't write a paragraph without contradicting themselves three or four times.