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O Hai :D

*rolling around*
*crashes against something*
o hai GS world!

it is i, teh Lilleh
and aparently im still alive
and still playing video games
( who would have guessed that : | )

so aaaaanyway
im pretty damn sure ppl dont even know me anymore
i dont blame them

so see you guys around i guess
*starts rolling around again*

Teh 21


teh Lilleh turned 21 today

oh noes, i feel so old actually

but hey
in case i ever get to travel to the states again, i can drink alcohol there legally :D

and wow
a post after such a looooooong time


|| Wii Codes D: ||

sooo D:
im gonna post my friends codes nao

and in case you wanna add me, let me know so i can add you too

Wii Code: 5219-5323-0289-6059
Animal Crossing: 2450-8782-5214
Mario Kart: 0818-7889-8784

Wiiiiiiii :D

thats right!
teh Lilleh owns a black Wii nao

including Wii Sports/Sports Resort
and also bought some games like Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Mario Party and 2 more i think

i haz teh munehs!!!
and for some Wiipoints i bought 2 games online
Super Mario World and Yoshis Story :D

anyone wanna share friends code?

| Yayzors D: |

i r so proud of myself i tell you

i managed to install the fricking Nintendo Wi-Fi Usb Stick and its working!
im having back teh wifiness!

and im really bored lately and i was wondering, if somebody has time to play something with me
dont know what though, but you can tell me the games you have/play via wifi and maybe i have it too

if im not mistaken my Pokemon Platinum Code is still the same, because i logged in again today and it hasnt changed, so id be awesome to play that one too after such a long, long time

anyway, let me know, would be fun


| i haz alive! |

i r back from teh dead nao

nah, actually, im still alive ever since i came back home, but i got so lazy and busy that i never got time to post stuff here anymore

got all busy with my education stuff and im trying to get a job and try to go to this job school
but not just that, also with my new boyfriend, im together with since july 25, so there was a lot of stuff going on too, since hes still going to school and was abroad for 4 months bla bla bla...

since im also changing my place im living every now and then, its kinda hard to be online too, even though im always on facebook, if time allows me to do that

so i dont even know if ppl still remembering me or want to remember me, but im trying to be more online now, at least as much as i can and or want

well, i guess ill see you around somehow

| Me is Home =D |

me is back home, finally =D
hooray for moon jesus

anyway, i never felt better
i am, in fact, the luckiest and happiest person alive!

but yeah
theres one thing that still upsets me though

my ps2 and gamecube [ including all the games ] are gone!
i have no idea where my stuff is
i mean wtf

aparently my dad has something to do with that


yeah its a song xD
a german song to be honest

just figures how long i havnt been listening to that band =/
Die Ärzte btw

lolflash =P
can i actually post vids here?
i wonder, have to show you ppl something insane
oh well, ill just post the link

check it out
i called myself crazy yesterday xD
i was dancing like that!

| It opens all the Scars one Me~ | You are never coming home...~ |

everything is bullcrap i say
i mean yeah, i get to go home, but later

cheap flights for today were gone and there were none for friday or saturday...
so im leaving on sunday...and come home on monday...

so, my plans i had with my friends are ruined...
and im very very upset about that
yeah, for some it might not be a big deal, but it is for me since i havnt seen them in a freaking half year!
and so i have a right to be pissed!

anyway, yeah, im pissed and not very talkative right now
but yeah, last night i finished Rush Adventures

| Me is going home [ DEFINITELY ] |

after waiting forever =/

i managed to convince my parents to pay me the flight back home
after crying on the phone and saying i was so homesick
i know im evil =P

anyway, uhm
i got the money today, and if this cheap flight through germany [ ugh ] is still there
ill be leaving tomorrow and arrive at home on friday

and i even have big plans for the weekend =P
saturday im going out at night with my bff Amy and her boyfriend and hergay friend XD
sunday she invited me for dinner
and on monday im going eating ice cream in the city with Aya-chan and Martin

so yeah, im gonna be reeeeeally busy and be hardly on those days
but ill try somehow =/