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LancerVI Blog

Well Happy New Year Gamespot pals!!!

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Happy New Year everyone! I really hope ya'll enjoyed your Christmas and New Year celebrations!

I certainly enjoyed mine. My kids got a Wii U from Santa and they love. Real good, family fun!

So what are the biggest games everyone is anticipating the release of this 2013???

My games are:

Rome: Total War

Sim City

The Elder Scrolls Online (Don't think it's happening this year, but that's what is said)

Dark Souls II


Europa Universalis IV

MechWarrior Tactics


Star Wars 1313

Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Online

and finally all Nintendo 1st Party Titles.....Metroid, Zelda etc. that may or may not be coming this year. I'm an older guy (for gaming / closer to 40 than 30) and these games take me back to my youth!

Quite the list!! I have high hopes for these titles. Here's looking at a great gaming year!

Brainhex~ A silly, yet interesting 'test'

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My results from (A gamers test)


Your BrainHex Class is Mastermind.

Your BrainHex ClassYour BrainHex Sub-Class is Mastermind-Conqueror.

You like solving puzzles and devising strategies as well as defeating impossibly difficult foes, struggling until you eventually achieve victory, and beating other players.

According to your results, there are few play experiences that you strongly dislike.

Learn more about your classes and exceptions at

Your scores for each of the classes in this test were as follows:

Mastermind: 20 Conqueror: 17 Daredevil: 14 Achiever: 14 Survivor: 10 Seeker: 8 Socialiser: 4

Go to BrainHex.comto learn more about this player model, and the neurobiological research behind it.

Feel free to take a copy of your BrainHex icon and display it anywhere you wish! Simply right click and choose "save as". All we ask is you provide a link to anywhere you use our images.

Thanks for taking part in the BrainHex survey!

Star Citizen ~ New Hope for the Future of PC Gaming!!!

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Star Citizen reaches $6.2 Million in pledges for what will be (hopefully) a return to what we haven't seen in a long time; space-sim, pc gaming greatness, akin to Wing Commander, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, etc.

I'm so excited to see this game reach it's goal and watch with anticipation and hope that the ambitions of this team, lead by legendary game crafter Chris Roberts, are realized.

As a 'Generation X' guy, I've been in this gaming thing since the beginning. The pinnacle of PC gaming being reached, IMHO, in the early 90's with great gamess like Ultima VII, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Falcon 3.0, Wing Commander, Darklands, Lands of Lore, Eye of the Beholder, Masters of Orion, etc from great publishers/devs like Microprose, Origin, Spectrum Holobyte, Sierra, LucasArts, SSI and Interplay. Where games came with thick manuals and cloth maps and required an investment of time to learn and master; and once you did, the value of these titles was greatly increased because they were not the 5-10 hour gameplay experiences we get now that you just 'sit down and play' and then move on. There are exceptions of course today, but they are a niche market and not many publishers are doing them.

So comes Robert's Space Industries and Space Citizen a PC GAME!!! "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated!" indeed!!

This is great news, and in two years time, I hope to fly with you all together. Or at least blow you into tiny bits of space junk!!!

Check your six,

Lancer VI

Duties of a Married Gamer with Children!

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So I have a weird work schedule. I'm off today and my wife, who is working on her degree, is coming home at noon. Then I get to go shopping with her and then come home and do yard work while the kids are still at school!!! Yay!!! Now I generally do whatever the hell I want, but I've been saying 'next week' for the past six weeks and it's finally caught up with me. All I want to do is play Skyrim damnit! This is my last day off and then another 50+ hours of hell begins. (I eat donuts, drink coffee, drive fast and carry a gun. It's not all it's cracked up to be!)

So fellow gamers, when the girlfriend you've been with for awhile starts talking marriage, house, car and kids; tell her.....'GET BENT!!!' and run for your ever loving, video game playing life!!! The alternative is juggling diapers, yard work, shopping and all the other accoutrements of married life!

Getting laid is easy. Being married is hard work!

All kidding aside, I love my life. But seriously.....can I just play Skyrim.......please.....FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!?!?!?!

Check your six,

Lancer VI

In Oblivion and then a red, hot demon's soul!!

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I just finished a run through again of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I can't seem to finish it with Baurus and Jauffree surviving the final battle damnit! Oh well. The reason for the playthrough is that I haven't played Skyrim yet. I have this thing about playing series in order, even if it doesn't matter and since it's been eons since I've played Oblivion, I felt a play through was in order. Took me about a month to do between BF3 PC and Demon Souls.

Speaking of Demon Souls. I finally beat it. I bought it when it was released and never played it, meaning to get to it. I'm married, have two kids and have a pretty busy schedule. Well, I finally sat down and played it through. What an AMAZING, Old School type game!!! I loved it intensely! Looking forward to Dark Souls now. I'll probably wait for it to come to PC though.

Check your six,

Lancer VI

Closer to 40 and slowing down!

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Ok. I started a blog. What do I say on this damn thing? I have no idea! When I think of something important, I guess I'll write it, but for now, I'll just keep a log of my daily goings on!

Today is my birthday! Getting ever closer to 40. Damnit! I was wondering; as a sports fan, you see athletes wear down in say, the NFL. Is this similar to why I used to kick ass in games like BF3, but now it seems I'm just not as good as I used to be? It seems that I'm just a bit slower on the trigger or something.

Getting older sucks!

Check your six,

Lancer VI