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A much more simple and less time consuming work around

My computer was having problems playing videos from certain hosts after getting a few updates. I managed to fix the problem but shortly after my computer wasn't able to create new folders anymore. While trying to look up the problem I can't find what causes it but have found solutions telling me to open up some command prompt and do some things every time I want to make a new folder, do some lengthy complicated things that I don't even begin to understand or care about trying to understand that might end up causing more problems, doing a system restore which they said probably won't do any good, or reformatting the computer.

I decided I'd just go with my way of creating a new folder. I copy another existing folder, and rename it.

This is one of the most buggy/broken games I've played in a long time


Assassins Creed Liberation

Problems encountered

1: Near constant slowdown

2: Game not registering completed objectives forcing me to restart missions

3: Game error crashing the game and taking me back to the system menu

4: Slow response time during combat

5: All kill animations lag horribly usually making it look like she isn't even hitting her targets. Oddly the exception to this
is anytime she goes into a killing animation against two enemies which is much faster and usually longer, those work fine.

6: While swimming I ran into an underwater trap (even though I didn't) causing me to lose much of my breath. I barely made it to land before dying, got out of the water, took a few steps, and then drowned

7: Trophies not unlocking or unlocking up to 20 minutes later

8: While in the lady persona you are unable to climb or jump, but are able to fall/be knocked into areas where you would need to climb or jump to get out, forcing you to reset the game.

9: Enemies and characters falling through walls/building/environment

10: Enemies appearing and disappearing

11: Enemies freezing in mid death animation (I liked the guy I threw off of a dock who froze in mid air with his hands and legs waving)

12: Pushing button to start a mission causes the mission icon to go away, and then come back, until I am forced to restart the game

13: Pushing button to start mission causes icon to go away and not come back, removing mission from map entirely forcing me to reset.

14: After using all viewpoints to see the entire map the game decided to hide everything on the map again, eventually, fixed itself after completing multiple missions and traveling to different areas.

15: A bug that causes you to lose all save data (I never did run into it but I see other people online talking about it and since I didn't have to download a game update I assume it was never fixed).

16: Objectives for entering certain areas not registering preventing me from getting new objective to continue mission, forcing me to reset.

17: Touch screen controls (front and back) only working when they feel like it

What the hell is wrong with all these people giving the games 6s, 7s, and 8s? It doesn't deserve that high of a score before we even get into the environments and characters being bland and boring, not having the excellent multiplayer modes that we have had since Brotherhood, and not having any enjoyable activities like the ship battles in AC3 (although going by how terrible the controls are for any type of boat we definetely didn't want that).

I've never been more sure that a character is an assassin or going to betray me



I finally started playing Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky, after owning it since it released. Pretty good so far, some dumb/lazy development decisions typical of a JRPG but it is definetely better than most, and a shame we probably won't get the other two games in the series translated any time soon.

Still, I've never been more sure a character was really a trained assassin in my life. Ignoring his personality and talents, you just can't give someone yellow/ember eyes because I will just be thinking of this when I see him. (46 seconds if it doesn't work, having ads seems to ignore the time I set it to start sometimes)

Gamefly sent me Injustice yesterday and Amazon sent me my copy of Devil Summoner Soul Hackers, should be a good week.

What I learned from playing Pathfinder 1 and great kickstarter project


If your Game Master is a Tarantino fan do not start diplomatic negotiations with a former employer by saying, "We got into this with the best intentions."

And since I brought up role playing games


Over 5,000 backers in about an hour and websites have just started posting about it and the subscriber emails to tell us when the project launched haven't even been sent yet. I'll be giving $95 so far. The $250 is tempting but I already gave $250 to their Wasteland 2 and $300 to Numenera so getting more copies of Wateland 2 or more copies of the Numenera core book (when I will already have it leather bound as well as the other books) doesn't matter much to me. Since I still don't have a job from the end of October I also should stop trying to spend so much money.