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Brad Bird's A Genius!!!!

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Ok yesterday i receive my 5-years-old cousin Lana (in reality i had to babysit her along with Jules do to the fact their parent wanna had a theatre night only for them and MY parents - i understand anyway i love Lana's visits) so we watched "The Incredibles" but this blog is not about "The Incredibles" besides Bird directed it...

Its About The Iron Giant!!!!

After that Jules caught on TV The Iron Giant right from the start whan the fisherman sees the giant while sailing out on a storm and we said "Ok a kids movie for Lana lets watch it" Jules prepared pop-corn and lets watch!!!


I've never seen such a nice movie with a heart The Iron Giant is a movie all people should watch dont matter the fact it was "box office failure" baxck in 1999 the movie was high praised anyway what an awsome movie (Lana saw it before but i was caught by the touching movie along with Jules) and yes maybe it has some ET resemblance but ey!!! I love it!!!

Brad Bird is a genius with The Incredibles, The Iron Giant, M:I - IV and lets not forget the awsome Ratatouille!!!

Can i say that Jules cryed?!?!? Me too!!!!

We hugh!!!

When the Giant sacrifies itselft colliding against the missile to save Rockwell its really sad!!!! "Superman!!!" boom!

The ending off course is really touching at the very end when the jaw bolt is beeping Jules look at me and i look at her both smiling and we say "OMG" and suddenly it is shown that the Giant is actually alive!!!!!

Tell me its not a touching scene:

Hands down Brad Bird! I love your movies keep going!!!

Watch The Iron Giant... thats an order!!


:D :D :D :D :D :D

Garvity + Carrie + Captain Phillips!!!! (Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Ok ive been gone for a while but now im back!!!!

I had a lot of things to do like Hospital board reviews, NEW med school candidates, new staff, blah blah blah vacations included!!!!

Now im back and i went with Jules to the cinemas:

Gravity: OMG!!!!! I've never seen such a wonderfull movie i mean the whole movie is awsome the space effects and all are great really nice performance from Sandra Bullock and George Clooney really awsome movie and the part where Bullock enters earth atmosphere is awsome vissually a stunning movie the first time i see 3D and i like (Which usually i hate) and i saw it on IMAX!!!

Fravity is awsome 9.5!!!!

Captain Phillips: Based on true events the movie is really good intense for me and i love Tom Hanks the guy is THE guy i mean he can play all kinds off characters no matter what!!! Hands down for Tom HanKS!!!!! I love this movie 9.0!!!!

Carrie: Ok i saw the original one (The Rage: Carrie II was yuk!!!) and this onw i, for me, much better and i love Chloe Mortez as Carrie really good movie i love it too... 8.0!!!!

Well three movies i guess are the best of the month really... next movie im waiting is "The Hobbit II" is the last movie of this month im really waiting the rest are just "OK there's nothing REALLY INTERESTING to see so im going to KILL TIME TILL The Hobbit II" i dont care if its Thor II, Hungers Games II or Ender's Game... off course im going to see some of those movies but the real one i wanted to see is The Hobbit II


:D :D :D :D :D :D

Kay 777!!!! (7 Friends - 7 Days - 7 Movies)

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First of all yeah i copy the title of this blog from "Rihanna 7-7-7" and the reason is because Jules, Lucy, Victoria, Alana, Jessie, Jenny and me went to cinemas and/or gather in a house to watch 7 movies on a "7 days tour"!!!!! Here's the list and the rate: -Star Trek Into Darkness: First the best of the list... OMG!!!! I love STID even better than the 2009 remake OMG!!! I love this movie the effect, the acting, everything!!! This movie is by far superior than the 2009 remake and i believe, honestly, that the Star Trek Franchise is in the same way as Batman both had their franchises, both went down and now they rise again!!! Really nice movie: 9.5 -Furious Six: Ok the sizth instalment in the "Fast & Furious" saga its nive really nice and the twist after credits explaining the event in Tokyo Drift with Han's death is nice so they finally connected the saga all together for the event in Fasr Se7en nice movie nothing more to sat... 8.0 -Man Of Steel: I was waiting this movie for a long time since i heard the rumor a while ago and i love it!!! Snyder knows what he's doing its like Nolan both are awsome and i hope Nolan and/or Snyder to direct the "Batman/Superman" crossover can anyone imagine this two gods together??!?!? Love man of steel love it i think i already made a critic about this movie i dont care but i re-watch it yesterday alone with Jules and i rise the score to 9.5 -White House Down: Why men are so stupid? jerk-offs? I won FIVE tickets to watch "White House Down" with Tatum and Fox but i Jessie & Jenny managed to bribe the idiot from the cinema to provide free tickets for the whole gang... how? They promise to give the ass their number!!! come-the-f(pip)-on!!!! So we got TWO MORE TICKETS FOR FREE!!!! The movie is nice Tatum is lovely so i give the movie a 7.5 -Green Lantern: OMG what the heck happened here? Green Lantern WAS an awsome super-heror what happened with the movie so terrible and the CGI was, i agree with many, overrated!!!! Why the whole suit CGI thing when they could use a superman-like-suit for it so terrible i hate this movie honestly why? why?!?!?!?! 5.0 -John Carter: Ok many people didnt like but for me this was a good movie a classic "alien-sci-fi" acion movie i like it honestly it was entertaining not boring no nothing i like it... off course it was raining the day the whoel gang watched it... 7.5 -World War Z: Finally Pitt's zombie movie the movie was weird but the gang love it because of Pitt but, as John Carter, it was nice but it wasnt scary like zombie movies are supposed to be at least for us but good enough to entertain... 7.5 Well this was the gang's 7-7-7 See yah!!! XO XO :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

The Wolverine Review...

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Yes finally a nice movie about Wolverine!!!! Dont get me wrong X-Men Origins: Wolverine was good but it was like... "Ok... it was nice" Now The Wolverine is better than Origins: Wolverine and i agree with many of the critics that the "bullet-train scene" is really awsome... at least for me too Now the movie is good and i love the whole twist about Wolverine having some problems with his healing powers that suddenly they began to work more slowly than usual healing him more slowly than before wich meant more pain and actual "mobility problems" (spoiler: in the movie Logan gets shot in the leg and, because of his healing powers working slowly than usual, he actually couldnt walk without limping!!!) Nice touch but i felt some characters like "Harada" (Will Yun Lee's character) were out of the movie the characters were ok the whole jakuza plot, the daughter heiress to a powerfull empire, blah blah blah even Viper was awsome!!! (By the way Svetlana is really beautifull she and Jackman can by the other two with Jules and me and we can "experience" a powerfull foursome!!!) The movie was nice i felt that my money worth the time so, till now: -X-Men Origins: Wolverine (6.5) -The Wolverine (7.5) I think there's gonna be a sequel but first i must see "X-Men: Days of Future Past" (X-Men: First Class Sequel) because The Wolverine has a scene after the credits (stay after the credits!!!!!!!!!!!!!) that connects toX-Men: Days of Future Past" before seen the next Wolverine movie... by the wat finally the Centinels in "X-Men: Days of Future Past"!!!!! STAY AFTER CREDITS THATS AN ORDER!!!!! NICE MOVIE!!! XO XO :D :D :D :D

Pacific Rim IMAX 3D Experience!!! What a Ride!!!!

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Guillermo Del Toro does it again for me i love Hell Boy (I and II), i love Pans Labyrinth i honestly think Del Toro is like a "monster genius" ya know i mean all the monsters he create (Hellboy universe, Pans Lab, Pacific...) are all awsome and THIS movie is a hell of a ride!!! and in 3D!!!! Pacific Rim is "practicly" the typical movie of "the end of the world is coming lets face it instead of runing like idiots (2012 yuk!) and do something about it!" off course the movie is awsome and they make an awsome homage to the Japanesse Monster movies like the awsome Godzilla (they are planning a remake for 2014!!!) ( off course i mean the original 1954 Godzilla not the fiasco from 1994!!!! The movie is awsome with awsome fight scenes between the Jaegers (german (?) i think for "hunter") and the Kaijus (japanese word for "big monster") and i love the "classic" Del Toro actors like Ron Perlman hes f(pip!) awsome and Charlie Hunnam is awsome too this is a big step for him (i think) from "Sons Of Anarchy" all the cast is awsome and i dont know why all my fav characters always die!!! (spoilers!!!) why Elba dies? :( :( :( Off course some of my macho fav characters are in the movie like Elba (brown sugar mmmm) and Max Martini!!!!! Perlman is awsome i love the guy The movie is awsome, yet again, and this is the SECOND time that 3D worked on me (The first was with Man Of Steel) because its dificult, at least for Jules and me, to be caught up with the 3D but between the massive IMAX screen, the sound beyond imagination and the 3D this time the formula worked again for me!!! And yes you can easily think that this movie has a Mazinger thing all over it (Mazinger fans will see the comparison) but its minimum and i honestly dont care if this is a rip-off of "Atlantic Rim" (U ths crap cannot be compared with this awsome movie!!!!!! Stop trolling!!!! So, bottom line, K&J gives Pacific Rim a 9.0!!!! Awsome movie, action sequences, good characters it has it all!!!! There's a sequel working already? (what?!?!?!) I dont know but if they are just thinking about it its a go for me!!! TIP: STAY AFTER CREDITS!!! XO XO :D :D :D :D :D :D

Three Jokes... :D :D

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1.Did you know that in the 90% of situations car collisions are MEN fault? Because they're enough stupid to give their car keys to their wifes!!! 2. What is the thing that all women have, lasts aroung 5-6 days and comes onces a month? The husband's salary!!!!!!! 3. Two crazy guys plan the escape of the century from the asylum they're lock-in so, the night of the break, crazy no. 1 tells to crazy no. 2: -Ok listen to me very carefully now: get out of the window and start running to the outside wall and then come back to tell me how high the wall is so: if its to HIGH we will use this shovels i stole from the prison working camp and we will make a tunel under the wall to escape or, if the wall is to SMALL, we will jump it ok? Go! two hours later crazy no. 1 starts to worry because his friend (crazy no. 2) is still out there until the guy returns so, totally excited and desperate to escape, crazy no. 1 ask crazy no.2 about the wall and the answer of crazy no. 2 is: SORRY BUDDY BUT WE CANNOT ESCAPE... THERE'S NO WALL!!!!! XO XO :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

NYPD: Blue (20 Years Later)

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INTRO ( Ok this blog is a homage to that awsome tv show called "NYPD: Blue" that strated back then in 1993 and ended in 2005 and, 20 years after the first episode of the mega-awsome tv show, the show still runs on Argentina in TCM a channel dedicated to those "old" tv shows like Bonanza, Dinastia, The X-Files, NYPD: Blue., Miami Vice, Hawaii 5-0 (the original) and others... NYPD: Blue was, and it will always be, an awsome police drama like The Wire (foe example) every single day of my life i remember watching it every single night at 10pm The show was awsome Dennis Franz was awsome in the role of Det. Andy Sipowicz (My mom always called him "Det. Sippy") and 10pm was THE FAMILY HOUR because we all get together to have dinner home and watch this amazing show everyone my dad, mom and i it was our "Family Time with Sippy!!" The show evolved through season wirh 261 episodes divided in 12 amazing season with some changes of characters (like Caruso leaving after only four episodes of Season 02) but then Jimmy Smiths did the job replacing him but good job the show will be always remembered by me like The X-Files because, after all, i grew up with Det. Sippy and the guys in blue im so a fan of NYPD: Blue that i even have a t-shirt of the show NYPD: Blue still on cable thanks to TCM but, anyway, i have the entire show on DVD!!!! Amazing show well done Steven Bochco & David Milch you guys created one of the best police dramas on TV ever!!! XO XO :D :D :D :D

Its A Fact: Laugh Kills!!!! (Joke...)

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Two guys arrive to the doors of heaven one is naked and with signs that he died out of freezinf so when they arrive to the main gate God shows up and look at both guys due to the fact one is complitly naked and the other has a smile across its face God asks the laughing man about how he died so the man starts laughing and starts saying that a while ago he was thiking that his wife was having an affair so one day he came home earlier from working to confirm it but, when he arrived, his wife was alone and having a shower so he start laughing about thew whole deal and die!!!! The guy says that it was his fault because he shoudl had trusted his wife to avoid dying out of laugh!!! The naked guy yells at him saying OFF COURSE IS YOUR FAULT YOU IDIOT IF YOU CHECKED THE DAMN FREEZER WE COULD HAVE BEEN BOTH ALIVE RIGHT NOW!!! XO XO :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

True Believer (Another Joke)

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Inside a church the high priest is praying due to the fact that theres gonna be a flood in a few hours The high priest prays for hours because he believes that God is going to save him from drowning The flood arrives and the water starts to get inside the church so the high runs to the second floor where hes going to be ok and denies help when a boat shows up providing him help to survive saying that "God will save him" The boat leaves and, a few hours later, the water stars rising again so now the high priest is in the roof of the church and the same boat shows up but the high priest refuses to leave saying that "god will save him" so the boat leaves again The water starts rising again till the High priest has no other option so he get on top of the cross high in the roof of the church and, again, the rescue boat shows up but he denies help, again, saying that "God will save him" The rescue boat leaves and, a few hours later, the flood covers everything killing the high priest... Off course the high priest dies and "arrives" to the doors of heaven to meet God and, when they're face to face, the high priest asks God why, been a man of faith, a true believer thay prayed for his entire life, he didnt saved him from the flood... God looks at him and says: Are you kidding?!??!?! I send that damn boat THREE TIMES!!!!! XO XO :D :D :D :D

Man Of Steel (My Review)... (Some Spoilers)

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Ok first of all i want to stand-up and cheer onces again because Nollan did it again Nollan is amazing as a director, writer, screenguy everything and this is the second time (Batman was the first) that he grabbed a Marvel Hero and saved it from the deeps of darkness because lets face it Batman went downhill (ah Batman & Robin anyone?) the same happened with Superman but with Superman was just a box office failure because "Superman Returns" was not as bad as B&R but also wasnt too great like a 6 to me Ok back to MOS... MOS was awsome and, for the first time, i loved the 3D on IMAX because i went twice before (the first 3D more i saw on IMAX, ironically, was Superman Returns and the second was Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix) but this time Man Of Steel was complitly on 3D the other two just some scenes and, honestly, i enjoy both the movie and the 3D Nollan is all over the movie he gave Znyder amn awsome script and its obvious that the movie has its "Nollan style" because, like in Batman Begins (i dont want to compare both movies but i cant ignore the fact), the first hour of the movie we see Clark rise as Superman like the beginning when he discovers his powers blah blah blah theres a scene when he uses them without the suit that could compare to the part when Bruce is training in the monastery of the League Of Shadows or when he sees Gordon for the first time and tells him to "wait for his sign" OK enough comparison lets talk about the MOS itself it has amazing special effects, in yhe beginning the whole "destruction of Krypton" scenes are beyond me awsome effects and all the cast is amazing in their roles except, maybe for me, Amy Addams as Loius Lane... thats just for me shes was awsome in the movie but... Henry Cavill is awsome as Kal-El they picked the right guy to "replace" Christopher Reeves so, after 35 years, another super-hero that went down "thanks" to thre inferior sequels from the 1978 classic and a boxz office failure remake in 2006 finally "Superman returns" :D :D from the deeps of space with an awsome, and i hope for a sequel, remake directed by Zack Znyder and, off course, with Nollan in the shadows writting the script P.D: Talking about Nollan blah blah blah for the people that are waiting for MOS to be as dark as Batman is FORGET ABOUT IT THIS IS NOT BATMAN IS SUPERMAN A TOTALYU DIFFERENT HERO AND STORY!!!!! DONT WALK INTO THE THEATERS WAITING FOR A DARK SUPERMAN... REMEMBER THAT PEOPLE!!! p.d2: How can i forget? Chis Meloni is in the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D Jules and i love him!!!! One of thew guys we would like to kidnap and tie-him-up to our bed for weeks :D :D :D and, off course, hes awsome in his role... too bad he died at the end :(:(:(:( cry) Ok to wrap-this-up go to see Man Of Steel, ignore the critics (Specially the trolls!!!) and go to judge it by itself, ITS AND AWSOME MOVIE (at least for me), and in 3D!!!!! Go 3D!!!! See it on 3D!!!! By the way i think that Man Of Steel has it all even the most wanted answer that every single fan asked itself for years about how it is possible that none can recognise Clark Kent as Superman when theres no mask to cover his face and no facial different, off course, the glasses dont count? Finally that question was answered by Clark itself when Martha asked him about his free-time when he's not saving the world so heres Clark's answer from the movie and the answer to THAT question: "I'm going to get a job, where I can get close to dangerous events without attracting attention, a job where none is going to look at me twice so when im going to some place dangerous none is going to ask me questions about it" (off course hes talking about that the best job Superman can get is to be a reporter because they're always "where the action is happening" and, the "none is going to ask me twice when im going to some place dangerous" means that, as a reporter, when something dangerous happens none is going to tell him "NO" because, as a reporter, hes going to "cover" that catathrope for the newspaper) Honestly an awsome way to answer that classic question: WHy none realise Clark is Superman? Thanks Nollan... again For me this movie, with 3D and all, get a 9!!!!! XO XO :D:D:D:D:D
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