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I have the same problem. Some pages it allowed me to vote on again (or at least after doing so it shows the results), but others it kicks me back to the top of the page, as above.

Edit: This started happening after I had the getting logged out error happen, and I have not had these problems with the voting process in years past.

Second Edit: I have also tried the trick of dumping my browser's cookies, history, etc., and that doesn't work.

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For anyone who is interested, I got the WHFB 8th Edition rulebook (the full one, not the starter set one, so I got all the fluff, scenarios, etc.). I have also played a little under 8th edition now too. The rulebook is in my opinion probably the best written (or at least really close) rulebook that GW has ever published. The rules are clear, fairly concise, are presented logically and read well. There were also no rules that totally jumped out at me as being broken or unbalancing. Overall, the rules are a relatively minor shift from 7th edition, although there are a few changes that are somewhat substantial. If there is interest from the union I'll be happy to talk about the changes (and answer any specific questions folks have).

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WHFB 8th Edition was recently released and I haven't gotten a copy yet. If anyone has and would like to share their thoughts on how the rules stack up to prior editions, please speak up, I for one would love to hear about it before I get mine (not that it will likely change whether or not I get it, but I would like to hear about it and what everyone thinks anyway).
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As of the last army book which was released Black Orcs all have Heavy Armor and the special rule "Armed to da Teef." Armed to da Teef basically says that they can switch back and forth during the course of the game between having a single Choppa (if they have been upgraded with shields) and two Choppas or a Great Weapon (Two Handed Weapon). One model in the regiment can be made a musician, one a standard bearer and one a Boss. The standard bearer can be upgraded with a magic banner. Black Orc characters who have special weapons use those automatically instead of the Armed to da Teef rule. Pretty much you can give them whatever mix of weapons you want and they will be a legal ready to play regiment, the only real decision game play wise (aside from whether or not you want a command group) is whether you want shields or not, otherwise you could model any mix of two choppas and two handed weapons into the same regiment to represent Armed to da Teef.

Hope that helps, that is how the most recent army book has it... since 8th edition just got released there may be a new army book coming down the pipes, but I don't really forsee them totally revamping what black orcs can and can't be equipped with (maybe the point costs, but probably not the gear, not until they do another big overhaul at least).

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I don't know or have any specific info, but I suspect that it will be a little while before we see a new 40K rulebook since this summer (July last I heard) is going to see the release of Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th Edition. In the past GW has typically staggered the release of new 40K rules and WHFB rules by at least a year or two, if not more.
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Ahhh, that doesn't totally suprise me as a rumor anyway... seems that the push has been toward making basic core units the actual core of the army instead of the Uber Lord, although I think that the existing rules (limiting the number of Lords and Heroes based on point value of the game and the equipment they carry having a set point limit in their army book) already went a ways toward that goal, even if they weren't excessively restrictive.

Oh well, when I went from 5th to 6th I gave up my Uber Lord heavy magic abuse army lists anyway (6th to 7th hasn't changed things too much for me so far, especially since I started a new army and haven't revisited my old one yet), so I don't really care too much one way or the other, although you're right, it does put some armies with spendy Lords/Heroes (like Daemons) in a tight spot (especially in lower point games).

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That's unfortunate, I always liked the fact that Fantasy remained more tactical even through the updates to the rules (I wasn't opposed to the magic system changes though, even though I benefitted from the 5th edition magic rules they still needed to be revamped). Oh well, I guess we'll wait and see. Thanks for the info.

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An update on this one for you Hush... a buddy of mine came by the house the other day and he has been one of the play testers for Malifaux. He brought by his minis and book and explained the game to me. It is pretty neat. The models look very nice (very good sculpts that look just plain cool) and the mechanics are pretty good. One of the more attractive things about starting Malifaux is how few models you need. A starter set and a few blisters will give you a full average size army so to speak. The "horde" like faction (in terms of number of models needed) you'd need around like 10-14 minis for an average size force, and the "elitist" type faction you could have as few as 3-4 minis. An average balanced army would be like 8-9 minis.

Only thing that is going to be a "wait and see" element is how the expansions are when they come out (one should be out this summer if I'm not mistaken). The game has a lot of room for expansion, but will also need a lot of expansion to keep it fresh and competitive in the market.

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Ahhh, good to know. Do you know if 8th ed is going to be a major overhaul (like 5th to 6th) or relatively minor (like 6th to 7th)?