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I am starting to get back into miniature gaming and have got my wife on board with doing it too (she actually expressed some interest). I gave her a choice between Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40K for starters (I used to play both). She picked WHFB (for now) and since I didn't have 7th Ed (or more than one army) I went and grabbed a copy of Battle for Skull Pass.

For those of you who play WHFB what are your thoughts and feelings on 7th Ed in general (especially when compared to 5th Ed and 6th Ed which I used to play)? Also what armies do you play? What do you specifically think of Dwarves and Orcs & Goblins (since they are in the starter set) and Lizardmen (since they are the army I have from pre-7th Ed)?

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I just looked at the Incursion and Wyrd websites. Both look neat... especially Incursion looks pretty cool. I would just make sure you have someone (at least one to start with) who is going to play it with you before you buy it... unless you just want it to have it... I can relate to that too.
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I used to play Silent Death (and still have all my stuff). That was published by the now defunct Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE). That was actually a very good game with its own well developed back story and a whole mess of expansions. I've played War Machine (by Privateer Press I think) although I never owned it (it was a decent game, but I liked most of the GW stuff better). I have and used to play Clan War (the Legend of the Five Rings minis game, made by AEG). I had a small to modest Crane Clan army. All my non-GW stuff never really took off though, just never got a lot of other people into other stuff. Silent Death was cool because I have a decent selection of ships and you could play it with a fairly small number of ships, so I could supply enough stuff for two.
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you know im not all that into the lord of the rings for some reason. i mean i know its like the basis of modern fantasy genres but it really isn't all that appealing to me. i personally perfer warhammer fantasy.khornedeadra

I'm with you. I quite enjoyed the LotR books and the movies as well, but the minis game just isn't very appealing. WHFB on the other hand I quite like.

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I know it is starting to shift off topic, but for 40K themed PC games Chaos Gate was pretty good and Final Liberation was very good. Final Liberation uses the (now old) rules for Warhammer Epic 40,000 and is a pretty faithful translation of that system to the PC. Epic 40K has since been re-titled and slightly revamped into Epic Armageddon.

As long as you have the time and the money (but really mostly the time) tabletop is much more satisfying to me than the video game versions. So good luck on getting those armies collected and painted Hush and happy gaming.

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Nice. Dawn of War was a game I was very happy to see. I have and hav enjoyed some of the other GW themed computer games, but Dawn of War was a real winner. It also helped me to get some of my 40K fixes when playing 40K just wasn't really an option (it came out around the time that I was really on my way out from actively participating). Hope to get back into it more though (part of why I joined the union).
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Very cool. One thing that I have also seen done, is I have seen folks who made loyalist Repulsive Grand Cruisers (since there are no direct Imperial equivalents) and since in terms of story and fluff they are a class of ship that would be more likely to have sruvived in some Imperial fleets than some of the others would have been (though they would be immensely old compared to their "modern" Imperial counterparts).

One thing that I would suggest is that if you are looking to get into Gothic and there aren't any local playgroups that are into it, I would try to have a modest Imperial Navy fleet and a modest Chaos fleet to use in your own demo games and drum up some interest. In my experience those are the fleets that are the most consistently fun to play against eachother and have the closest games normally. Sometimes the other fleets can have a little bit of a Rock-Paper-Scissors effect on eachother (which can be overcome through fleet selection and careful play, but that is not something you want to force people into dealing with when you are trying to generate interest in the game). Those fleets also do the best job of capturing the overall flavor of the game in my opinion (the other fleets are cool and fun too, but when I think of the prototypical Gothic game it is between those two fleets).

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All my stuff is currently buried in garages or storage (there have been multiple moves and major life changes since the last time I was hardcore into GW stuff), but I am embarking on a cleaning mission to reclaim my garage and since I don't think that I'm getting much more space back from the wife and kids that'll force me to go through my stuff. As I find stuff as long as it is intact I'll take pics and post it. If anything is damaged and reasonably easy to repair and re-touch I'll do that too (this has been on my to do list for a long time anyway, so it may be a good excuse to get going on it).

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I seem to recall there being combined Space Marine and Imperial Navy fleets (don't remember where those rules appeared or if they were officially sanctioned or just for fun), I would venture to guess that the Chaos ships as loyalists would most certainly be in "friendly" games. From a back story perspective I think that if you were playing a game in the "current" 40K universe all the Chaos fleet ships which were in fact corrupted Imperial ships dating back to before the Heresy would be very outdated ships which would generally not still be in the Imperial fleets. Now, I think there is a much better argument for playing Chaos with newly corrupted Imperial ships... there is always the possibility that someone new was tainted and brought in to the fold.
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Bolt Thrower is quite fun too. I definitely enjoy them.