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Kunshu Gone?

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Yes i was gone, but i was busy with a lot of stuff, and due to that i was not around GS or online for that matter im back for now and im going to try to settle all this which i call my life, lol
there has been a lot up with me but im not going to say all of it here, otherwise you might not want to read it because of the blog being too long but with all that's happened to me i actually feel like im different
so with that im not gone for now and i'll try keep comming back every day if i can
and you can find me in NeXBu if you need me

~Blade of Souls, Chapter 8: Academy Training~

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im still a little limited on the internet but i'll be back soon, hopefully........but for now im working a little overtime, mixing around my schedule, nothing new, in real life, except.....that the manager's boss, said that he wanted me to be promoted as soon as my manager can, because apperently about 6 months back when, he saw me working on my 3rd day there he said i was smart to have picked up everything like nothing in two days, oh btw i work at McDonald's, i really dont care that i work there, it's a job that pays, but it's funny when one of your aunts insults your job behind your back at you little cousins, they are like 10 years old, lol

"...McDonald's is for losers, who don't get a better education..."
~Quote Kunshu's Aunt

*six days have passed since Last_Kunshu was put in the cell*
Last_Kunshu: *walking towards the academy and thinking about the conversation with potterpipi*

potterpipi: anyway im hoping it's nothing, but just stay on your toes
Last_Kunshu: thanks for the advice, im more concerned you might be right
potterpipi: *suprised*.......ok then, i better get going if i stay too long here i could get in trouble, i mean why would the 6th division captain be talking to you *leaves*
*flash back ends*

Last_Kunshu: i dont like this.....
*gets hit by a white lightning*
superdvd: are you ok? sorry about that
Last_Kunshu: that actually hurt, but why are you using Demon Arts in the middle of this open place
superdvd: umm this is the training ground for the Demon Arts, just look around*several students are chanting various demon arts incantations*, we have to train outside because we might damage the building if we do this inside
Last_Kunshu: oh*runs into a building before any students finish incantations*, how did i end up walking into the academy.....must've not noticed it might as well look around at some of the students *walking in hallway and looking into various cla.sses*
*sees phoenix0120 and Uwthree training using wooden swords, Tempest08 fighting with Finalfan789 using protective headband and gloves, while looking at the names of students in the cla.sses and keeps walking towards the front entrance*
Last_Kunshu: they seem to be having fun.....but they still havent fought hollows
*walks towards division 12*
Last_Kunshu: we have to move now, and i need Snakelda to open the garganta, so that we can get it back before a hollow finds it

*a figure is around the corner smiling*

~Blade of Souls, Chapter 7: The Reason~

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i've been kinda lazy then busy and now even more busy, but im going to try to type more of the story, Bleach in Manga has still got me kinda like this: wtf?!, ever since Rukia killed off the espada, because the dude was pretty much overwhelming her and just one simple mistake and he gets killed?, no wonder none of the other espada even noticed twice, they knew he was just an upstart punk, but he did have a cool ability, oh well his fault shouldnt have let her get that close with her broken sword

Last_Kunshu: *in a cell*.......
Snakelda: *on top of roof of the building with the cell* so i guess you dont have it...
Last_Kunshu: no but i left it in my favorite place in Hueco Mundo
Snakelda: stop calling it that, it's just the place where you killed off a couple of hollows the first time we went to Hueco Mundo
Last_Kunshu: a couple.......i had it too, but went i sensed a Vaste Lorde
Snakelda: so the robe i gave you disguised disguised your shinigami presence and hid it with a hollow's
Last_Kunshu: yea it did and you should patent it with the division, it'll come in handy, but when i was going back for it, i got sidetracked with the idea i might have a chance to come back, at least we know where it is and we can go for it
Snakelda: somethings arent meant to be mass produced, just lie that's dangerous, no being should have it, i dont know why that Shinigami gave it to me when i was a kid, know that i know what it is im wondering why he never destroyed it
Last_Kunshu: yea too much power will change anyone, weather it's a hollow, a shinigami, or even a human.....and i was the one that it was teken from
Snakelda: you know they werent targeting you, those hollows were raiding Soul Society, who knew they'd find it on you, anyway im suprised you somehow got it back
Last_Kunshu: ................dont worry about me the punishment was only a week, doing the work i missed*next to Last_Kunshu is a stack of paperwork* pretty sure this was StalkingDeath's idea, because the captain would have done something else....
Snakelda: you know Angel_Martyr is laughing her butt off
Last_Kunshu: i think i know that, she's younger than me, she's a captain and she's my sister, she already points that out enough, i'll see you in a week or early if i finish this work and i can get the captain to let me go early
Snakelda: yea*disappears from the roof*

potterpipi: *enters the room* i know doing paperwork is boring but dont tell me it was so boring, you just ditched the work all together, haha
Last_Kunshu: yea funny i know, what are you doing here?
potterpipi: i just came by to tell you some news, since i know you want to know
Last_Kunshu: yea, yea
potterpipi: well for one, the Shingami Academy has finally been opened, the 5th division captain dbz345, was the one who welcomed the students, second there was appearently some mishap in the shinigami research institute involving Don_Shadio, which is doing a report on what happened, and third the captains are being careful, and im starting to feel like something big is going to happen
Last_Kunshu: im not really intrested in the first two, but something, like what?
potterpipi: well for one there's been a small and insignificant decrease in strong hollows passing into the human world, i know this because i've been watching the reports on my division members reports while at thier posts in the human world.....

~Blade of Souls, Chapter 6: Stealthy, Like A Ninja~

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Bleach is getting more and more intresting and fun as it keeps going, Noitra seems like another Kenpachi, but with a cool looking weapon, and the 9th Espada, proved that Rukia has known her Shikai since before she met Ichigo.......

Sakura_Haruno21: *outside the shinigami research institute* this is supposed to be the place, at least that's what the sign says.....*is about to walk in when someone stops her*
Warmachine3000: sorry unless you have been given permission or are part of Division 12 you are not allowed in here
Sakura_Haruno21: *to self: and i was so close....* i was just looking for my room and i got lost and ended up here
Warmachine3000: well ok, if you want i can help you find your room *turns attention to behind Sakura_Haruno21* good day, vice captain
coolguy90-: umm yea, im here to pick up some info that i need
Sakura_Haruno21: so he's the vice captain of division 12
coolguy90-: .....i think you have me confused with another vice captain, im from division 10
Sakura_Haruno: oh nevermind.....
*Warmachine3000 leads coolguy90 to the library*
Sakura_Haruno21: *looks around carefully and sneaks into the main building

*a lone person working hard on something*
Don_Shadio: *talking to self* if this works then anyone in the human world will be able to contact us and we'll be able to respond, instead of having to come back here and losing a possibly dangerous enemy.....maybe i should add some other functions*hears a noise but ignores it* i said to leave me alone, and to get back to me later
Sakura_Haruno21: ......*to self: i wonder if this is him....maye i should ask... but if he sees that im not part of the divison he'll kick me out, i should leave and look in the next room*...*is about to leave*
Don_Shadio: on your way out do you mind if you turn up the lighting in here*still working on something and hasnt turned around to see her*
Sakura_Haruno21: ......*messes with lightswitches to see which one it is*
Don_Shadio: *sees that various lights in room are being dimmed and brightened and looks up at his only to get flashed by the brightness* whoa *drops something on ground* uh oh
*the dropped item explodes the room along with Don_Shadio and Sakura_Haruno21*
Sakura_Haruno21: *gets up and coughing looks around inside the room* wow that explosion did some real damage to the room.....i gotta go or else i might get in trouble*getting up to leave*
Don_Shadio: *still a little distorted by the lights, gets up and trys to grab onto something to get up*
Sakura_Haruno21: *gets grabed from behind quickly turns around and punches Don_Shadio back onto the ground* get your hands off pervert
Don_Shadio: *mumbling words unconsciously*
Sakura_Haruno21: .....what did i do.....*runs out of room and out of the shinigami research institute and back toward the academy*
*various people going into main building in response to explosion*
coolguy90: *saw Sakura_Haruno21 running out*......wasn't that the girl....

~Blade of Souls, Chapter 5: Guy Finds Girl, Girl Finds Guy~

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here it is:

dbz345: *was already talking*.....for the next six years you will all live here inside Seireitei. in order to graduate and become a real full fledged Soul Reapers you will have to take various cla.sses, such as how to take care your hell butterflies to how to correctly use soul burial. Do not forget to show respect any nobility or divison members, try to contain yourselves in a proper manner as you being allowed to stay here for your time in the academy thank you and please take the rest of this day to get settled into your housing areas have a good day everyone.
*the students begin to be handed out pieces of papers to directions of their rooms*
Uwthree: i wonder where this place is?
Redfalcon87: i think that's over there, before the speech started i was here walking around the place, *sees someone looking around*umm are you lost?
Phoenix0120: *looking around*no, it's just that i just got here in the middle of the speech
Redfalcon87: oh, so you were late.....but why are you looking around? looking for someone?
Phoenix0120: yea, my girlfriend, she came here with a couple of her friends
Redfalcon87: that's nice, if you want i dont mind lending a hand to find her
Phoenix0120: thanks, but i think i found her*sees rocy3 far off in the crowd* see you around *runs into crowd*

fallenchimp: im going to beat up the strongest boy in the hand-to-hand combat, to make the guys feel like weaklings, what about you?
rocy3: im might take healing, that way if my Phoenix0120-kun gets hurt i'll be there to heal him
fallenchimp: guys are too lovey dovey, anyway where did SakuratheDancer, Sakura_Haruno21, and Kyoko15 run off to?
rocy3: well Sakura_Haruno21 went to see if she can sneak into the shinigami research institute and see the vice captain of divison 12, SakuratheDancer and Juro4dark went off to look around Seireitei, and Kyoko15 was tired and wanted to find her place to lie down
fallenchimp: *sees Phoenix0120* im going to go to my room too, because i dont want to be the third wheel, bye*walks off to her room*
rocy3: third wheel?
Phoenix0120: *suprises rocy3 by hugging her from behind and kissing her* hey gorgeous
rocy3: hey honey
*the couple take a stroll around Seireitei*

Sakura_Haruno: if what they say about him then he should hang out here.....i found him

Cast/Possible Cast
Preview Title: Chapter 6: Stealthy, Like A Ninja

~Blade of Souls, Chapter 4: Lost, Found, and Turned In?~

by on

im trying to make at least a chapter and a half every day, i have a vauge idea of where im going with this, but it's hard to make my way there, thinking who should be who/where, lol

OmegaAxl: where have you been?
Last_Kunshu: i was doing a secret mission to gather intel
OmegaAxl: .....but that's a job for Special Forces, which you're not part of...
Last_Kunshu: nevermind that, anyway has anyone noticed me being gone?
OmegaAxl: has any- are you serious? your entire divison noticed it, and your captain was kinda angry when he first found out, he nearly destroyed his office in an explosion of anger after he found out you ditched your duties, at least that's what i heard from a member of your division
Last_Kunshu: im betting he really did, but now have to avoid him when i get back, just because im 3rd seat he wants me to do all his paperwork, the vice captain is supposed to look over the documents when im done but all he does is just stamp them being done.......
OmegaAxl: by the way the vice captain of 12th division was pretty much laughing that you left, something about you being too much of a weakling without a brain, wasnt paying much attention, i was only there to pick up some documents for my vice captain
Last_Kunshu: that guys just likes waving around the fact that he's higher seated than me.....oh well time to face the music
OmegaAxl: ok i gotta go to Soul Society because i kinda forgot my memory eraser
Last_Kunshu: alright *opens door to Soul Society*
*the two shinigami enter with hell butterflies*

*at the gate inside Soul Society*
Last_Kunshu: *stretches* finally back, it's been a week, and a waste at that....*grumbling*...
OmegaAxl: what was that?
Last_Kunshu: oh, nothing, im suprised that
*small explosion is heard near the shinigami research institute*
Last_kunshu: what was that?
OmegaAxl: probably what 12th division is working on, it's something top secret, i dont know what it is though, anyway i gotta go because i have to get back to my post in the human world*runs in the direction divison 6*

Last_Kunshu: *shrugs off the explosion then steps in another direction only to bump into someone standing in his way* not 2 minutes and already i bump into someo-
StalkingDeath: where have you been??
Last_Kunshu: ......i doesnt matter what i say i know you're going to tell me that i shouldnt left without following the rules and filling out the paperwork for any excuse blah blah
StalkingDeath: it's not something you should just shake off
Last_Kunshu: isnt my captain supposed to be lecturing me? not the 7th division captain
StalkingDeath: well if you want to i'll lead you to your captain, and you should know the rules since you're 3rd seat for your division
Last_Kunshu: this is not my day
*Last_Kunshu is lead off to division 11 by StalkingDeath*

Cast/Possible Cast
preview title: ~Chapter 5: Guy Finds Girl, Girl Finds Guy

~Blade of Souls, Chapter 3: The Human World~

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here's chapter 3

this place is where all humans live and die, to most they live a normal life, they are born, grow up, and die, but unknown to them there is a battle for the them and it is fought every day when hollows come to the human world to eat human souls and do what they wish, but there are those few humans that are able to see the shinigami and hollows, those are the ones that are both gifted and cursed........

*a rips opens and out comes a hollow*
Nem1: *lands on ground and attacks nearby human*out of the way humans
*Humans are running around confused with one looking at the hollow*
Link456: oh my god what is that monster?!?!
Nem1: oh yu have a strong spirit if you can see me *reaches to grab Link456 but arm gets slashed by a zanpaktou* what the heck?
OmegaAxl: *slices hollow in two* man, good thing that one was close *sees Link456 see him* oh yea *searching himself* where did i leave it...
Link456: *runs away in fear of what happened*
OmegaAxl: oh he's running *before he runs after him senses a huge power* what is's close, should i go back to Soul Society and report this or.....*goes after the power source*

*a rip is opened wide and out step the 3 hollows and thier new companion*
Last_Kunshu: *looks around* i havent been here in a long time, i've been kinda stuck in Hueco Mundo
the three hollows: WHAT?
YzN-UndeaD: you should have the ability to go here and there as you please
Tiki81: *whispering to YzN-UndeaD* why is he still in the robe?
YzN-UndeaD: why are you in the robe, and why dont you have the ability to go from Hueco Mundo to here?
onilink246: now that i think about it he he feels like a shinigami *reaches to grab Last_Kunshu but gets slashed in half*
Last_Kunshu: i should have kept that to myself......oh well thanks for the help guys *takes out Zanpaktou and slashes the other two but leaves a shallow wound on YzN-UndeaD which counters quickly and misses but rips off robe to reveal is a shinigami*
YzN-UndeaD: a shinigami! *quickly retreats to Hueco Mundo*
Last_Kunshu: he got away, i guess he was a bit faster than the other two, but i just gotta take it back to Soul Society*searches self*........i left it in Mundo Hecuo in my favorite spot.......i cant believe this...the hollows made me forget about it, all because they were my only way of tranportation to the human world

OmegaAxl: *the huge power disappears* it's gone, i wonder what it was.....*sees Last_Kunshu seemingly lost* Last_Kunshu!
Last_Kunshu: crap........

Cast/Possible Cast

preivew to next chapter: ~Chapter 4: Lost, Found, and Turned In?

~Blade of Souls, Chapter 2: Soul Society~

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for some reason in the board it was forbidden to use the word c.l.a.s.s. so i fixed it, here's the next chapter:

this place is where lost souls are returned to await thier fate, these souls live in various cities called Rukongai, and the spirit world nobility along with those that bring balance to the Human World, the Shinigami(Soul Reapers), live in the castle-like city the Seireitei. it is outside the west gate that....

*a group of three souls are walking towards the west gater keeper*
Tempest08: aw i cant wait till i get in!!
Kamicolo: i know what you mean, i mean we are going to be Soul Reapers!!
Megablueblastaa: but that's IF we pass and i think that i might fail
Tempest08: but they just founded the Shinigami Academy they wouldnt go tough on us first timers
Megablueblastaa: they'll use as an example, and make us endure painfully tough
Kamicolo: relax the wont be that hard, i wonder who our teachers are going to be? and if we'll get to go to the human world!
Tempest08: im going to focus my studies into hand-to-hand combat, you can just rely on your sword all the time
Megablueblastaa: i dont want to get anywhere near hollows so i'll be studing demon arts
*the three continued talking towards the gate*

*a group of girls walking to the west gate*
Sakura_Haruno21: i cant wait to enter, i heard the 12th division vice captain is really smart
SakuratheDancer: i dont really know i dont like listening to rumors because they sometimes forget something out, like creepy
rocy3: *smiling* omg my boyfriend is smarter and he's strong
Kyoko15: why didnt he want to come with you, didnt you and him want to go in together?
rocy3: well he was kinda shy to come with us, and he had to do something else
SakuratheDancer: well it kinda was better he didnt it's just us girls, what are the
Sakura_Haruno21: good thing i wrote them down*takes out paper from backpack* they are Combat Demon Arts, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Foot Combat, and Swordsmanship. Special Healing, Technology, and Special Forces but it forces us into the 4th, 12th, and 2nd Divisions. then the we all have to take are Hollow Combat, Soul Burial, and Hellbutterfly Caretaking
Kyoko15: that's a lot of stuff, but we are going to be there for 6 years so...
rocy3: that's why Phoenix0120 and me are going to enter together, we can see each other while we are at the academy
fallenchimp: *running to catch up* sorry i overslept
*the girls continue going towards the gate talking and laughing*

*inside Seireitei, on top of a building*
Snakelda: that's a lot of applicants i guess Yamamoto was right to expect so many, all of them are weak, but after 6 years they'll be able to enter a division like nothing.......*lies back and looks up* where the heck is he.........

Cast/Possible Cast

~Blade of Souls, Chapter 1: Hueco Mundo~

by on

after watching people make stories i wanted to make my own, so i based mine off Bleach so here it is, and also if you want to see the cast/possible cast go here ~Blade of Souls

this story is set 2000 years before the anime/manga Bleach and it starts in Hueco Mundo a place that all hollows live, and in the middle of this vast white desert, there is a wondering figure in wearing a black robe......

Last_Kunshu: *walking* just a bit further..........then i'll find my favorite spot

*walking past a group of hollows talking to themselves*
YzN-UndeaD: hey look at that guy
onilink246: what about him?
YzN-UndeaD: i've seen him walking around here before
onilink246: so?
Tiki81: maybe we can recruit him into our group?
YzN-UndeaD: that's what i was thinking, if we are going to raid Soul Society we might as well bring who we can
onilink246: but that guy is looks weak and weird
Tiki81: who cares the more the better
YzN-UndeaD: and besides this is my group so i can bringin who i want *gets in front of Last_Kunshu*

Last_Kunshu: ??
YzN-UndeaD: i want you to join my group, The Shinigami Killers
Last_Kunshu: *looks at the three*....not now, im kinda b-
YzN-UndeaD: we are going to create some havok in the Human World
Last_Kunshu: *got intrested*.....well i guess i can come along for a bit, i havent really gone over there in a long time, i've been busy....with stuff......
YzN-UndeaD: well im sure that you'll get some fun out of it

Tiki81: *whispering to onilink246* why did he say we are going to the human world?
onilink246: well do you know any weak hollow that'll agree to going to Soul Society? we'll try to convince him about raiding Soul Society, after they show up in the human world and show him the fun about killing them
Tiki81: ohhh, that makes sense

Last_Kunshu: so when are we going to the human world?
YzN-UndeaD: now *rips open hole into the human world and all four enter the human world*

Valentine's Day?

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Naruto is moving out of fillers and that means i'll be watching the anime now, on Bleach it's coming along pretty nicely.....except those filler Mods are still around....WHY?!?!.....the last Bleach ch got me very suprised when i saw 'his face' *tried not to spoil it for unlucky few that dont read the manga*

I really dislike(im not going as far as hate, lol) Valentine's Day it's not that i dont believe in it, it's not because i dont have a girlfriend it's just i dont like it, it gives guys the idea to be all they can be towards thier girls giving presents and such, normally guys should already be doing this but they dont so they use this one day to do it........usually i just hide the fact i dislike the day by smiling away the day and giving valentine gifts to girls i spend more time with, not a big present where they say that "omg he has a crush on me" but it gives the idea that i actually thought about them to give them something
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