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Kickin' it Old School

I know I'm not the only one out there in this boat, but I have found myself playing more an more old games lately. I mean like 90's PC games old. Especially early 90's PC games. I'm not quite sure why this has been the case,but I think there may be a few reasons and I'll use this blog as a place to talk out some of those reasons.

The games that I have been playing from that era have strong story components (a lot of the games I have been revisiting have been some of the point and click adventure type games which had their golden age in the early 90's). That is something I have always enjoyed, but have found myself wanting even more of lately (not that there aren't modern games with good stories, but there were some real winners back then).

As my kids are getting older (and I am getting older) I am starting to feel more and more nostalgic about my own childhood. These games are an opportunity for me to revisit parts of my childhood.

My gaming time is much more limited than it once was and these are games that I already have some pretty decent skills in (even if they are rusty) so there is a pretty small learning (or re-learning) curve. Also, though there are some really massive old games (like The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall) on average these games are shorter than a lot of their modern counterparts (limitations of storage media had a lot to do with that) so they are more easily completed in my limited play time.

As I have gotten older I have both become more patient with games and have become more skilled overall. So a bunch of old games that I had and enjoyed, but never completed can now be completed with relative ease.

I have a tighter budget now than I did a few years ago, and these are titles I already have, so the money to enjoy them has already been spent. Even if I have to buy (or re-buy)an older title, it is generally not very expensive. Old games are a budget conscious form of gaming.

These games are often (though not always) pretty "wholesome" and "family friendly." By that I mean I can play them around my kids (who are not old enough and mature enough to be around "M" titles and even a lot of "T" titles yet). Though the majority of my real gaming time is when the kids aren't home, the ability to play games when they are home maximizes my chances at getting some game time in. Plus, it is enjoyable to share some of these classics from my childhood with my kids when they take an interest in them, and some of these older games have some great puzzle solving and creative thought elements to them that just aren't as common in modern games which is also a plus.

I also enjoy the aspect of "tinkering" to get the games running in the first place. I must say that I like playing around with utilities like DOSBox and ScummVM as well as Windows compatability settings to get some of these old gems installed and running. It is also fun to see what others have done before me in the same vein to preserve some of these classics.

All in all gaming has come a long way, and there are a lot of fantastic new titles out there, but lately, I've mostly been kickin' it old school.