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Need some firends for Gears & Halo!!

If anybody on my friends who like playing Gears of War or Halo hit me up on XBL. I play Call of Duty but I dont really have trouble finding good players to game with on that. Would like to find a solid group for Gears & Halo. I enjoy both those games but its hard to find good games at times. My gamertag is Hector831 just send me a msg talkin bout Gears or Halo. I'm always down to play other games though.

Finally got Madden 12

Well after being somewhat disappointed with Madden 11, I was hesitate about getting this years Madden because I did not think it was worth $60. Well after a few months I finally ended up getting it for $28 on Black Friday & I gotta admit I have enjoyed it more than Madden 11 already. Still some things here and there that make me shake my head. Overall though its only been a few weeks I give Madden 12 a solid 8.0 still would not purchase it for 60 bucks but if you find it for $30 or $35 its not a bad deal.

Halo: Reach

Really been enjoying this game. Kinda lost my love for the Halo series, got all 3 of the games and ODST but didn't play that as much. Reach though has been a lot more fun than I expected, everything, the campaign, multiplayer, actually got into firefight a bit. Very fun, cant wait to run thru campaign with some guys and to see some DLC. If anybody wants to game, hit me up, gaMertag is Hector831.....just lemme know u from gamespot. See ya'll online.

Madden 11

Well finally got to put in a couple of games in today after working all week. Game is solid, better than the demo of course but still not worth $60. Gameflow is too much of a gimmick for me, it cuts the time on playing the game but that makes no difference if I ain't having fun playing during that game. Gameflow just does not factor in field position, the score or other things going on in the game. I said this was like Ask Madden, but Ask Madden is actually more effective than this. It feels like a Playcalling for Dummies. Just my opinion though. Graphics look good, not too much of a change, the locomotion does not seem to make THAT much of a difference to gameplay when compared to last year's. Online took more steps backwards. You can't play ranked games against friends and if somebody quits on you in the first half then nothing happens to either player. That sucks because you can play 20+ minutes, be 15 seconds from halftime then then guy you're playing decides to quit, you just wasted your time. Overall, game is good, a somewhat improvement over M10 which I really liked but don't see myself playing this Madden as much as M10. More likely will be playing twice as much NCAA this year than Madden.

Godfather WTF??

I just bought The Godfather for 15 bucks on ebay and this game is hard! I rented it when it first came out and got so far and I still had that game save so I just started from there and the mission I gotta do is hard as hell I can stay alive for nothin! Man I didnt remember this game being so difficult but I'ma get it eventually!

24/7 Sports

a cool site to talk sports and just to hang out, check it out!

Hector831 = New gamertag

I've finally changed my gamertag from LatinGangsta187 to something a bit more simple. My new GT is now Hector831, so hit me up online sometime everybody?

NCAA 09 Players?

Anybody still playing NCAA football 09? If ya'll do hit me up, my GT is LatinGangsta187. I love playin this game but I been wantin to play online against some ppl. Peace.