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How long does a game really take? *Updated 5/22/13*




So, I've decide to do this in order to show how long a game will roughly take you. I've seen in reviews how so and so game takes 20 hours to beat, but yet I've completed it in less than half that time. So with this blog, I'll be keeping track of how long it takes me to complete a game in order to give you a better idea on how long it might take you to beat it, if you haven't already. What you'll find are the my personal times, my estimated time for someone to beat the game, along with a selected review source's time to beat the game (I look at Gamespot for the game's completion time first, then IGN if I can't find it on Gamespot, then the first review source with a time if I can't find it on both Gamespot or IGN).

*NOTE* These game times will not be 100% accurate. It might take you longer, or shorter, to complete these games depending on how you play. All games played will be on the default normal difficulty, and will not include collecting items, side missions, side quests, multiplayer, additional content, or credits and are just straight through plays from the beginning to the end of the game, but all game times will include cut scenes, dialog, tutorials, etc. Also, it might take awhile for me to post the game times, so be patient. If there's a game you want on the list, just comment on what game, and if I have it I'll work on it for you, but only in request order.

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