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My Heart is Still Pounding.

I heard from my girlfriend's cousin that the game The Suffering was really good. At first I was relucten because I don't like to trust other people's opinions on games or movies but I hadn't played a good survival of horror recently so I decided to find this game and test it out. After checking three store and only finding it for XBOX (Which is the only system I don't have.) I was ready to give up but then I went to rent movies at the movie that was connected to a gamestore I thought I might just try again and there it was. I just finished playing for tonight and I can still feel my heart pounding hard. I think that the thing that makes horror games good it the texture ,lighting, and all around ambience. Sure the messed up creature play apart in scaring the crap out of you but the game can not be sucessful without the surroundings. This game had all of that. It maybe because I am sitting in the dark all alone in the middle of the night but it has been give my approval by scaring the bejesus out of me. I am going to be thrilled to go on with this game tomorrow night.