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Tom Clancy Endwar

Ok, it seems im on a tom clancy kick.

Well first off this game is great in its use of speech to allow you to control the battle. However, once you complete the Single Player for any of the three Factions. Your interest wanes. Well at least mine did.

It has a nice rock, paper, scissors setup for which vehicles are best against the others. However that only handles 3 unit types (Tank, Transport, Gunship). There is the Command vehicle, rifleman, engineers, arty left out of that so which are they best against.

I don't really have much to say other then if you got this for single-player your going to get bored with it fast (beat one of the single-player campaigns in 22 turns (I even Conquered Paris) ). If you got it so you can show your mastery of Unit voice command over multi-player then you might be interested for a little while longer.

Alpha Protocol

Ok i have heard that there are a few bugs with this game but i didn't notice them.

I enjoyed playing this game, Its like you get to be an International Jason Bourne only you get to have 'friends' and know who the hell you are.

I like the fact that you have different dialog choices like in Mass Effect. Even have an added bonus for collecting those Profiles on your friends, enemies, and ORGs.

Can't go into details on the graphics as they looked very similar to every other FPS recently released so it didn't stand out from the likes of Bad Company 2 or Modern Warfare 2. Now the fact that you actually have convos and can sneak around make the games different. Graphic-wise not so much.

Bummer i thought there would be alot to say about this game but there isn't really. If you like RPGs mixed w/ FPSs then there is a chance you might like this game.

oh by the way, I finished this game by sailling off into the sunset with the Femme Fatale (Her secret info is She is an Assasin. hopefully that isn't too much of a spoiler)

Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2

ok, let me startoff by saying, "I like FPSs but im in no hurry to get rid of my RPG games."

well I enjoyed playing a previous Rainbow Six game so i decided i would go ahead and play these two games.

My expections weren't hide in the slightest but i quite enjoyed the whole R6 experience. Getting to play as Logan in R6V1 was nice and to find out about the traitor is more then alittle annoying. And at the end of R6V1 you have to give him some props for pulling the wool over quite a few peoples eyes.

Now Irena (main baddy of R6V1) seemed at the start to be all cool and everything with her reveal that she knew who was coming. However by the time you kill her, your like ok that wasn't cool. I mean Everytime you get close she is like 'Stay back or i'll blow up Las Vegas' ... After the 2nd time in which your plan of 'Don't hurt me please or i'll hurt you' fails miserably. I would try something different.

Oh and something i noticed in both games. The Bad Guys, Inc must have the biggest freaken Overhead in the world. On easy in R6V2 you kill over 600 Mercs and probably about the same in Vegas 1. Thats two 3 man teams taking out 1200 Mercs average. And you have to add the mercs killed by the national Guard and Police SWAT. That is a good size mercenary group. Also, I didn't know our borders were that bad that a 1200+ Fully Armed and Equipped Army could walk across the Mexico border.

Vegas 2 is pretty much Vegas 1 with prettier graphics. Actually i think that is what Vegas 2 is. so the review is pretty much done so see below for a little Question then rant (oh and Spoilers)

Anyways, Vegas 1 was kinda good but no cartwheels. Vegas 2 was nice for a while but got boring fast.

Oh Anyone else by the end of Vegas 2 want to kill 'Whiney little twit Gabriel so much you were trying to shoot him in the head during his monologue?? And Six's "You took out a whole Refiney (80 Men) by yourself. You then convinced 3 Rainbow Teams to go with you to Costa Rica and you killed the Traitor Gaberial instead of taking him in for questioning." "For all these Achievements, I have decided that you are terminated from the Academy." (My thoughts at this are 'What??' and 'Rainbow has an Academy?') "You will become Deputy Director of Rainbow." (What i would of said after this is, 'Well thanks boss, I prove Im beyond excellent in the field. And you transfer me to desk duty.') "Six Out." .... Then Vegas 2 shows a screen with simply the words 'The End'

Call of Duty (what is this number 6?) : Modern Warfare 2

Well i got this yesterday as a New years game. Something to help me ring in the new year the Gaming way.

So at 8 am i sat down Ready to spend the day getting totally fragged. However 4 hours and 41 minutes later, Credits.

Now is it me or have FPSs given up on singleplayer for their games. Now that i have said that I throughly enjoyed Modern Warfare 2. the storyline is Beautiful, I mean the whole Terrorist airport level (which i don't think you should skip) is great.

I was quite surprized by the Twist they threw in the game. I mean I didn't see it coming.

This is actually one of the few games that once i beat it. I wanted to play again just to see if i could do better or just to see the storyline play out again.

Operation Flashpoint 2 Dragon Rising

Finished my digital download, sat down and 5 hours and 31 minutes later, Credits.

This is a very nice game even though you like have no auto aim or anything like that to help you out. its quite fun for a military simulation FPS. However if Normal mode ie 'all hud icons, teammate identifiers, etc' is this hard. I would hate to have to try to play Hardcore mode or even do this in real life.

Now the game is about a US Marine Taskforce in 3-4 days taking over a island from the chinese at the request of the Russians. This is about as good a propangda tool as possible in a video game. Its almost like 'Oh here you go, China got uppity. The US went in and boom. China is put in its place.'

Like one mission, You track General Han as he does a outpost morale boosting tour(your on foot, I ran 30 kilometers on foot in this game.) Then he gets to a Radio station to 'Request Reinforcements to support the glorious march of the chinese forces on the island.' If you weren't spotted and had to kill Han earlier now you can call in an Air strike and hit him with a JSRM right when he is on the phone with his superiors. the Superiors are probably going 'Can you hear me now?'


Short Game - Good Simulation - Bad driving or alot of running - Get out of helocopters as soon as you can even though they are the best to travel in (good luck if your piloting) - Don't forget to check out the Bonus codes that unlock extra maps. The online unlock codes are really easy (OFPWEB1 - OFPWEB2)

F.E.A.R 1 ... The Unscary game

ok Now i heard this game was scary and all that but its not. I mean it has a great atmospheric setting with the flickering lights and what not but in the 'oh my gosh this game is too scary i just can't play in the dark' scale, it doesn't even rate.

Now that i have said that there was one point in the game that just freaked me out on a 'Oh crap' meter. During one of the levels you start to climb down one of the ladders, You get the animation of your character grabing the rail and swing around so he can slid down and poof 'Heres Alma' ... Now i slid down that ladder like i was about to be turned into stew beef. However when i got to the bottom and turned to the left so i could defend myself, There Fettal. Im sorry but having the two main characters show up so close together (one ladder ride). You normally expect to be attacked by main characters not get disappearing ones so thats the only point i found that was more then just an atmospheric FPS.

Guess im onto a new game. Maybe i'll try my hand at Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising.

Frontline Fuel of War

In my countiuing saga of playing games i have missed since i last was able to play pc games with graphics requiring more then 64 mb video memory. I borrowed Frontline Fuel of War from a friend. Now normally im not into FPS but I played the demo on my 360 before it red ringed on me. So I sat down this morning, Installed it, played it, and finished the single player in 3 hours.

Graphics wise- Beauty, well not as good as Crysis... hell not even in the same league but still the graphics are quite nice on the very high setting (then i went in and moved all the sliders to the far right).

I liked the multi-route attack you can do but i wish you had some control over your AI NPC Soldiers. Maybe even a 'Flank right or Straight up the middle guys' instead of i'll follow you around even though your trying to flank.

Also if you wish to live in this game. I have you say you better become like 'Headshot' Superman. Because it seems like the only other way you can take an enemy down with the assault rifle is to empty half a clip into him. (Yes i was actually hitting him not missing). However if you get the light machine gun (Heavy assault) that thing is a beaut to attack with because it actually kills them.

The story is quite good although i would love to find out which person in the cutscenes your actually playing. Also there are a few instances when your like 'Give me a timer please'

Well on to the next game. I wonder what i'll have a chance to play next

Section 8

I played and beat this game a few weeks back in one sitting. (by beat im talking single player). First off the game story isn't there. Congrations Private welcome the 8th army. Congrations Sergent I know you will do your duty. Congrations Lieutentant Your in command. with a few cutscenes in between and by few i mean theres like 4 cutscenes the whole game.

Also when they say your in command, your not really in command. All your in command of is the ability to deploy turrets/recharge stations. Of course high Command also puts recharge stations at every battle site anyways so no need to waste your very little deployment budget on them. The turrets pretty much suck by the way a good tank will take them out without even a dent.

The Heavy Combat Suits are the only thing that gave me a problem and its probably because their boost in essence allows them to run right up to you and hit you (at least thats the AIs gameplan and it works). Its almost like you have to keep a rocket launcher on you just encase you run into a heavy.

The gameplay isn't that good. I mean its like they took the basic textures (not the advanced and cool graphics) of Halo and threw in a few basic blood gulch bases (open air not enclosed) and said, "They'll buy it." Sadly a number did including me.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed The Ulitmate Sith Edition *spoilers*

First off I know, the console game version is probably so much better but this is the version i had on hand. Let me just say, Nice graphics (i played in resolution 1600x900). the story is pretty much cookie cutter star wars. You were evil then you are good then your whatever. I have to say jimmy simts or whoever played Bali Organa did a good job with his 'And have decided... blah... and We will see the galaxy free... Someday." Darth Vadar and the Emperor on the goodside ending is so Wimp. I mean they go down like sacks of potatos. However if you attack Darth Vadar for the Dark side ending be prepared for Super Darth. I swear it took 2 minutes of combos just to get off one of his health bars. Of course the keyboard and mouse are not set up for combo attacks.

I did like how they showed you pre-imperial planets then Imperialized Planets. Even though you went back to the same 3 planets you didn't feel like you were moving through the same planetscape.

Also no romantic tingling between the girl and guy. they share one kiss and its only right before he goes to face the Emperor/Darth vadar. I mean come on, Thats so 'because you weren't bold enough. Here is a sample of what you missed.'

By the way the whole 'The only good thing in him was you' speech is quite bad. I mean, I know this is Star Wars but come up with something that will make me go 'Dang i wonder if i get the girl in the dark side ending'.

Dark side ending sucked by the way. You survive getting hit with a starship. Sure. However, This is the only time in the movies/video games i have seen the emperor give you a straight rundown of whats going to happen to you. 'When i find a new student, Just like darth vadar, You will be casted a side.'

If you play the DLC thats included in SWTFU TUSE, Go Jedi Temple-Tatooine-Hoth

I find it funny that the leaders under Darth Vadar after he kills their Superior would be all 'ok lets get back to business'. However with you, they are stuttering and unsure of themselves.

Taking Luke Skywalker as your apprentice is just perfect. Maybe he will be the one you are casted a side to make room for.

Dragon Age Orgins

A game released by Bioware. Thats pretty much all that needs to be said to get most to buy this game. However for me it was the Trailer where he pierces the Dragon's head and his eyes glow. It just said, "Try me."

Well I have Tried it and i have to say this game is quite the RPG. I mean 60 Hours to RP everything on patch v1.01a. Now i noted that it was on v1.01a because in patch 1.2 which has been recently released they restored some of the lost plot lines. Sadly this is going to require me to play through the game again... *crys at the lost of his non-existing social life*

The little thing at the end of the game that allows you to see what happened because of your actions is a nice addition to this game.

When i played through i saved the Mage Guild, saved the Arl's son by using the wizard they jailed. Saved the elves. And picked the other dwarf ie the non-prince guy for king. And I total killed the archdemon myself. Logain was punished with having to live out his taint.

Oh and i married Queen Anora before i martyed myself

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