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I really love the tree house of horror segment that has Mr Burns hunting people. Not sure which one it's from

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I'd say 2000s are worse. The internet has exposed a lot of really talented people, who just don't hear it on the radio. One of my new personal favorites is Of Monsters and Men.

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San Diego is the nicest one I've been to by far

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As a Canadian, I can say I'm proud to be not American. The countries appear the same on the surface, but the attitudes of the people who live in them are completely different

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Community, Game of Thrones, and Sherlock are the ones I really love rihgt now

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Besides that stuff, EVERYONE has rights and such protect by law. Instead of the fun stuff Arizona and the other rednecks try and pull.

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Lawrence of Arabia is such a masterpiece. RIP

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Joffrey does not get eaten by a dragon

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In my province in Canada you by law can not be scheduled for two shifts less than 8 hours apart. But since the US has barbaric laws on such things you are likely stuck with it. Only quit if you will be fine for a while (monthish) if you don't get the other job.

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The fact that WalMart has the gall to admit that they don't pay their employees enough by asking their customers to donate to them. I think it is pathetic. These are millions of people we are talking about numbers, WalMart can go and talk about donations all they want. But they are giving those donations off the backs of people living in poverty all over the world