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R.I.P Fuse

It seems Gamespot has finally put an end to Fuse, for me it was one of the last things I came to Gamespot for (outside of video game news). I will look at the new site but I doubt I will be attached to it like I was with Fuse, the Hot Spot, and From the Bleachers (I really miss Sports Gamer).

I don't blog much because I have nothing to say and type "I" a lot, but it feels right to say something about Fuse, something that help me meet new people (through the Internet) and really enjoy Gamespot again as well as restore faith that there are good people that use the Internet other than the trolls and children (well they might not be children, but they sure do act like them) that we are all accustomed to.


So goodnight sweet Fuse, you will be remembered (Internet memory-wise, will be forgotten in a week if the new site is good, for a year if the new site sucks).

PC Gaming, and Other things like Fuse

Its funny (to me) that a few years ago a lot of gaming news sites ran opinion and analysis pieces on PC saying the fat lady is singing and its time to bury the corpse.

Its 2012 EA is saying digital sales continue to grow and Origin is working well (ugh....such a pain in the ass to deal with). Ubisoft is still befuddled by the concept of PC gamers actually paying for good games and continue blaming its fear of piracy and lying......ok a little too strong since AC3 isn't out on PC yet so I can't say they are lying about DX11 in the game.....yet (I'm very skeptical) ....... Activision is, well, Activision. They are just sitting around until the next Call of Duty. Its sad though because they have the ability to make other good games like Prototype 2 but its the real world and it is driven in pursuit of the almighty dollar by any means necessary.

New ways are being used to nickel and dime gamers out money from frequent (mostly useless and unnecessary) DLC, Free to Play Options: micro-transactions or some is free but not all ideal being used by WoW (free until certain level need subscription for the rest) and, soon, the Old Republic (the main story stuff need subscription for the rest) and Season passes (Gears of War 3, Borderlands 2, and every other big game that has multiplayer).

PC gaming is no longer called dead or dying, but PCs are called dead and in the past by companies who are pushing their moblie and tablet devices (looking at you feeling about Apple is summed up by the saying about religion and God "I don't hate God but I can't stand his fan club") Nvidia is talked about for their Tegra chips. Microsoft has made a tablet OS and is trying to pass it off as a true successor to 7 and XP. I'm surprised MS is ahead of Apple in the universal OS race. I personally hate that race but to each there own.

PC gaming will never die but it will evolve as more power can be packed into a smaller package and its price drops as everyone tries to get a piece of that pie, price drops will be seen. But some aspects of PC gaming should be gotten rid of, in fact the only aspect that should be banished is......"elite" PC gamers and I don't mean real good PC gamers. I mean the PC gamers who believe a massive PC rig is the only way to play any video game, consoles and gaming laptops suck.

Its 2012 the world is smaller thanks to the Internet but it is sad how intolerate the entire world is, and not just intolerance in small things like PC gaming but things religion, race and culture its still there.

I'm not really good at this blog thing......I miss Fuse and I'm sad its almost gone its like twitter but less condescending, less corporate, buggy but it was nice. I hope whatever is next is less buggy but just as nice.

Thoughts about the PS3

I recently got a PS3 about 3 days ago and I got Killzone 2, Infamous, and God of War 3 as well as some off-brand HDMI cable for $5 and it works great.

My only complaint is have to change display settings so I can Killzone 2 and God of War 3 in 1080p Infamous cannot play in 1080p

Set up for the PS3 was easier than I thought. It took me 10 minutes(taking it out the box and all) before I was shooting Space Nazis in KZ2

I am getting another game for my birthday next month. I am thinking about Uncharted 2 and Demon's Souls (it is cheaper and sounds like the original Legend of Zelda in 3D not grid but full 3D game)

3rd 360 bites the dust

I bought a launch 360 (rings of death) which made it about 2 yrs.

Then another 360 (from microsoft) broke after a year (system error not red rings)

And now my 3rd (from microsoft) which is almost 4 months old just got red rings

Note: All 360 are pre-elite which means NO HDMI port therefore they are older models

I'm now weighing my options which are trade in the old one towards an Arcade and get an HDMI cable because I now have a great HDTV or send it in to microsoft for free

Thoughts on FUSE Beta

The FUSE Beta looks good and I'm little interested only for bragging rights

I like the idea and better than just XBL gamercard

The next upgrade will be PSN card

Sports Update Yes it includes baseball and hockey

Breaking News:


-Report:Roy Halladay traded to Philles in 3-team deal and Cliff Lee going to Seattle Mariners (Shaun Mcinnis most hated place and hated sports team)

-John Lackey signs with Boston Red Sox (F*** you Lackey and F*** you Boston Red Sox)

-LA Angels going for World Series MVP Hideki Matsui (sorry for any errors)

Old news from yesterday and beyond

And maybe some new news from today


-Giants Defense F's up and NYG lose by 7 to Eagles, not even a career day from Eli Manning can save them, 391yds 3TDs 0INT (Damn)

-Saints and Colts 13-0

-Bucs still suck (1-11)

-Cardinals vs. 49ers on Monday Night Football (won't be watching that)


-Florida falls to Alabama and Tebow cries on TV (b**ch)

-Texas to face Alabama in National Title Game (My money is on Alabama)


-Washington Capitals lead the East

-LA Kings lead West

World's Greatest sport but one of America's most unwatched sport: Soccer

-USA team not part of the World Cup's murderers row Group G (THANK YOU JESUS)


-Lakers are beating everybody (I really don't know nor do I care)

-The New Jersey Nets might be the worst team ever

Back In Action after going MIA

So glad to be back to remembering to go to

So glad to listen to the Hotspot again but this time through my iPod Touch(32 GB)

The VGA showed alot of things many I'm happy about:

-Force Unleashed 2

-Batman:AA 2

Things I'm iffy about:


-Prince of Persia

I can't wait for Mass Effect 2 I recently bought Mass Effect 1 on Live Marketplace for $20 in ms points.

I played KotOR 1 for the ol' xbox and I have KotOR 2 but my *bleeping* laptop won't run it but the laptop will install it, show the usual Star Wars opening crawl.

Recent letting go's

IF you guys have not heard it, Aaron Thomas was fired due this restructing which I don't understand but anyway I also found out Shanker was let go as well

Good-bye AT and good-bye cheezer

Best of luck to the both of you

From the Bleachers is not up this week which is bad if you like it(I sure do)

Lineup might be gone as well

Really that was one of the best parts of Gamespot

Now it's gone I just have to say


I also just found out that Sportsgamer has been cut as well so it is going going gone

The good times have disappeared in the blink of an eye