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Alienware m15x!

Well I asked for a MacBook but I got an Alienware M15x intel i7 quad core processor, 6 gb ram, 1 tb hd, 1920x1080 screen and a blu-ray slot loading drive! I think that beats a macbook any day! btw its the fastest comp I have ever used!

Hey it's been almost 2 years!

Wow I know it's been a very long time since my last post I have become very busy with my Major but I thought I'd start up my blogging again it has been hard for me to get on here cuz my comp is a bit too old for this website and things take forever to load but I am getting a MacBook and I am really happy about now! College is going well it keeps me very busy my life involves a lot of studying and they werent lying about the freshmen 15 well that kept going and I have a gut for the first time in my life LOLZ! I still play games when I can over the past year or so games that stand out to me: GOD OF WAR COLLECTION, GOD OF WAR 3, Killzone 2, Dead Space, FEAR and FEAR 2,Shadow of the Colossus and I have beaten my fave FPS of all time Half-Life for the PS2!

Fear I can't forget.

All I can think about lately is Resident Evil 5 and how pleases I am by it yes there is some bias cuz I am a huge Resident Evil fan but seriously as far as the story went I liked it alot. The files in the Liberary are actually very informational and really gave me deeper insite on the story they are not just cheap Character bios which I first dismissed them for, they actually flow nicely with the story and is a fun throwback to the countless files one had to read back in the older games. Also the in game files are fun to read and one I really like becuase it is a Plaga version of the now famous itchy-cratchy files everyone who played RE1 remembers. Proof that even in a high deff generation game text can still add alot to a game! I am again planning to replace my normal weekends of drinking with friends with playing RESIDENT EVIL 5 there is still alot I wanna do and I don't feel like putting it down.


So I finished RE5 this morning I must say I am wowed! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time parts I played online co-op and parts I played with the A.I. at first I didn't enjoy Shevas A.I. at all but when it came to things like her being next to me when I needed her she shined and also she is a good shot she like the go through the ammo but it was really never a game stopping problem. One more note before this turns into a review I was happy with the story I had to sit on it all day today and read all the files but it makes the last 13 years seem worth it! BTW I called I knew RE4 was the story that had to be told to further the plot of RE. AND NOW A RANT! IDK why people are are complaining that the game isn't as ground breaking as RE4 but come on RE4 was revolutionary so many things that are musts have in games now started with RE4 I don't think we will see something like that for a while I mean that game basically reinvented the wheel RE5 nor anyother game that has come out has done what RE4 did. And another thing I cannot believe RE fans are seriously saying it's not a Resident Evil game it may not be scary but the tention is still there and it covers so much stuff over the RE timeline that had huge plot holes SHAME ON YOU people who think RE5 isn't an RE game yes its very different but really we have 5 (0-cvx) games that use the old style be happy the genre had to move on and evolve or the serious would have suffered!

My Pre-Review of RE5.

Well I couldn't skip school for Resident Evil 5 but i sure wanted to lol. I picked it up after school but a few things happened and I ended not being able to play it for until 11p.m. I just stopped at the begining of 3-1 and here are my thoughts. Likes: Story and Coverage (I'd explain more but I don't wanna spoil but it makes re4 not sucha departure from the re storyline as we felt 4 years ago) Graphics this game looks like a CG movie the whole game feels like a movie the world is so detailed and lighting is so spot on it makes everything very easy to believe! The only real complaint I have it Sheva but I am not worried about I just get some random person to fill in for the AI and its no biggie and after I beat round one of the game I'll have at least 1 unlimited gun so it's no big deal to me at all. So far I like it I prolly will finish it tomorrow only because I am addicted and I made zero plans that do not involve re5 and I wanna see what happens so bad!

I have come back to life for RE5!

Well kinda it would be neat if I had died and come back as a gaming zombie well that did happen kinda sorta lol. I had my Gall bladder removed there were complications and i ended up spending 2 weeks very very sick in the hospital. I am fine now and after making up all the school work and getting back on my gaming feet I have been very busy! I beat BIOSHOCK for the PS3, Dead Space, and I have everything unlocked intel and cheats on COD4MW so that was exciting to me! But the big new is RESIDENT EVIL 5!!!!!!!! I have waited 4 years for this baby if it wasnt for RE4 I would never have joined GS its almost been 4 years since I have been a member I signed up I wanna say the day b4, on, or after RE4 for the ps2 came out. Later on after some stuff happened I regot a gamecube and got 0, REmake, 2, 3, CVX, 4 on the gamecube, then got a Wii and got re4 wii and umbrella chronicles so I have them all from the main story and now the next gen RE5 for the PS3 how exciting I have been fallowing RESIDENT EVIL for over 10 years its been so cool to see the story evolve and I know alot of people are just as excited as I am!

Sick body, PS3 love, Wii hate.

Well I have been really sick since Christmas I have gall stones and when I passed a gall stones like 3 days after Christmas and it gave me Pancreatitus and I have been really sick and I am getting my gall bladder removed monday morning. In gaming news I am on act 7 on dead space I absolutley love this game it is so scarey but its not where I dont wanna play it and its just so much fun the gore the monsters oh I love it! I also about Bioshock and Call of Duty 4 I already beat it (it took 2 days) but I am going to return to the game and get all the intel lap tops but I am going to beat Bioshock and Dead Space first. My new TV is fing amazing it looks so nice the blu-ray movies and really fun to! In some bad news THE Wii. Now I really really love my Wii but come on nintendo the games seem to be getting worse I am looking foward to a bunch of games coming out but its like every game that comes out is just sub par to bad and it really upsets me its been 2 years I am starting to loose faith but I think if nintendo really tired it can rise up its just idk I can't help but be dissapointed like SUPER MARIO GALAXY and SUPER SMASH BRAWL showed that Wii can do lots with wut it has its just like no one is really trying. I am a huge nintendo fan I am just being honest!

My gaming update (moving to HD Land)

I am soooooo excited! For Christmas I am getting a 32 inch HD RCA LCD omg omg omg this is SOOOOO GOOOD! I already for componant cables for the Wii and PS3 and I cannot wait to make the jump! K so these are the games I am going to be playing in this order: (PS3) Dead Space Unreal Tort. 3 (all the time this game is a blast) Condemned 2 The Orange Box (Wii) Call of Duty Wold at war RE4 (Professional Mode) I know I beat the orange box back on the 360 but I mean I can't live without portal and Half-Life 2. Unreal Tort.3 is sooo much fun online I didnt even bother witht eh story mode the online play team death match owns my life right now! WISHLIST: Bioshock RE5 and countess others!