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Sorry to everyone

Heya! Long time no see huh? XD I hope you've all been well!

I'd just like to apollogise to everyone. I really don't visit here much anymore ^^; I used to reply to blogs but I don't even do that anymore >_> So what I'm saying is that I'm not really leaving, I may still post about Expo experiences on here when they come along, but I'm not really going to be around.

If you would like to stay in contact with me, by all means add me on MSN at bahamut50@, but take out the space, I've been getting alot of spam MSN contacts adding me recently. So PLEASE SAY WHO YOU ARE or I will most likely reject it.

So just to make this a bit more interesting, I have been playing Final Fantasy XIII like everyone else around XD I'm currently loving it. I'm on chapter 11 and have just gotten the last summon. Hope is my favourite character and he has already been added to my cosplay list XD I really am enjoying the game, and it is certainly a 10000000 times better than FFXII >_>; I also have played Persona 4 since I got it for Christmas and it has beaten FFIX and Okami off my top spot! That game absolutely BLEW ME AWAY and is the most incredible game I have ever had the pleasure of playing.

London MCM Expo October 2009 : UPDATED WITH PICTURES!

Hello!!! How have you all been? ^^

Well, last weekend (October 24-25th) I was at the London MCM Expo!! I had SO much fun! X3 Me and my brother stayed in the Novotel Hotel which was right opposite the Excel Centre which was very convinent! I went in my Clone Syaoran cosplay (the one from my last blog) which was complete! Except for the scabbard for hien which I didn't have time to complete unfortunately D: But never mind! I made a rough temporary scabbard for the day and I WILL make a proper scabbard for Hien at some point with all the detailing :D

I had a ton of fun with my CLAMP group that I had organised! We met outside at about 11 and hung around for fun and photos for awhile (not sure how long!) and i had even prepared a little "surprise" for any of the Fai cosplayers that were around XDD I'll put it in spoiler tags for those who haven't gotten to at least vol 16 of the manga for watched Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations >_>

[spoiler] I actually made Fai's eye!! XD [/spoiler]

Which was very funny when one of the Fai's started chasing me around for it because they wanted it back!!! XD

On the Sunday we even had a professional photographer man take pictures of us which was really cool!

I will put any and all pictures that were taken of me onto my Facebook account when it will let me do so! I'll edit this entry when it does :) Edit: Here they are...

Overall I spent about £135 and I brought...

  • Tsubasa vol 23
  • Tsubasa Character guide 2
  • 4 Tsubasa posters
  • Tsubasa DVD boxset season 1
  • xxxHolic vol 14
  • xxxHolic Character guide
  • xxxHolic DVD season 1 part 2
  • Cardcaptor Sakura poster
  • Fullmetal Alchemist vol 15
  • Fullmetal Alchmeist vol 16
  • Fullmetal Alchemist DVD box set season 1 part 1
  • D.N.Angel vol 12
  • Bleach vol 27
  • Gurren Lagann Boota keyring
  • Gurren Lagann Boota plushie


Cosplay, Dissidia and more!!

Another blog? Already?? MADNESS!!!!

Well, I got my cosplay finished in time for the Somerset cosplay meet up and here are some photo's for you! :D

Syaoran does Gurren Lagann!!! (Go watch that anime, it's brilliant!)

Swishy cape is swishy!

My favourite picture of the lot ^^

Since I don't wanna put alot of pictures on here, there are 2 more pictures on my Cosplay Island account :)

I got Dissidia yesterday! Yay! I really like it! I did what my fandom told me to and played as Zidane first XP I finished his first part and I'm now playing as Cloud since he had the easiest difficulty >_> I found that I died alot with Zidane XD I really wanted to play the Onion Knight second but thought I'd better not quite yet ^^; Also, the different peices of music from teh different games makes my inner fangirl happy XD

What about my other games? I can't even when I last talked about what I was playing! Well, some time ago now I brought Eternal Sonata. I played it and didn't understand it what-so-ever and I generally didn't see the point in it >_>; But thats just me, I know lots of people like it! After that I replayed Suikoden V again because... I love it :P I then replayed FFX which I haven't done in ages and I enjoyed it (despite all the trouble I had with the disc!!!). I'm currently playing Final Fantasy: Rings of Fates. Which is... okay. I just WISH that the A.I in that game was more intelligent!!

It has occured to me...

...that I haven't written a blog since I got back from May's expo! Oops! XD

I apollogise for being terribly inactive. I do still visit everyday but I do very little, GS just doesn't have the appeal that it once did for me ^^;

So, what has been going on in my life? Well... cosplay mainly! I've been working hard on my Clone Syaoran cosplay and here is what parts of it look like... (I'll just link you to them as the images are rather large!) detail of the cape

And thats all I really have to show :P I have the top and trousers. I'm currently making the black dangly parts that are on the top and trousers! So it's all going well so far :D I'll also be making Hien, but that'll be after I've finished the main costume first XD

I also know what my next cosplay after Syaoran will be, it'll be... Kimihiro Watanuki of xxxHolic ^^ I'm going to be part of a skit for the masquerade! X3 Which will be exciting, yet terrifying at the same time XD

London MCM Expo

Heeeeeeey everyone! I'm back from London! I must say it's been the best weekend of my life!! :D I had SOOO much fun!! I won't take you through step by step on what happened but I'll just give you the highlights as alot did happen! :)

Friday:Got on thetrain and got to London okay! Me and my brother found our Travelodge we were staying in fine with my handy map that I had printed out!

Saturday: Got up at around 8 and went down to have breakfast and spotted a few cosplayers around! When we had finished I got ready in my cosplay, made sure we had everything and left for the Exel Centre. Woah that place is HUGE! I've never seen so many cosplayers in my life! I phoned and found my friend so she could put my wig on for me (I cannot put my hair up myself) and then me and my brother went to look around before my CLAMP photoshoot. 11.30 came around and I waited around at the spot we had all agreed on in the forums and CLAMP people slowly drifted in! I took a few really cool photos with my very lovely Clone!! Once we had finished me and my brother had lunch and looked around inside some more! I also had to get my sword fixed as the rings on the ball on my tassel broke :( But the nice people at the cosplay desk had very strong super glue to fix it with :) We left at about 4 and I had been stopped for photos a couple of times whcih made me very happy indeed! :D I also hugged a Rosette cosplayer thatIspotted X3

Sunday: Got up about half 8 and the morning started out much the same as Saturday! I found my friend again so she could put on my wig and I got stopped for a couple of photos again! X3 I went down for the CLAMP photoshoot again and had to wait a hell of a long time for people to turn up this time (in fact they may not have come at all if I didn't go looking for them!!) but I kept myself amused in themean time by having a turned based battle with a random girl with a keyblade and the Mokona cosplayer XDD That was very funny! Then later me and my brother walked around some more and left at about 4 again soI could catch my train home!!

SoI had a great time and will definately be going to the next one in October cosplaying as... Clone Syaoran!! :D

In the end I ended up buying...

Tsubasa artbook (Find of the expo!!!), Tsubasa wallscroll, White Mokona plushie, Syaoran plushie, Syaoran keyring, xxxHolic DVD series 1 part 1, 3 Code geass posters, 1 Bleach Posters, Suikoden III vols 9+10, Fullmetal Alchemist vol 10 and 3 boxes of Pocky!!

Okay,I was posting a link to my photos here but GS doesn't like the link for some reason ¬_¬ PM me if you wanna see them! :)

Also have a look at my Cosplay Island account, click on the pictures to make them bigger! I've added funny comments on them X3

Exciting times!

Sorry, I'm so lazy when it comes to writing blogs! I meant to do this a week ago >_>

Anyway!!! I have finished both Suikoden Tierkreis and Valkyria Chronicles :D Lets start with Suikoden shall we? I think I already said just about everything about it in my last blog but it really is a great game deserving of it's "Suikoden" title. Go play it!! XD Valkyria Chronicles on the other hand is even better. It totally blew me away and although admittidly I haven't got many PS3 games to judge by, it is the best game on the PS3 for me. The graphics are amazing, the music was amazing, the gameplay was amazing and the story and characters were amazing. I think this game may have been slightly amazing? *Laughs* I totally loved it to bits. It's definately in my top 5, but I'm not quite sure on where to put it yet, but I'll let you know when I do decide :)

So what's going on now gaming wise? Well, I've brought Eternal Sonata at the weekend and I'm currently working my way through it. It's very colourful to say the least!! i did start Dragon Quest IV on my DS, but I'm not sure I have the will power to play it right now =/ What I WOULD like to play is The World Ends With You again XD

What's been going on apart from my gaming? Well, I've finished uni for this term. I only have to go back in the next couple of weeks for my exams D: But that should be fine :) But after that is an event that may change my life! It's the London MCM Expo on the 23rd - 24th of May!! I'll be staying in London from Friday - Sunday for it and I'll be going in my Syaoran cosplay!! Which is coming along very nicely :) It'll be so exciting but I'm also terrified at the same time, I've never done anything like this before ^^; I hope to buy lots of stuff at the expo and make friends :) I'll tell you all about it in my next blog which I'll write after I come back ^^ If you wanted to keep up with my cosplay at all, I now have a Cosplay Island account which is....

Suikoden Tierkreis and Valkyra Chronicles impressions

Well, here I am again! Sorry about not tagging anyone in that last blog, I totally forgot to do it!! @_@

Anyways! I've played through a fair bit of Suikoden Tierkreis now (about 80% through it now?) and I must say that I am really enjoying it! No, it may not be a "true" Suikoden game, but that by no means makes it a bad game. It's a fantastic game! It has a story that may not start out very interesting but gets better and better as it goes along. And while it doesn't feature any runes, but I think it sheds a hell of alot of light on the whole "Stars of Destiny" business :)It looks absolutely beautiful with some catchy tunes. But it is very easy, you'll only have trouble if you haven't been using certain characters and you're forced to use them XD I did complain about the main characters voice actor in my last blog, but I think he's gotten better as the game has progressed. He's slowed down a little bit thankfully! Still, I look forward to completiing it and seeing what happens!!

And if you hadn't already noticed I've finally gotten Valkyria Chronicles!! YES!!! I'd been waiting a month for that game to arrive and thenI finally gave up on it, ordered it from somewhere else and got it in a couple of days! :P Again, this is another game that looks beautiful. It looks just like a water colour painting~ I must say though that I totally suck at tactical shooting XD Hopefully I'll get better at it! Thats not to say I don't like it though, I love it! It's really something different and a breath of fresh airin my opinion:) It'll most certainly give my brain a workout!! *Laughs*

Tagged and Suikoden Tierkreis!

I did one of these not so long ago on Facebook so i'll just copy of of them onto here.... >_>

1. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is my favorite manga! But most of you probably already knew that XD

2. Syaoran, who is a character from Tsubasa, is my favorite character ever XD

3. Fai, my hamster, is named after a character from Tsubasa

4. My favorite game is Final Fantasy IX but also tied for top spot is Okami

5. Tsubasa may be my favorite manga, but my favorite anime is Code Geass! The only thing in the world (books, manga, anime, TV, games that sort of thing) to have ever made me cry at the end!!

6. My favorite in-game universe is the Suikoden universe

7. But despite my love for games and having been into them longer than manga/anime, Tsubasa is my favorite thing in the whole world X3

8. I've just gotten into cosplaying

9. ...but I've only cosplayed Syaoran so far XD

10. I've played Final Fantasy IX more times that I can remember and I re-play it yearly! But it must be close to 10 times now, yet I never get bored of it :P

11. I always remember my dreams

12. I consider game stories to be far better than any TV program!!

13. I have an inhertited disease! But don't worry, it's nothing serious and it may never occur in my life :P

14. I have Social Anxiety

15. I'm going to attend the London MCM Expo in May in my Syaoran cosplay!

In other news!! I got my copy of Suikoden Tierkreis on Thursday! Happy days~~ XD it good so far, although the main character talks insanely fast for some reason =/ But it's really beautiful and has some pretty cool anime cut scenes! I can't wait to see how the story ends, its pretty interesting so far X3

I've made the leap!

I now have a PS3! Very Happy Pre-owned for £269.99, free LittleBigPlanet, Prince of Persia for £5 and a controller as well. All together it was £300! Me and my brother walked out of the shop giggling to ourselves because it was such a good deal XD

So as I've just said, I only have LittleBigPlanet to do stuff online so far. We set up the internet and Playstation Network today and my user name is Lady_Bahamut so if you wanna add me (Because I dont know how to yet!!) then that would be fine ^^ If you happen to catch me on LBP then I will most likely be playing with my brother :P LBP is the cutest game ever BTW X3 Also, I was looking on the PSN but I wondered how you brought stuff? Do you have to use a credit card or can I use my debit card? I was a bit confused :( And if anyone could also tell me how to change my online avatar I'd be very grateful :)

Hopefully Valkyria Chronicles will come in a few weeks!

I'm making the leap!

Yes, I, Lady Bahamut, am finally making the leap into next gen! :shock:

Haha, me and my twin brother are buying a PS3 together sometime next week. I've been looking arouund for the best deal for the past week or so. Although I'm not quite sure what we'll go for yet, Possibly a package with LittleBigPlanet in it. I've also got Valkyria Chronicles on order, I thought I'd better get it before it disappears! It's really hard to find it here :? I also hope to buy Lair and Eternal Sontana soon after I get it :D

I'm very excited!! XD Should get I get any online codes or anything I'll be sure to tell you all ^^