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Sudoku.....I hate the "ATTENTION! Please wait...." screen that pops up like 4 to 10 times per game. It's very annoying when you're trying to play easy game, and beating the have to pause it to stop the countdown, and then unpause it when the screen goes away. FRICKIN' annoying, but ti's a good game regardless.
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It's really personal prefrence. If you go to Nintendo website, and check out the games they have for the VC, and you want one, then get it. If you're the person that like emulators and all that, then don't. I don't use emulators, and don't like using it through my computer. It's not the same as playing it through TV.

    The resolution of the games shouldn't matter where it is because if it's 8 bit (NES), then it will show 8 Bit game on the computer regardless. (Prove me wrong).

     So far, I have two VC games, Super Mario World (which, sadly I never played in my life until the Wii), and Ice Hockey. Ahh...memories. I'm positive that over time there will be better games, and yes, it will be possible for Chrono Trigger to be on it. 

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I played Super Mario World with the GameCube controller, and gosh the controls are so weird. I'm used to thumb mashing the A for JUMP or Shoot. It does take a bit getting used to, but yeah, I probably will give in and get the classic controller.
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As from someone who just bought this game for less than $10 (wee), and very new to the series. I believe that you start at a normal difficulty level, and then there is a way to progress to higher difficulty as you finish the game.  I just played about 30 mins of the game, it does take a bit getting used to the aims (if your'e good at shooter games, then you really shouldn't have a problem....I'm not, so I have a bit longer to learn), however the controls are so much easier to use compared to prior RE versions.    I do recommend you to get the GC version.  Someone posted a while back of a website that did a great job comparing the game on GC and PS2, and it was obvious that the GC version win hands down when it comes to graphics.    Go ahead and try it!  
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I only have RE4, but I've played RE2 on the PS2, and I hate the control's fustrating and was the game that turned me off from the series, but then RE4 was highly I got it for less than $10. I like it much better, but def need to work on my aim. LOL!

    If you have PS2, I would recommend Fatal Frame series. As for GC series, I do recommend Paper Mario if things get a bit too scary. LOL! Eternal Darkness is a good game as well. 

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They both are different in different ways. Sunshine is your typical Mario game. Yes, some of the stuff is difficult to do, but not impossible. The graphics is pretty amazing compared to the N64.

Paper Mario is unqiue and interesting to play. This has lengthy storyline, (what RPG game doesn't?), sometimes some of the battles can get repeative and annoying, but cool. I've only experienced two or maybe three time, having difficulty beating an enemy.  

   If you really like Mario series, I suggest you to rent both of them. Just play both of them and then decide for yourself which you like better cuz then you can say, "I've played both and I like ----- better, and so."


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matty- dang! and awesome. You ought to keep that on your blog...I highly doubt that this will be a sticky, but awesomeness. :-)
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Armojan- love your icon hee hee

ty1992 - prove that your father created the psp 

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Super Mario Sunshine
Paper Mario: TTYD
Resident Evil 4 (mind you, I never played this game, but so many people highly recommend this, and it's better than the ps2 version)
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I hated it. Couldn't get into it at all. I started playing the first time and only played it for a day or two. Went back to it sometime later and still didn't like it. Very disappointed with that game.aaronikiss

 What didn't you like about it? Do tell. :-) I'm not trying to start a war or anything, I am just curious what people liked about the game and why they hate the game.