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Quiting GS soon

Yeah I'm pretty much tired with this boring site. Theres really nothing new that gets my attention here. I remember the old gs where everything is so active and its like a wasteland to me. Sorry if you are going to miss me but I'm always on xfire. Add me my username is Grimreaper41. Thanks.

Im tired of CS!

Yeah its true lazy finally broke his habits playing CS every weekends. I got tired of it because these random errors keep poping up exiting the game and leaving me pissed, loosing my perfect score, and money. I tired emailing steam about it but they never seem to come out with a real answer. So yeah I might get back to it when they get it fixed but seems forever and frustrating. Good bye CS....good memories....good times.... awesome game...great way to make me pissed and hate it.

My bday

We'll its May 27 and I just turned 15 and it feels nothing special at all....I still the same old Kevin, but I just got a new guitar and no its not that starcaster but this peavey raptor :D. I'll post some pics of it soon.

I don't wanna go to school

Ah my vacation is over! I have to go to school again and deal with homework, Emos, Teachers, and essays with this bisexual english teacher. But at least I will see my old friends again so it balances out. :D

I just got killzone for the PS2

Well even though the game is pretty underrated its still a pretty solid game. Sure the aim feels a bit touchy and the frames usually drops down, but those are only minor things and you'll get used to. And since I just got my PS2 hooked up with online play, it makes a game way better. The online play feels a bit like CS but its different in a lot of things like the weapons and game modes. IMO this game should have deserve more than a lousy score of 6.1 in GS.

About valentines day

Well its that time of the year again and I was just thinking if I should ask someone out. Theres this 3 girls who like me, but the only problem is that their not my type. One really likes me a lot and so as the other....but one just acts that she hates me, but in the inside I can tell that she likes me. Should I take the risk on going out with one of them?

how things have been going on

Its been a long time since I made my last "blog". Anyways heres what happened so far...

1. I just got band class 3 weeks ago, but unfortunately I'm still learning to play the horns.

2. I've noticed a lot of girls like me, but there not my type =l

3. I'm starting to like Ska.

4. Im pwning more in CS.

5. I'm not online that much in GS lately. I find it boring and uninteresting after the update.

6. I may get a new GFX card this month :D