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How to fix the blog problem.

Just add &page=1 etc. to the end of your url. So when you click all blog posts, then add &page=1, then &page=2 etc. Unfortunately the mods must have no plans of fixing this.


Most of my blogs'll be better viewed at www.tvrage.com, because the images here are ****ed up and you can't make them a certain-size and such, so its complicated, so I encourage all to go to my tvrage blog to see the whole thing, cuz the pics ****ed up here.

Birds of Prey Animated

 After the terrible events of Return of the Joker and after being shot at soon after, Barbara Gordon quit being Batgirl and decided to train to be a police officer in the GCPD, but secretly she knew she still wanted to do more. So without anyone's knowledge, besides her friend Black Canary's, she leads Black Canary through her computer system as the alias Oracle. As Oracle's field operative Black Canary goes through turbulant times, but when in danger she can trust on Oracle to help out. Together the two hunt down evil and stop it in its tracks.

A Look At My Future Blog Shows...

Well I do have a few episodes for Nightwing: Season 3 planned out pretty well, but I think I'm gonna hold out on those, until I'm sure on the direction I want to go and such. But I do have plans for: Birds of Prey, The Flash, Green Arrow, and possibally Wonder Woman. But most won't be out until after this season of JLU ends, so either way most likely not until Mayish or later. I have a few ideas on how to fit Green Arrow and Birds of Prey into it, but those'll need waiting for. Flash is kinda confusing, in if I should make it a prequel to JL/U or a spin-off/sequel, cuz he did appear in Superman and it could work as pre-JL, or Post-JLU, or both, who knows, but I need to gain a little more knowledge on The Flash though, and with lots of key Flash eps this season(plus some more comics) Flash should be coming eventually for sure, but the problem with his is mostly the direction to go in. I'm thinking about doing, like two seasons before hand and two after JLU you know, I'm not sure exactly how to do it. And Wonder Woman, I'd like to do(pun intended) but it'll be awhile, I'm have little knowledge on her, and have never read an actual Wonder Woman comic, only JLA and stuff with here, so that'll be awhile. But yeah Birds of Prey and Green Arrow'll be out as soon as they rap up this season of JLU, but at this rate, see you this Christmas. But yeah I hope to have some up, but I'm not sure about the direction to go with alot of them, same with Green Arrow as Flash, pre-JLU, or post-JLU, you know thats a tough choice. But yeah Birds of Prey isn't too hard, but I need more JLU before I can be sure how I want to go with that. So yeah expect it to be awhile.

New Speculation of March Bat Titles...

Well with the whole One Year Later thing here's my speculation, note unles you've read alot into this, do no read any furthur, you've been warned it won't make sense to the average blogger, and it will also include possible HUGE MASSIVE ****ING SPOILERS INCLUDED BELOW(Scroll Down and Highlight as Well): [color=white]Okay well Gotham gets a new police cheif right, well everyone's missing the obvious guess: DICK GRAYSON!!! Also I hear that Bruce WILL STILL BE Batman, and Tim WILL STILL BE Robin, but Nightwing WILL BE CHANGED. Some people says Nightwing will be a girl, NOT Jason, well my guess is Barbara Gordon becomes Nightwing. Why? She regains her use of legs right, and also someone's accused of murder right, well who else besides Jason has the motivation to either A)Kill the Joker, or B)Kill Jason. I mean Jason is a possibility, but right now it seems like Babs has a chance of being Nightwing, weather they play it out like its a big secret or not. Also Question and some female, are protecting Gotham while Bats is gone, well, call me crazy, but what if? Stephanie is back as the new female persona, I mean that whole saga where it was learned Lesie killed Steph set it up for her possible return, what if Steph really isn't dead? Also my guess as to Batgirl's stuff, her mom is none other than Lady Shiva, and Batgirl will either die or move underground in a sense. Well that sums most of it up, I'll let you know if I forgot something, but I mean think about it especially the first part, if Dick's not Nightwing, where is he, and if he's dead, well then DC's gonna have quite a bit of fans headed to their little headquarters with heavy artillery.[/color]

Nightwing: The Animated Series-Season Two Episode Guide

 ___________________________________ 14. Inside Arkham-Part 1 Nightwing is called to Gotham by Batman who is in need of help. Arkham has been taken over by Lock-Up and Batman wants things set straight. *Lock-Up guests as villain *KGBeast guests as villain ___________________________________ 15. Inside Arkham-Part 2 KGBeast has defeated Nightwing and thrown him in a pit with some of Batman's greatest enemies. Can Nightwing survive from certain death and take back Arkham? *Lock-Up guests as villain *KGBeast guests as villain *Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Firefly, and the Ventriloquist all guest appear ___________________________________ 16. Shock to Your System A new villain arises in Bludhaven by the name of Electrocutioner, he's in it for the thrill, and a little cash doesn't hurt as well. Too bad for him that Virgil Hawkins is in town. *First appearance of Electrocutioner *Static guest stars *Dick starts training at the Police Academy ___________________________________ 17. Small Gadgets Blockbuster has hired two brainiacs to deduce who Nightwing really is, and with Batgirl in town they see a connection that could lead to disaster for our heroes. *First appearance of Giz and Mouse *Batgirl guest stars *Blockbuster goes under surgery for his heart replacement as of this episode ___________________________________ 18. Tad A Detective Houston has been murdered, and all the clues point to a young boy who likes to take justice into his own hands. *Nite-Wing returns ___________________________________ 19. Achilloron There's a new villain in town who's been murdering millionaires. Nightwing runs into her, but who is this red-clothed woman, or what is she? *First appearance of Sylph ___________________________________ 20. The New Crew-Part 1 Bludhaven's got a new Police Cheif and Inspector, but newly appointed Inspector, Mac Arnot has dealings with the wrong people. Lucky for him former Inspector Dudley Soames is there to help. *First appearance of Mac Arnot *First appearance of Sgt. Amy Rohrbach *Torque returns *Dick joins the Bludhaven Police Force as a Rookie under Amy's authority ___________________________________ 21. The New Crew-Part 2 Soames has let loose on the town, and has Arnot prisoner. And with Blockbuster almost recovered from surgery things aren't looking so great for Dick. Dick learns that as a cop there's only so much he can do, but as Nightwing that different. *Torque returns ___________________________________ 22. The Cat's Meow Catwoman's got her eye on a diamond that happens to be located in Bludhaven, plus she needs a vaction from Gotham, little does she know of the new guy in the Haven. *Catwoman guests as villain ___________________________________ 23. Thrillseekers Gorrila Grodd has hired a motorcyclist to take down The Flash, lucky for Wally, Bludhaven's got its own gaurdian angel to watch over him. *First appearance of Thrill Devil *The Flash guest stars * No Gorrila Grodd is only mentioned, he does not appear ___________________________________ 24. Razor Blade-Part 1 Blockbuster's got a new friend who proves himself worthy by taking down all of Blockbuster's former employees and who has a vengeance with Nightwing, but for what reason? *First appearance of Shrike *Stallion, Brutale, Electrocutioner, Lady Vic, Thrill Devil, and Giz and Mouse all return breifly *Blockbuster's back ___________________________________ 25. Razor Blade-Part 2 Shrike has captured Nightwing and reveals his past to the former boy wonder, but now with Nightwing in his hands and Nightwing's secret identity just a step away from being revealed, what hope is left? *Shrike returns *Black Canary guest stars ___________________________________ 26. Officer Grayson Dick has finally earned his rights as an Officer, and has become apointed as Amy's partner in the Police Force. But with the corrupt police force that makes up Bludhaven, how can one man make a difference? *Dick becomes an Officer *Dick joins an underground group of good cops that Amy has been aquainted with ___________________________________ (Thats all folks)

An idea for the DCAU(this is for those people who think BB was a mistake)

Okay if you're one of those people who think B:TAS was the best, and BB was a let-down, well then read on, if you're not well then read on but don't mock me, cuz deep down you know B:TAS was the best... Okay then I thought of this idea that could be a DTV thats basically a Crisis of some form. Okay it starts out with BatmanB(BatmanB will stand for Batman Beyond) running through some facility looking for a time portal device. Anyways he gets to it and uses it. It shows him appear in front of Nightwing, Nightwing says something like "Who are you suppost to be?" and he says "I'm Batman, and I need your help." The two work things out, Terry(which this takes place after Epilogue, so Terry is now married to Dana will say and is older) explains himself, and says that he has learned of away to stop the future from ending up how it did, a way for a better future in the long-run for our DC heroes. Okay so, he tells him about how it all started and ended with ROTJ flash-back, he says the event will happen in a few days, and he needs Nightwing's help. So he tells Dick his plan etc. Basically in the long-run after some-what of a story progression, Nightwing ends up being at the place where ROTJ flash-back takes place. Now here's what happens. Dick ends up meeting Batman and Batgirl at the hide-out and they fight Joker. Joker ends up shooting Barbara, causing her to become Oracle because she becomes parylized. Then Tim looks around still crazy, and sees Joker come-up with a crow-bar, Tim grabs gun like in ROTJ un-cut, but Dick throws a batarang, knowing what would happen, causing the bullet to slip and cripple Joker instead of killing him. Okay and yes the part of Barbara becoming cripple had to happen according to Terry. So after that, Dick is the only one with the knowledge besides Terry, and his storyline's complete. So Terry looks at his watch as he slowly dissapears. He returns to the future and wakes up in his bed next to Dana. He gets up and checks his closet and sees no Batman suit, Dana asks, if something is wrong, and he says huh no honey, everything's perfect. So then we could have more TNBA, and Robin would travel the globe and wisen up becoming more Tim like than Jason like, Barbara would become Oracle etc. And Dick is still awear of Terry meeting him and motivates them to keep going, eventually Dick could tell them this, even though they would probably not believe. Anyways, well yeah it wouldn't happen, but it would work, and considering it took me like five minutes to think of.

Batman: Legacy of Grayson

Well I always thought it would be cool if there was a game about the life of Dick Grayson, yeah it'd never happen, cuz there hasn't been one about Batman even, but I can dream. Okay here's my idea: It kinda an RPG, but you can only play as Dick, you start out Dick's re-stating his past, and it all starts with his parents death, so it shows some movies and then you play through comic history next to Batman's side as Robin, traveling through the events of Robin:Year One and Batgirl:Year One, then you become Nightwing and under-go the transition, then you go explore the world etc. then you go to Bludhaven and go through all the Nightwing issues(besides Year One which happened earlier) and then it would end with the upcoming issues in March where Dick becomes Batman. So its basically a summary of his life upto the point of his becoming Batman next year. There'd be a vs. mode where you could be: Batman(Bruce) Batgirl(Babs) Batgirl(Cass) Robin(Jason) Robin(Tim) Huntress(Helena) and various versions of Dick and the new stuff coming out in 2006. I'll have more info later on my idea.

Nightwing:The Animated Series-Season One Episode Guide

 ___________________________________________________ 1. The New Blud-Part 1 Dick arrives in town and settles down, night arrives and he dawns the cape and cowl, join Dick on his first night as he retells the weeks leading upto his move to Bludhaven. *New costume as seen in pick. *Is mostly flashbacks *First minor appearance of Bridget Clancy(besides face) ___________________________________________________ 2. The New Blud-Part 2 Dick continues his night on the town and ends up at the docks. Three figures in animal masks attack him, while he searches for answers to the motive that caused him to move to the Haven. In the end Dick finds out what he wanted through the hoods and calls it a night. *Three hoods are the animal guys from the first TPB of Nightwing ___________________________________________________ 3. All Night Rental Dick looks for a job and applys for a position as bartender at a local bar. Night approaches and he follows the lead given to him the night before, it takes him to a detective by the name of Dudley Soames. Soames acts clean, but after some eavesdropping Nightwing ends up meeting an old foe, with a new agenda. *First appearance of Dudley Soames. *First appearance of Blockbuster. ___________________________________________________ 4. V for Vic After taking on Blockbuster the night before and failing Dick manages to crawl out of bed to find out exactly who his apartment landlord is, and that he got the job as a bartender. Night comes and while on duty he is attacked by a new recruit of Blockbuster's Lady Vic. Dick escapes and finds out that Blockbuster wants one politician dead, leading to another encounter with Lady Vic. *First Full Appearance of Bridget Clancy *First appearance of Lady Vic ___________________________________________________ 5. Justice is Served Dick goes through his first day at the job, and just when he thinks he can rest on an easy night on the town, two of Blockbuster's minions attack a harbor. *First Appearance of Stallion *Lady Vic returns ___________________________________________________ 6. Torque-Part 1 Dudley Soames has been loyal for Blockbuster upto now, but when greed takes over Blockbuster takes matters into his own hands. ___________________________________________________ 7. Torque-Part 2 Dudley Soames suffers a terrible trauma that renders his own head backwards, but according to the facts he's lucky to be alive. Detective Soames on the other hand thinks otherwise and wants his revenge on Blockbuster. *First appearance of Torque ___________________________________________________ 8. The Son of Vengeance Torque has been locked up, but Blockbuster remains a threat. Nightwing gets aid from Batman, and the two decide to take down Blockbuster once and for all. Even with the aid of Ldy Vic and Stallion, in the end Blockbuster's own power will be his downfall. *Three villains appear Lady Vic, Stallion, and Blockbuster *Batman guest stars ___________________________________________________ 9. Misled Youth A young boy who is fond of two heroes(Tarantula and Nightwing) dawns the identity of Nite-Wing. But he has an agenda of his own which will lead him to a hospital bed with Blockbuster on his trail. *First appearance of Nite-Wing *Robin guest stars *First appearance of Brutale ___________________________________________________ 10. Double Dare Two sisters who call themselves Double Dare have a thing for money, but their greed will lead them to a night with Nightwing that leads to more than they hoped for. *First appearance of Double Dare *Stallion and Brutale return *Mr. Amyglada moves into Dick's apartment ___________________________________________________ 11. Mob Ties-Part 1 An underground crime lord by the name of Fremunda Turk is wanted by the Huntress. Cisco Blaine, Turk's bodyguard deals with Huntress, but when Torque shows up on a killing spree, things get tough. *Huntress guest stars ___________________________________________________ 12. Mob Ties-Part 2 Turk moves into hiding with help from Cisco, but Torque is on the move. Huntress agrees to work with Nightwing, but says if she gets the chance she'll have her way with Turk. The two find where Turk is, but will Torque beat them to the punch? And will Huntress prove faithful? Find out. *Huntress guest stars ___________________________________________________ 13. Deal with the Devil Superman comes to the Haven and does what he can to help, Nightwing joins him in stopping Blockbuster's latest schemed and through Superman finds out something startling. *Superman guest stars *It is learned that Blockbuster's heart is failing *We find out how Blockbuster became a genius *How Nightwing got his name is explained ___________________________________________________ (Episodes might be edited slightly in the future otherwise it is complete)

Hello Folks!

Been gone along time, well I'm back. Well thats it I guess, might do some more designs for the N:TAS or the ep guide.
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