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The Hero versus the Villain in Albion - Welcome to the show!

Fable 2 is indeed an interesting game where your male or female character can become the Heroic figure of Albion or the Destroyer of Albion. This depends on how you react to the quests and can change due to your decisions. The graphics are very good and there are many changes from the first Fable. The colours within the game are wonderful and vibrant, where a wide variety of colours have been used to create both realistic and fantasy settings. Unlike Fable, there are jobs as well as quests to help gain money - so your character can have all the items in Albion - depending if you do jobs and all the quests. Another bonus is that there is a multiplayer option, so if you want friends to join in the game then you can.

Another good area of Fable 2 is that there is a nice amount of weapons and armor, which can be changed by different colours of dye to add to it. As well as having a family and children if you wish to (where a unseen sex scene is shown, which can sound funny sometimes). Furthermore, to be good at the game means for you to be evil (achievement wise). For example, you can have many lovers at the same time if you wish to or to get a few people drunk for fun. As well as an option to turn off the 'safe' button in public areas.

However, there are a few disadvantages, for example; though you can run about the map, it can be limited in some cases - though it isn't always a bad thing. In addition, doing jobs continuously can be tedious at times. The doll catcher achievement is so hard to do - since your character only one doll, so you have to find people online to swap dolls online and collect the all by that. For only 5 points for gamer-score it is not worth the time and effort.

I conclude that Fable 2 is a very good game and is worth playing for many hours upon end. I like the fact that the ending has three choices and it's up to you which 'gift' you want. In addition, art work in this game is beautiful due to the variety of colours and graphics showing both beauty and ruined areas.

Kid vault 101 meet the dark Atomic Wasteland called Fallout

One word for this game: Creative.

The makers of Oblivion came and made this masterpiece. All I will say is they are clever and smart. This dark and fighting pleasure game will make gamer wanting more of Fallout 3.

The game itself, could be argued as being similar to Oblivion however, there are some new ideas and creations in this game. For example; the aiming system is better and easier, helping to get a close and detailed shot on your enemy, without being noticed or in close battle. In addition, the setting and story is different, setting in an Atomic 1950s style, however the setting is in the future in 2277. In my opinion, I like the 1950s style and american style of that time, which is to be a 'happy family' and to 'not worry about anything', even if it's a nuclear bomb in their land. So poor luck to most people who actually get hit by the nuclear bomb in the first place.

You start by going from birth of your character, female or male depending on what you want and by having no mother due to your birth. Your raised by your dad and the vault goes crazy and is suspcious of you after your dad left the vault. So after dealing with the vault dwellers in your vault - vault 101, you decide to go and find your father. Once you step out the see how much you have missed in the events of the world...

The advantages to the game is the again the graphics are brilliant, I love the storyline, ordinary and creative. Also you don't have to be the hero of the day if you don't want to, you can be as evil or as good as you want to be. In addition, I feel that the game is addictive one once you get into the swing of the game. Furthermore, the detail in each character, monster and animals are great, including the dialogue choices which help to make you decide a certain way. Also, you can have not just 1st person view but 3rd person too, meaning you can see your range of weapons and armours if you wish to. In addition, there are a massive range of weapon: from a baseball bat to an alien blaster you find from a spaceship that has crashed landed. There is also a better signal of seeing where your enemies are coming from compared to Oblivion, through the use of your bar at the bottom left with the health bar and the maps is massive!!!

However there are a few disadvantages: well in every game, there are glitches, and fallout 3 has quite a few. For example; you can get easily stuck between a wall and fallen bookcase etc. Meaning that you can't get your character out and then you have to load the previous save from before. In addition, once you have arrived at a place you can be attacked straight away, which can surprise you and be a bit annoying sometimes.

Overall, this game is one of my favourite and is so addictive and easy to get into. In addition, if you get stuck you can buy the fallout 3 guide to help out and be able to show you all the details. Furthermore, i love the style of which it is set in and with the mix of the 1950s, makes it a brilliant combination thanks to the game makers. I hope to see more creative and awesome creations by Bethesda Game Studios.

Assassin's Creed 2 - A new Assassin is born...the eagle has returned to Italy!

I have played all of this game and achieved all the achievements too, but I will admit...this is the best game I have ever played. I love the graphics and the movement of the assassin is much quicker compare to the first Assassin's creed. The Assassin's Creed 2 game beautifully constructed, through colour and graphics, as well as amazing new and awesome techniques to kill your enemies.

In addition, the story is carefully thought out and lets the gamer feel involved with the story, including finding out some secrets about the assassins, and is very fluent from the first Assassin's Creed. Furthermore, Desmond has learnt more moves too thanks to the assassin and is also becoming an assassin himself. The achievements that are set are easy, but some are unusual and do test your new found techniques for your assassin. You can also use a variety of weapons: daggers, throwing knifes, short swords, long swords, axes, warhammers and spears. You can even pick up the guards weapons, as well as loot them, and loot treasure boxes.

The new techniques you can learn is assassinations can be done by pulling a guard off a high build and stab him in the neck at the same time. Also, stabbing them in the back, also walking up to one and stabbing them in the neck or the stomach, as well as stabbing two guards at once (one guard either side) which looks awesome when you do the move.

Also, new armour is amazing, the detail craft work would impress any man or woman in both the past and present. In addition, you can change the colour of your armour and have the old armour you got from Assassin's Creed. The missions are exciting and they extras are exciting too, with so much to do there is plenty of things to do on this game without getting bored.

Is Yoshimitsu a good or bad character to have in all Soul Caliburs?

Well I feel that Yoshimitsu is one of two of my favourite characters and I hope to see him in future games. Far enough he adds a weird sense of humor to the Soul Calibur team but I feel that his technique could be underestimated by enemies. I like some of his quotes and catch phrases such as;

- "It is I, Yoshimitsu!"

- "Namu, namu, namu... Namu!"

- "Shikisokuzeku!"

- "Zankokuken!"

- "I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

- "Hyo hyo hyooeeeeeeeeeee"

- "Damn thee..."

- "Here I come!"

- "Such beauty..."

- "Mwah! This cannot be!"

- "That's it! That's it!"

- "What art thou? A specter?"

This humor maybe due to Yoshimitsu speaking a rough version of Archaic English, even going so far as to affect an upper class English accent, with humorous results (wiki). I agree that the ascent helps towards the humor.

I like Yoshimitsu's weapon and technique he uses with it, the Katana,Wakizashi and Sashimonoand his flag. Yoshimitsu is quick with kicks and his fairly fast with his swordas well as having a medium to close range. This means that he is quick on his feet and the enemy will have to think on their feet. His technique is of theManji Ninjutsu, he usesninjutsu, sword attacks, and special stances. These help him to even flies, teleports, stand on his sword and jump on it, as well as being a samurai styled fighter. I feel that Yoshimitsu is an awesome character though he does has his flaws like being too distance or too slow compared to other characters but I still love his style.

Soul Calibur 3 - "Dead men tell no tales"

This SoulCalibur is improved from the second one in the series of SoulCalibur. This is because of the graphics and design of characters. Though the second one was very good in it's own style, the third one has more different modes to do in the game.

The advantages that Soul Calibur have is that the graphics are good for it's time and the story lines did keep your interest. The character designs were detailed and you could pick between different colours for each character. In addition, I think it was very clever to have armour/weapon/misc shops because this made it easier and more organised to see for the players playing the game. Furthermore, the different modes were very fun and new to SoulCalibur, also more challenging than the previous. The different landscapes were very good and the interact with the player, to the game; was good too. As well as having a variety and huge range of weapons and items for both the gameplay and others characters you could create.

The disadvantages to SoulCalibur 3 was the lack of some characters, though there is a good range, there could have been a few more. In addition, on some of the modes I found that there was a glitch and I could save my game, so this was very annoying. Sadly, there was a lack of of characters you could create.

Overall, SoulCalibur 3 is great and exciting with so much details. I would recommend this to most people and mostly to those who enjoy a good old fighting game with some new twists to fighting.

Halo 3 - Big Men, Big Guns, Big Machines; what more do you want?

Halo 3 is great to play, both solo and mulitplayer. I do prefer the online, since there is more unexpected things that are going to happen. In addition, there have a been a few mixed reactions to this game. I admit that that I don't own the previous Halos, I only once played Halo and it was great.

Advantages is that you can create your own character on the mulitplayer area. The designs are cool and detailed, including a range of colours and your choice of what symbol you want to show by your name of the character. In addition, the aliens in the missions and characters are detailed and the storyline is good. Halo can be a challenge in some levels. Also there is a good selection of mulitplayer areas, as well has being able to have four players play Halo 3 at the same time in both mission and online. The range of weapons are brilliant, from machine guns, laser guns, fire blazing guns, small guns and the transport machines are cool.

Disadvantages is that there is only a certain amount of designs and only two different types of characters(understandable). However, there is only a certain amount of symbols and transport to use, but you got to be good at using them. Lastly, there is one level that was very hard, even though it was normal and that might be difficult for some players but is a good challenge.

Halo 3 is great in graphics and is a futuristic! The detail and combat time in online and missions is great, you can even create your own fighting area to fight against or team up with friends.

Assassin's Creed - The Eagle that Flew over the Guard's nest

I will have to say how good this game is, the flight of jumping off a building and either having a chance of landing or falling to doom. Though the game might be repetitive, the way that the game is done in is amazing. The colour and landscape of the world is good, with a good story line as well. It is one of the coolest and amazing graphics when it comes to the fighting scenes and someone knew what they were doing with the controls of the console compared to the fighting scene. Being able to feel that you have such quick reactions and even realistic reactions, that sometimes you can not even react quick enough to a fall or hit in a fight against the guards.

There are a variety of different missions; such as interrogations, assassinations, pick-pocketing, helping citizens, highest view points to climb and fighting bosses. I will admit that it is repetitive, like i said earlier, this is because the assassin only has some jobs to do but i guess the creators could have done with a bit more variety of missions in fighting. This would help to create a creative and more interesting feel to the game. However, i like how they give you skills as you process and you can learn more and retain similar skills used from before - so learning as you go along the way, like life really. One other annoying thing is the warning of the guards behavior - by the circle symbol in the top left hand corner. Though you might be walking normally, the guards might just attack you anyway, so you have to either go into a fight or fight again or run and hide, which again is repetitive.

The detail of each character is good and the achievements are challenging in a good way. Though I'm glad Assassin's creed 2 is out and i will have to try it out and review it. I like some of the buildings in Assassin's Creed, however this can get boring after a few hours - of seeing similar buildings in different areas. Overall I do feel that this is a good game and i would recommend people to buy and try it out, though you got to get use to the aiming system and the jumping on buildings, it will keep most people amused for hours.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The fate of the medieval world in danger? Who can save us all? You can... Well this game is amazing and fantastic! The dark ages of medieval times have come over the lands of Oblivion. Anyway...there is a amazing variety of types of characters to choose from and detailed features to choose for your character. The main storyline is very good, which straight away involves the gamer into the plot about the emperor and what happens after, looks like your the next hero to solve this mystery. However, this does not mean you have to be ALWAYS good, does it? Well on Oblivion there is so much more to being the normal good hero, you can be bad sometimes for example; stealing and murdering. You can easily join all the guilds and clubs in Oblivion such as: Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Mage Guild, Knights Guild and the Arena. In my own opinion I would say that the Dark Brotherhood has the easiest quests to follow, though most of the quests in Oblivion can be done easily with the game guide. The best way to earn money on Oblivion is either to seal or do lots of quests and gain the rewards from them. In addition, you can collect cool and powerful weapons, as well as fighting in 1st person or from a distance(in 3rd person), which gives the gamer two different playing positions, depending on what the gamer likes. The graphics of the game are fantastic, beautiful and the world map is very well organised and easy to travel to places. The disadvantages are the aiming system to fighting, since when being attacked or fighting, if your enemy attacks you and move fast around you, this can be hard to control and land a hit on your foe. Furthermore, there is nothing much to tell you that an enemy is coming, no map on saying if there is an enemy nearby; therefore, this can be hard especially for beginner players. The only other disadvantage is the quests can be difficult and challenging sometimes, which is good and bad. But some quests you do have to plan out and I mean to every single detail, to get it right; though in my opinion, i find this exciting and thrilling(a good thing about Oblivion, in my opinion), but others may disagree, which I can see and agree with as well. In my opinion, I believe this is one of the best games I have ever played, the graphics on the xbox360 is amazing and creates an enchanting tale of mystic and mysterious history of medieval times with a mix of fantasy.

The Sims and Sims 2

I have been playing these two games for many years now and I enjoy them so much! When The Sims first came out to stores it was and still is original and realistic. The Sims is exciting and was new at the time, with expansions of magic, pets, presents and romance; there was nothing to lose for the game makers. The Magic expansion for the Sims was brilliant because of the range of spells and potions your characters could make, even battling with spells against other characters in your town. In addition, you could pay a house in the Magical town and you could get a skeleton maid to help in your house. Though, I wish that there were more available houses/areas in the magical area to buy and move into with characters. The Pets expansion was good too, you could buy most pets; however there wasn't much else to the expansion other than buying, feeding, clean up and buy things for your pet. Though the competitions that you could enter your pet into was not too bad, however you can only go so far in the competitions and can be boring at times. The Dating expansion is fun and good, for it does show some realistic human actions and some over the top actions which can be funny when this goes wrong. This also unlocks dinner/gift places and can buy gifts and clothes for your sims or other sims. The graphics of the Sims is old but for it's time it was good, however since nowadays, most gamers want good graphics. Overall, I feel that Sims is a revolution in gaming, since it is the best interactive and a realistic life-like game. This was improved in Sims 2, especially the graphics; since the gamers from the original Sims and younger generations were expecting more from the Sims 2, than the original Sims. This proved a big task for Sims Creators, Maxis and they succeeded. The Sims 2 had more expessions and emotions in the game and you could change from each stage in life very easily. The Sims in Sims 2 also seem to have more personality than Sims and I feel that the gamers can be able to interact and see similarity in their characters that they have created. Furthermore, there is a variety of creation throughout the game; including creating your own town and shopping areas, as well as choosing the size and shape of the areas to create for the housing. Overall, both are very good and original, with good graphics for it's time. I use to play these games a lot when I was younger and this started my own gaming and own desire to play different games thanks to Sims. I would recommend any young gamers or gamers that want a realistic game, this is for both boys and girls to enjoy :).

Guild Wars

Well I have been playing Guild Wars for 3 years now and it has been great. Though I stopped for about a year and a half, I still came back and I still love it. I would recommend this to most people, if they like console games. I even encouraged my friend and my boyfriend to play it and they seem to be enjoying Guild Wars as well as myself. The advantages to Guild Wars is that leveling up is usually easy on most of the Guild Wars campaigns. The scenery and landscape of Guild Wars is brilliant and beautiful in most places, as well as the characters being very unusually model-like and muscular. The Guild system works very well and there are a variety of achievements, either through quests and missions or through self-desire. If your in a guild, you can be able to have an alliance with 10 other guilds(at the max), can work as a team in person verus person areas(PvP). In addition, you can fight other guilds and gain ranks in the table, as well as collecting factions to have a chance at gaining one of the places in Guild Wars(only in factions), either in the Kurzick or Luxon area; who are the two factions fight against each other. The graphics of the game is very good, compared to WoW and other games, best I have ever seen on any free-to-play and pay-to-play games. The armours that you can buy maybe expensive but most armours are very cool and exotic. The disadvantages to Guild Wars is that you can only get up to lvl 20 and afterwards you only gain skill points everytime you get a certain amount of experience points. However, this is being solved by Guild Wars 2, where you can level up to 100, just like in WoW. The map of Guild Wars is big, however, it still is quite small for four campaigns, but I will say again, the landscape is beautiful. Also, on hard missions in Guild Wars, you may not be able to do it without help and have the help you need at the time to do the mission, for example the Sunijang District mission, where you need two people to carry the spear and box. Though you don't have to carry one or both of the items, it does help in the mission. The only set of armour I would say is more boring out of the rest is for the assassins. Overall, I feel that Guild Wars is a great game and though there are a few disadvantages to the game, like any game; it is one of the best games I have ever found and played in my life so far. I would recommend this to anyone who likes PvE and PvP in games and has a wild imagnation for an exciting game.