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Well, this has gotten to be pretty sad. The community here had been slowly dying for about three years before the redesign but I always thought that things would just continue to go slowly downhill or that they would try to make things better eventually, I thought that was the plan when the redesign was announced, in the 12 years I've used the site I never thought they would go out of the way to kill their own community. This is surprising since anyone who really follows gaming news and cares about the industry knows that sites like this really no loner serve any kind of purpose, save for bringing people together in a community. I can find better shows on youtube, I can get news faster on twitter and smaller sites run by only a few people, I can find longer video reviews and gameplay clips from multiple youtube people, I can't use sites like this to find reviews on smaller indie titles. The only person making any kind of interesting content for the site is Danny or articles by Kevin. The rest is usually garbage or just kind of pointless I don't really see much use in watching a show with some guy making stupid comments on the stupid comments other videos and articles get, that just reminds me how little creativity we have here and how poor the community has gotten, if anything that show probably makes the site worse by encouraging people to make stupid comments to get featured and that's really the last thing we need.

I've seen comments from moderators saying they no longer visit the forums (and I don't even think I know who half the remaining ones are anymore), I've seen a poll advocating the death of those who made this site change up for over a day on the forums without being locked or removed. I think when you reach that point it's time to just consider the forums and community dead. Synthia's posts have been less then hopeful lately when it comes to those in charge making improvements, maybe some day they will but just about everyone I care about has moved on and content wise once you know who to follow and what to watch larger sites like this, IGN, etc don't serve much of a point anymore for anything but the people you can interact with their and the community features.

In the time since the redesign I have become a moderator on Angry Joe's new community forums which actually works betters than this site was even before the update. On the few days under a month since the community was started I have met multiple people to play games with on a lot of different systems, I have seen a lot of people gifting out game codes they won't need or just giving stuff to other community members, I've found multiple tabletop roleplaying groups, I won a signed copy of the script for the Kickstarter game The Mandate (signed by David Bradley), I was trusted to become a moderator for our forums and teamspeak (and I assume twitch streams in the future). Seems to be a great new community that is likely to keep growing and one where they plan to do a lot of tournaments, events, giveaways, form professional teams in a variety of games and genres, etc. NeonNinja (who has also completely stopped using this site) can also be found there. They have some work to do, community is only a month old and it's not something they have done before but I believe it can become something great.

It's been a great 12 years, more than half my life here. Was involved in some live streams, on a live show to demo Halo Wars, I lead and was an officer in quite a few very active unions. I've had a lot of great times here and I've met a lot of great people, almost all who either left a long time ago or have left after the redesign, and It's time for me to join them.

Some places I can be found Angry Joe's community I have the same name there as I do here, I can also be found on twitter under this name where I tend to just post my thoughts on recent games I've played and talk to old Gamespot members who have long since left, and on the website (or rpggeek or videogamegeek) under the same name.

Also, Ys Memories of Celceta, buy it.

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I'm actually kind of impressed

No external hard drive support a launch for the Xbox One?

Microsoft isnt just going back and changing all the bad to better, they are also going back to make some of the bad worse (small to smaller number of supported countries), and some of the good bad (this). That level of incompetence is kind of impressive actually.

10 Year Anniversary. A time for change and rememberence

Today, it's been 10 years since I joined the site, and probably over 11 since I started using it.

I joined the site back in 2003 where I occasionally posted on the forum and continued to use the site for news. Once unions were introduced I became I much more active member when I started the Brothers in Arms (also used to talk about WWII history and films) and the Fire Emblem Union, I also became an officer in a lot of other unions, the only one still around (until the site update at least) being The Emblems Union. Both of my unions were very active for awhile, everyone running the Fire Emblem Union even ran an RPG style game of Fire Emblem with people using maps and playing like they would in the game on the forums.

Early 2005 was also the time that I started to post blogs and when I became more active in trying to get emblems and watching the different shows Gamespot has done over the years, looks like I now have 175 emblems (Good Taste emblem looks like it disapeared recently).

Most of the unions died around 2008-2009 and many of the people I met through them have left the site in recent years, but I continued to use the site for news, forums, blogs, and shows. Sadly, I think the first Gamespot Live show that I watched was the Hour of Victory Live Demo. I don't think I've ever seen a show played since then where the Gamespot staff had a constant look of, "my God, this is horrible," or where I've seen so many comments agreeing that the game and its developers were horrible and crazy for actually showing the game to people. Not the best way to start, but certainly memorable.

Met a lot of great people here over the years, many have left but the ones whos names I remember and whos profiles I can find include



Have both been good friends for years and I've always enjoyed talking to them be it here, on Steam, or on twitter.


Always loved his posts on the forums and was sad to see him go


Started following him not to long after he joined the site, long before he was a staff member. I believe me, him, and another guy got into a car during the GTA 4 Game Night near the games launch and ended up destroying just about everyone else in that game. He's gone on to make some excellent shows for Gamespot since working here and I always look forward to seeing whatever he does.


Not around much now but I always loved his blog editorials.


Was a great community manager, got some of the community together for gamenights, and I've gotten some cool things from her blog giveaways.


Made my banner here and the other one I have on my backloggery account.


I think he either deleted or made his account private but I used to enjoy reading his blogs and talking to him. I told him about the Halo Wars Live Show Gamespot was getting some members to play with before the release. We both ended up being on that. Made his own website that I was visiting for awhile.

Others who posts and blogs I've enjoyed reading












There have certainly been more, many aren't around anymore or not much, but having to look for people with fuse is kind of annoying.

That said, onto the other point of this blog.






......Nah, not really. What they are/were removing is all bad news but the site is long overdue for a big update.

This was the tipping point for me, why in the hell are they going from .5 increments down to .0? Meaning 9.0, 8.0, 7.0..etc. Absolutely a stupid decision and it does not help gamers make decisions on whether to buy a game or not. It makes the reviews less precise and that's the end of it.

Because when I'm seriously considering what to buy, all I do is look at the score and not the written review. I'm really happy that a lot of people that say they are leaving are leaving, makes it really easy to stay, and if I was going to leave, I certainly wouldn't want to end up where they do.

Can go back to enjoying my games and this is pretty funny (Hotline Miami dev)

Got a house. Moved everything in from the 26ft U Haul, went back to Texas with my dad, got all our stuff (just barely onto the 17ft, loaded to the door), came back to Idaho and unloaded all that. Nothing like over 4000 miles in about a week to get me to hate driving even more.

I can enjoy my Shadowrun Returns and SMT 4 finally (and my $30 3DS credit from SMT 4 and Fire Emblem), got my copies of Tales of Xillia and Dragon Crown shipped to me, about to have my books from the Numenera kickstarter sent to me, and the second season of Video Game High School that I supported on Kickstarter is two episodes in. Good timing.

Anyway, this is pretty funny, be sure to refresh the link there a few times. Meanwhile Nintendo devs also say this about the new Smash Bros

"Unfortunately, the movie scenes we worked hard to create were uploaded onto the internet." Sakurai wrote. "You can only truly wow a player the first time he sees [a cutscene]. I felt if players saw the cutscenes outside of the game, they would no longer serve as rewards for playing the game, so I've decided against having them."

Soon Nintendo won't even make games anymore if their content is shown online.