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I cannot open the messages on my inbox for some reason.

Is this a known issue?




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The last feedbackula set a nasty tone (not by Johnny). I ignored some of this in the past, yet I feel that Gamespot needs to take charge to some extent.

When we see advertisement banners with 'Male gamers only' and 'men only' you need to step in. Yes, I know that it is 'just' marketing and that they imply 18+ for credit cards and not the explicit parts. Yet, it is time for that to stop. We gamers are there as men and women.

One one side we see statements on mysogenists and then allow for 'men only' game advertisements?

If you are true to gamers then those ads must stop.

It does not impact me that much, but I see how some do not like it.




a Gamer!

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Can you guys stop dumping next-gen issues on all pages?

all these XB1 issues on the PS4 page and vice-versa are starting to get to me.

What if we keep XB1 issues on the XB1 page and the PS4 issues on the PS4 page.

Even if the other console get's mentioned once in the article.







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Dear Gamespot,

First of all this is about the technology, not the effort that Gamespot put into it!

The live shows were crashing and freezing all the time (the Sony stream was the worst). This was not just me, several friends here in Australia had the same issue. It became even worse as whenever the page refreshes we got a mandatory 20 second trailer from either AC4, Splinter Cell or Watch Dogs (three trailers I am now totally sick of seeing). After a maximum of 5 minutes it would all start again including the trailer. This is a shame because whenever Homer was on the floor showing us stuff in action, it was super awesome to watch.

So I think that the presenters on stage did an awesome job, they just got slightly stabbed in the back by technology.

Appearantly my missing Sony tag is a bug. Fair enough!

The game demo movie downloads in the end showed me parts and interviews I missed. It does show that this E3 is likely the best ever and I never looked forward to a new console as much as the PS4. Gaming is about to become the best ever.

Thanks Gamespot for showing it to us, who could not be there.


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The PS4 teaser shows nothing of Infamous: Second son, so please remove it from the Infamous Second son page!

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To the website manager!


gamerankings dot com is infected with PWS-lineage dot dll.

 My McAfee blocked it. do not know who to alert, mainly because there is no clear alert adress.


Please forward this to the apropriate parties!