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Do you Facebook?

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Greetings all! It has been a while... Just swinging by to find out if anyone is still around here on good 'ol Gamespt. If you are on Facebook, I'd love to keep in touch on there. While I still hit GS up for news, reviews, and stuff...I haven't been keeping up with anyone I used to talk to. This saddens me quite a bit!! So if you are on FB and want to add me, hit up my page!

Hope everyone is having an awesome 2010!!


Festive Festivities

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Just wanted to pop in quick and say...Merry Christmahanakwanzaka! I hope that you all have a fantabulous holiday season!! And that you receive whatever your lil heart desires in the coming new year!


It's been ages...

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...since I have spent time one here. Just wanted to pop in quick and say HELLO! to any that may still be around or are just passing through my blogoshphere. How the heck have y'all been? I have been one busy lil lady these past few months, but things are winding down for me and I am anticipating a relaxing winter season. I have only recently started playing & catching up on some games...will write about that another day. Hope you all have been fantastic!! It's incredible how much GS has changed since the lst time I was here...

Paranoia Agent and Some Others...

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Lately I have been trying to catch up on a whole lotta anime and manga. I am really glad that I have netflix during this...most times I will rent the first disc (if it is a series) then make a decision on buying the rest if I like it enough. As far as the manga...I usually have been able to find what I wanna preview online, or I go to Borders for a good while, sit in the coffee shop (not sipping coffee cuz I can't have any **sigh**) and read the first one or two in the series. This has been working pretty well for me so far.

What I am curious about at the moment is a show called Paranoia Agent. I have it on my que and it should be arriving tomorrow. Thing is, from what I've read about it...I think I'll like it. And the problem there is that the US released version of the box set is about $100. From recent anime purchases...I think that is quite steep, especially since there are only 13 episodes. Has anyone watched this? Anyone own it? Is it worth owning? Normally I wouldn't care too much about...but like I said up top...I have been catching up on my anime and manga. Translation for that is really: I have been spending a crapload of money on a ton of anime and manga. I need to reel it in a bit I guess...maybe...lol.

I guess I'll always be catching up on this stuff...as well as games, movies, books, etc. It's a never ending cycle! So... who has got some recommendations for me?


So you think you're a gamer?

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Well...check out this test and see what you score. I suppose I did pretty good...they told me I was a "Genuine Ultimate Super Gamer!" I scored 90%. What are you?!

Wii Contest Results in Death

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  Some sad news I stumbled upod today...

From msnbc.com

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A woman who competed in a radio station’s contest to see how much water she could drink without going to the bathroom died of water intoxication, the coroner’s office said Saturday.

Jennifer Strange, 28, was found dead Friday in her suburban Rancho Cordova home hours after taking part in the “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” contest in which KDND 107.9 promised a Nintendo Wii video game system for the winner.

“She said to one of our supervisors that she was on her way home and her head was hurting her real bad,” said Laura Rios, one of Strange’s co-workers at Radiological Associates of Sacramento. “She was crying and that was the last that anyone had heard from her.”

It was not immediately know how much water Strange consumed.

A preliminary investigation found evidence “consistent with a water intoxication death,” said assistant Coroner Ed Smith.

John Geary, vice president and marketing manager for Entercom Sacramento, the station’s owner, said station personnel were stunned when they heard of Strange’s death.

“We are awaiting information that will help explain how this tragic event occurred,” he said.

Initially, contestants were handed eight-ounce bottles of water to drink every 15 minutes.

“They were small little half-pint bottles, so we thought it was going to be easy,” said fellow contestant James Ybarra of Woodland. “They told us if you don’t feel like you can do this, don’t put your health at risk.”

Ybarra said he quit after drinking five bottles. “My bladder couldn’t handle it anymore,” he added.

After he quit, he said, the remaining contestants, including Strange, were given even bigger bottles to drink.

“I was talking to her and she was a nice lady,” Ybarra said. “She was telling me about her family and her three kids and how she was doing it for kids.”

It's terrible that she had no idea she would be putting her life at risk fo a Wii...

Let the Fun Begin!

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The Ps3 and Wii will be making their debut appearance this weekend, storming retailers across the nation. For anyone who is shocked by this news...double shame on you. I for one have been enjoying the media coverage of all this madness. It's quite amusing watching the local stations gobble this up, injecting as many gaming puns as they can into their story. One thing that I was a bit surprised about was the amount of non gamers in line looking to make a profit by selling their Ps3's on eBay. I mean...we are talking maybe 1,000 to 1,500 buckaroos, tops. To me...that is just not enough dough to stand in line with a bunch of under-showered, over-hyper, slightly-insane, testosterone-filled guys. :P I have yet to see one lady in the videos I have checked out so far...I would be very lonely indeed if I did choose to go.

So...how many of you have pre-ordered? How many of you are standing in line? (either being or being with the lovely group mentioned above) How many of you are waiting for the madness to die down and then snagging your system? **raises hand** It will be very interesting to see how all this plays out over the weekend. (gaming pun not intended :wink: )

Doing the Happy Dance

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wOOt for me!...I finally got my hands on the 360 last night, along with Gears of War. I figured it was about time I stopped putting it off. I have to say that so far I am happy with my purchase.

...that is all for now...

***Runs off to play her sexy-sleek-shiny-new-yummy-ness***

It's been a while...

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since my last entry. I have been mega busy for the past couple of months. I figured it was time for a quick update on this here blog of mine.

Due to the fact that I have been so busy, mainly work related, I have not had too much time to game...or post here on GS. However...I did finish a couple games on my "unfinished list" (a list which I hope to one day compile, log in my blog and tick them off title by title as I finish them)  Beyond Good and Evil and Psychonauts. Both were pretty decent games, though I'd have to say I liked Psychonauts a bit better. I just felt as though  the story to BGE got a bit weak at the end...it certainly wasn't the finale I was hoping for.

Hmm, it seems that the above is all that's gonna come outta me today....I'm tired and in need of a good nap. Maybe I'll compile that "unfinished list" on my next blog...or give an update on some recent purchases. Till then, take care y'all!