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Willem Dafoe... that guy is in a lot of random movies.

How do you eat your eggs?

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Brand new here (already made my introduction in the intro thread) but I saw this and can't help but jump right in on the drool fest. I also want it... bad.

Such a compilation would be FANTASTIC, especially since I don't currently have any Sony consoles, an X360, or any other platform that has a version of SotN on it (and as such have no way of re-playing SotN). Not to mention, there are really very few series that have 1) the number of titles across the timespan to warrant a compilation like this 2) the number of titles across the number of consoles to warrant such a compilation 3) such a consistently high production value (even across multiple genres) and of course 4) has such a loyal fanbase to warrant it. The only thing that I would be afraid of is that they might consider making a less than complete compilation (especially on Wii, although if the new generation of PSP is going to have other Castlevania titles amidst its DLC library it applies there too) to prevent self competition with DLC sales.

That said, there are some great titles that have never been re-released on modern systems and are begging to get on this compilation.

symphony of the night alone is enough of a reason for me to get this if it does come out.matthewd49

I also second this motion.


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Hello everyone. Just joined the Union because I have certainly spent some time enjoying the heck out of several Castelvania games (and I am re-discovering some old favorites and picking up the ones I never got to play in the first place). Just got a DSi and have been loving Order of Ecclesia (I plan to pick up the other DS titles in short order). Been on GS a long time (although I never used to log on, don't know why I even bothered making the account back when I did), but just started in on actually participating instead of just reading. So here is post 1 on the forums and I'm now a proud member of the CUU.