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Will AoD be the next big sleeper RGP?

There are times I spend hours on end just looking online for games I might have missed. Maybe finding a lost jewel or a potential classic game. I recently discovered an up comming game callled Age of Decadence. It's being created by a small group of developers calling themselves Irontower studios. I don't know too much about them other than Vince D. Weller is the lead design and Oscar (OOO mod developer for Oblivion) is part of the team. It reminds me alot of the Fallout series only set in a medieval fantasy setting. With the possibility of being a fantastic game, I wondered why it hasn't gotten much publicity. IMO, probably because it's not being developed by a big company. So I thought I'd bring it to my fellow gamers attention. Here's the website:

I'm not associated with Irontower studios or have anything to do with this game. I'm just a gamer who always looks forward to an inspiring upcomming game and want to share that with fellow gamers. I'd like to hear some of your thoughts on the game aswell.

Old School Gamer

I remember the days of Joust, Defender, Moon Patrol. And later Zelda, the original Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, etc. Heck most of those games are older than the majority of Gamespotters I'd guess. I've always been a gamer. I can remember being 7 years old and hiding quarters from my mom so I could go play video games at the local convenience store. Going to the arcade in my teens was my favorite thing to do. I'm 35 now and still just as addicted. I struggle with the amount of time I tend to put forth playing games. My wife would say I live on my computer, I'd say I barely get any time on there at all.

I've been in an odd mood lately. I've been trying to rekindle my love for those games that draw you back like a sick addiction. Those games you'd skip work to play. Those games where you'd go 36 hours without food, sleep, and showers were optional. I can remember playing Halo for the first time. My eyes were blood shot only on the top and bottom sections. It was from staring at the screen for hours on end without moving. I've played hundreds of games in my days, and to this day I still look forward to that next game that hooks me. I'm an emotional gamer. I love being emmersed in a good plot and story line. There are some good games out there, but I'm still searching for that one that draws me in. One I can get excited about to play the next day. I think games are getting to be like movies these days, all flash and no glory.

I've gone back to try and rekindle myself with some older games. It's just not the same as experiencing it for the first time. I tried Fallout 2. I just couldn't get past the graphics. Horrible of me I know. I reconfigured my whole Windows theme to a custom Fallout esemble to help, just to set it back to default the next day. Tried Mechwarrior 4, and its expansions. As much as I love the series, I just couldn't get past the idea that you build an attatchment to Ian and his followers in Vengence, only to kill them off YOURSELF in the Blacknight. I went through Oblivion. The leveling system sucks, so I modded it till my eyes bled. Only to have a missing texture there or a crash here. The point is still the same, where is that next big game. Made by old school gamers who know what it's like to get emotionally involved with your character. To savor earning that Magical sword. To mourn the loss of a trusted companion. Am I the only one out there who mourned the loss of my crew in Unreal 2?

This cry out is to the developers out there and my fellow gamers. Lets rekindle the old days and get back to basics. Get us involved. God bless my friends.