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[When Games Become More Than Entertainment] Spec Ops: The Line

Hello and welcome to my first post of this new series of blog entitled When Games Become More Than Entertainment. First things first, let's debunk this series!

Q. What is this?

A. This is a new type of blogs where I choose some particular games (new or old) and I either talk about theyr greatness or about their flaws and mistakes. With this said, "When Games Become More Than Entertainment" is an unbiased look at the videogames in general and it is not here just to praise or hate, it's to show the best and worst inside the videogame industry.

Q. How does it work?

A. It's fairly simple, I present a game and I speak about it. This is an heavy spoiler blog that explains games, this is not a review blog, this is an artichle that I make and then the person viewing this learns something and comments to say it's thought's on the matter in hands or just reads.

So let's start off with Spec Ops: The Line.

This little gem of a game is like Atlantis. It got made, many people enjoyed it but the reviewers were split, and then it started to sink... This got released in a decade where Call of Duty and Battlefield are like the Queen and the King of First Person Shooter's. Both of this games are like real gambler's among the heads of teenager's and pre-teenager's, making themselves a huge joke. Since this is the direction of EA and Activision, theyr final results are nothing less than a huge fart filled with rainbownish color's that strikes violences from every side of the screen, making every guy, with less than 18/17 year's, masturbate compulsively at the screen and at them players that they kill, saying "get rekt" or "noob", or anything childish that comes from theyr mouth.

So, what am I trying to say here? I'm trying to say that this games, despite of them selling millions of copies, they don't touch or teach our generation how bad war is and what is the effect that it does to real soldier's. All of these tittles seem to imply that shooting guns at other people is fun and that Russians, Brazillians, Arabs and every other culture that is at war is bad... Offcourse there is bad people, people that "want to watch the world burn", etc.

This is where Spec Ops: The Line truly shines. This is one of few games that shows how bad the war is and how much the player is unprepared the player is.


In the start of Spec Ops: The Line you are mounting an Minigun in a Blackhawk Helicopter, shooting littlebirds (another type of helicopter) that are chasing you furiously, with a few seconds I was already flipping my eyes off and thinking: "This is just like any other military shooter out there, great...". Oh boy I was so wrong. Right after some minuts the chase was over with an enormous crash and the screen transited with an white fade. After that we get to meet the main protagonists of the Delta Squad while they go through the desert sands into Dubai, city that is destroy by some huge sandstorms. After an soft start we get to know the first badies of the game, and suprise! They are Insurgents... Nothing wrong against it but we shot them and also buried them with a nice touch of sand. After that we are presented with some guys that were following orders from General Konrad (He got MIA for six months by now). They all die and we proceed, trying to find the rest of this batallion. In the process we kill more Insurgents and at this time I was like: "let's kill this basterds!! Oh wait... Oh noo... Oh no you didn't...". This was my though when I found a doll and my character started to give an monologue that made this Insurgents humanized... And in conclusion I was not killing Insurgents, I was killing civillians that got trapped in the city and they are killing to survive. I felt bad and sick of the story, and then plot twist, the Americans are bad because they went mad! Oh oh... It didn't help, I was getting sicker of the story anyway. But then I started questioning my this war itself and all the choices behind the characters... I was putting ethics in use and I was getting the picture, the game made me sick because of what it was trying to portrait!

Moving on, the squad does some crazy stuff and then we get to see the most disturbing sequence in a videogame... The White Phosphorus sequence... I cannot describe this cruel scene, so here you go (courtesy of Gaming P0rtal):

At this time I stopped playing it... And I started to finding something odd, the cutscenes transitions... Until that point I only had one white transition, the rest of them were black fades... But well I proceed with the game, after terrible and heart braking sequences we get to the helicopter chase and the main character said something that pressed a button in my head, it was Walker saying:

"This again? It doesn't feel right..."

But I didn't stop to think, I just wanted to finish the gam, because I was really curious, and after the crash until the end, sometimes when I died some creepy stuff appeared in my screen and the loading were always saying that I had my eyes closed. But then I reached the final sequence, and I survived (I was rescued by the "cavalary" that was already heading to Dubai). What did I discover in those final ten minutes? I found that Konrad was dead a long time ago, I was out of my mind, gone crazy, I was the bad guy, the soldiers of Konrad were protecting the civilians, making sure that Konrad last wish was made (making sure that everyone stayed alive). And off-course that in the end I saw the white transition fade, and right here I snapped! The only few times where this happened was when Walker was lying to himself or when he started aluccinate. I just repeated the game and in the end I died in the rooftop and then a black fade screen appeared. And i was like... I died in the first helicopter chase... After that, everything from the beggining to the very end was what they did and everyone that they killed, I was in the purgatory all along... Everything happened just to make me see what I have made and what I have become, and right after the second heli chase when Walker says that line I have reached hell, and that is confirmed by Konrad saying:

"Welcome to Hell!"

Where is a video that explains this really well the story behind all the choices (courtesy of EffyImimer):

So yeah, this a neat sript that makes this game aseparates from the lollipop brainless pew pew kaboom stories in other shooters. I would also put right next to Spec Ops: the Line is DeusEx: Human Revolution, but both are different in the story deppartment. The meaning of this post is to explain all the unanswered questions that the ending felt us and to question why don't do we have more scripts and stories like this! This game is not made for artistic lover's, but for everyone that likes great stories and an awesome script!

Comment bellow and tell us what games have an great story that got overshadowed by other shooter's.

And by the way, the next topic could be a bit more interesting, I think...

Why does EA fuck everything up?

So... Where do I even start... After last year Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Need for Speed: Most Wanted I knew that Electronic Arts (EA) would try to in some way trash another successful and beloved franchise. I thought about Mirror's Edge, Dragon Age and many other tittles that EA could somehow, let's say it directly, fuck up big time... After some thought's, yesterday I had the unpleasant surprise of watching Battlefield: Hardline. Before I kinda preview this new Battlefield, I'm gonna try to say why EA failed with both Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Medal of Honor suffers from an huge identity crisis, it seems that Danger Close forgot what made the original series so great and made an game so annoying, boring and empty that I even wonder why did they even bothered to make it. The first one in the new franchise (Medal of Honor 2010) was at least fun to play and the story arch did summon everything in the last act and show, by luck and mistake, an strong morale of "no one is left behind", even if you need to sacrifice everything to achieve this objective. Warfighter, in the other hand, show's that you need to blow up an building just to kill a sniper that is right in front of your eyes...

Even the old Medal of Honor Allied Assault is more fun than Warfighter, seriously that game has tons of memorable moment's (D-Day is one huge example), an unique and distinct feel in the gameplay and a simple but extremely effective story arch. It might borrow too much from Spielberg, but it was used in a good way. So, Medal of Honor: Warfighter has a serious problem finding is own identity, so is that only it? No, absolutely not. The gameplay is filled with problems, and it feel's pretty much rushed and uninspired, and so on...

Now let's head over to...

Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Like Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Need for Speed: Most Wanted has also an identity problem... It doesn't know if it want's to be an Burnout: Paradise sequel or an total reboot, that also forgets what Need for Speed is all about... Let's see, the original and Classic Most Wanted had less cars, a smaller map, less graphics but it was way more fun to play and at least had the balls to deliver an simple but average story that kinda delivered and made me want to beat every single Driver in the "Most Wanted List". Well at least the new Most Wanted had a fluid and solid gameplay, but it felt repetitive after some hours... I played the original Most Wanted for at least two months just to get every car on my garage and every single one of them with my own paint job and tuned parts (visual/performance)...

And with all this problems, let's preview the not so much awaited...

Battlefield: Hardfall From Greatness... I mean Hardline...

Oh God... Here I go... Battlefield: Hardline is what a call a "possible" wrong game in a franchise... I see some cool stuff and in a terrible idea with something wrong in the name. The graphics look amazing as always, the gameplay also feel's fluid but the game itself feel's wrong, and I mean very wrong. Why is this game called Battlefield if it doesn't feel like one? I know that some franchises need some type of spinoffs to get them going, and that's fine for me but the thing that bugs my head is that this one is the second spinoff that Battlefield has in 5 years, I mean come on! We are waiting for Battlefield Bad Company 3 for 5 years!

Well, the game looks gorgeous to say the least! The effects look superb and very detailed but let's be real, graphics alone don't make a game... Crysis 3 was also very eye catchy but it failed in some other important aspects. Although I think that this might not be a good Battlefield game I think that it could be an amazing new IP, and I really mean it. When I say this I think about the other two examples that I spoke above, Medal of Honor Warfighter will always be an mediocre sequel and Need for Speed Most Wanted is the near perfect Burnout Paradise Sequel. With the new Battlefield game I have the exact same feeling, why not Battlefield Bad Company 3 and why an completely new game that doesn't feel anything like the previous tittles of the franchise? Now the question continues with you, do you think that this game is necessary? Does it belong in the Battlefield Universe? Are you hyped or not? Comment bellow...

By the way guys, Brother in Arm's: Furious 4 got renamed to only Furious 4 for some reason...

My Top Ten Favorite Games of 2013

Welcome to my Top Ten Best Games of 2013. Before I start developing it, I must tell you guys that all of those game are my personal option's and that doesn't mean that you guys have different ones, which is great. This list will consist in games that I have played at least some considerable amount of time that allow me to take an overall perspective of the game and the majority of it's feature's.

Every game that I putted in my list have came out this year, in final release or as a port to an specified platform and I must have, at least, spent some considerable amount of time on them to make an final verdict.

I have some other great tittles that I didn't add to the list, and I will explain why:

Grand Theft Auto V - Grand Theft Auto V is an huge game and I didn't end it's story or played it's multiplayer because I don't own the game. Yeah, I don't have it... shame on me for being an PC Gamer (But there are two PlayStation 3 games on my list). But like I said before, I already played it but it isn't enough to make an review or add it to this list.

Battlefield 4 - Yeah... this one is not on the list too. I didn't make the review yet but I did play the game, but for what I played... It didn't deserve to be on this list and the review might not be that high as I was hoping for.

DMC: Devil May Cry - Nope... This one was good but it didn't catch some of the magic from the previous games and ended up being a bit of anti fan base type of game.

Crysis 3 - Amazing graphics, but an huge letdown and haven't played much.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted or Rival's - Fun games, but not my type of Need for Speed.

Gone Home - Interesting game, it was almost on my list but against many other games, I decided to put it aside.

Behyond: Two Souls - Another great game that I almost incorporated in my list.

This games, among many others, were up for consideration, but I could only pick 10 and I must tell you guys that it was hard as hell since my major platform is the computer...

Number 10 - Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider takes the 10th spot in my for it's amazing scenarios, great origin's story and an amazing atmosphere. It may not bring everything that the fans loved for years but this game showed that this franchise can bring much, much more to the table. But don't get me wrong, unlike the DMC: Devil May Cry reboot, Tomb Raider somehow treated the fan base with a more charismatic and delightful feeling of nostalgia while rebooting an character that player's know for a long time, unlike DMC that changed everything...

Number 9 - State of Decay (PC Version - 2013)

State of Decay is one excellent mix of Sandbox, Survival Horror and Role Playing Game elements. It's violent, scary, sometimes emotional, the map is large and detailed, the graphics are sharp and good looking, the gameplay is smooth and simple and it has a lot of bug's and some technical problems, but they are overshadowed by it's immersion... It's an great experience for every type of gamer and it shoes a lot off potential.

Number 8 - Warframe (Open Beta and Final Release - 2013)

Warframe is an great looking game with an amazing art-style and an extremely well executed Co-Op gameplay feature that is essentially the core of the game.. It's simple, intuitive, fun and more importantly, it's free to play (And yes, the Free to Play model in this one is actually good and sort off balanced).

Number 7 - Arma III

Arma III is the best military simulator that came out this year. It's slow (but not dramatically), tactical, fearless, suspenseful and dramatic. Arma III is an huge improvement over it's predecessor in therm's of gameplay and graphics. Many people are now wondering why I putted Arma III instead of Battlefield 4, and the answer it's pretty simple: Arma III knows what it is and does the best at it while Battlefield 4 kinda have an personality problem, It's nearly an Casual/Arcade Shooter as it is nearly an Simulator, so it stands in the wasteland of being nearly an thing or another and it makes no sense comparing these two.

Number 6 - God of War: Ascension

God of War is great for what it is. It has great graphics, a good story (I have some complains) and an fun Multiplayer. This game doesn't add that much to the lore of the God of War Franchise but it is for damn sure well executed (with everything thing that everyone likes and loves for the previous tittles) and very fun to play through.

Number 5 - Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us is an game that did surprise me in a lot of different ways. The gameplay mechanics were solid and intuitive, the characters were cool and filled with detail, the scenarios were awesome and riveting, overall the game is a blast to play and see Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, etc. clash against each others in some amazing fight's.

Number 4 - Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite could had been the number one of my list but it's good storytelling didn't make up for the somewhat repetitive gameplay and an extremely confusing ending. Seriously, I cannot make an review of this game since I don't even understand the ending since it has an huge amount of philosophical layer's attached to it. Seriously, I did understand the core of the ending, but after more plays through it, I found more meanings and metaphor's... Philosophy it's this actually, an never ending cycle of discovery without real answer's... What saved this game for me was it's amazing atmosphere, great characters, awesome graphics and good storytelling and story till the very end... which was a bit confusing. I'm not saying that the ending was bad, but it tried too hard to be smart that made many, many player's wonder what was happening and what kind of message it was trying to deliver, but when they see the message it kinda makes sense.

Number 3 - Paper's Please (Final Release - 2013)

Paper's Please is that type of games that at first sight is ugly and bland but when you go deeper into it, it grows on you with such level that you start seeing an cruel and sad message that makes you think and act like you were in that situation. It's hard to play, hard to watch and this is what makes this game so powerful and provoking. The gameplay is simple and easy to master and the graphics are nice and add up to the dark atmosphere of this world. After ending it, I was still thinking on my decisions and how powerful those actions were... This is an experience that not many games can achieve and certainly it's not for everyone.

Number 2 - Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light is an amazing game and the biggest surprise this year, at least for me. This game clearly knows what it is and does it perfectly. It has action, true suspense, amazing and cruel story, an amazing world filled with detail and an dark atmosphere. Overall, Metro: Last Light feel's and play's very smoothly and it doesn't try to be what it isn't and like Paper's Please, this one also shows how dark and cruel the world is without holding the consequences back.

Number 1 - The Last of Us

Where do I start... Well The Last of Us is a perfect mix of everything that I love in videogames. Amazing graphics that push the limits of the PlayStation 3, an amazing story with absolute phenomenal writing and voice/motion capture performances, an incredible and fluid gameplay, a world filled with detail, an incredible soundtrack, fierce and incredible menacing enemies... Man, there are so many things that I can say about this game... The Last of Us simple conquered my number one favorite spot of this year. It made me feel happy, sad, angry, scared, almost every type of emotion and not many games out there make me feel like this. I think that this game surely deserves the recognition it got and if it wins some "Game Of The Year" Awards, they are well deserved.

With the Last of Us I finish my list and I hope that next year I can finally put Grand Theft Auto V, with the PC port in my list saying great things about it, but until then I cannot put it here since I didn't made up my mind about it (but it has being amazing, so far...).

I hope you guys liked my top 10 and if you have an different list or opinion please share them in the comment section. Right now I am doing another list of the worst or most disappointing games (it doesn't mean they are bad) that came out this year.

Battlefield 4 E3 2013 Opinions

After watching their EA's Battlefield 4 presentation on E3 2013 I had some mixed reaction's seeing my personal best franchise (Battlefield). Many of you may not agree with my argumments, but these are my opinions and you guys can comment in what you think that I was misleading or if I am wrong and why, just don't spam the comment section with immature comments...

Battlefield 4 Logo 

Battlefield 4 is clearly a beautiful game, the visual's and textures are sharp and clean but something is lacking here... innovation. Battlefield 3 was powered by Frostbite Engine 2 and it was a beautiful game, filled with some high resolution and quality textures/lighting and also some sweet physics. At every convention of 2011, the most impressive feature of Battlefield 3 was it's monster game engine, The Frostbite 2. There were a lot of tech demo's for this engine and now on Battlefield 4's Frostbite Engine 3 I saw no tech demo's... I think that this is not an bad thing and some people need to calm down on saying that Battlefield 4 technology is exactly the same like Battlefield 3. I'm not here deffending Battlefield 4 because some thing'ss that people say are right. While Frostbite Engine 2 was an huge step forward to Next Gen, FrostBite Engine 3 is more like an update on some specific parts, re-using some old model's. This is explained with the short time of two years that Dice had to make the game, plus the engine. I can't deny that there is a lot of improvement to the physics, lighting, textures, destruction and the overall effects, but like I said, it's only an improvement and not that much of innovation. So... does this engine deserved to be called FrostBite Engine 3? I really don't know, I need to see an Tech Demo and take all my doubts away (I have a lot of them).

FrostBite Engine 3 

Now let's talk about the Gameplay. From what I saw at the E3 presentation, the gameplay felt like the same from Battlefield 3, and I am not talking about that little staged presentation at the EA conference, I am talking about normal people playing the game. I have been playing Battlefield since Battlefield 1942 and I have been experiencing the evolution and transformation of this franchise for a lot of years. Some friends of mine disagree with my Battlefield 3 review here on Gamespot, saying that the score was to high... I don't agree with them, Battlefield 3 was special and very different/fresh from the previous tittle (Bad Company 2). Battlefield 4 did not quite have the same feeling... There are a lot of re-used model's and the gameplay seems to be a bit simillar to Battlefield 3. But I need to address some positive points on the gameplay in Battlefield 4, the destruction feel's way more realistic and tactical, there is the addition of naval combat, there are new vehicles, new weapons and new game mechanics. I think that Dice is really trying to pull up the Hard Core fans of the franchise by digging out some old gameplay mechanics, like the Commander Mode. Dice is trying really hard to bring up some old and memorable nostalgia from Battlefield 2. Like I said, the Commander Mode returns in Battlefield 4, but this one might turn out to be horrible, playing it from the tablet? No.

Dice has shown that like Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 won't support any type of Mod's created by the comunity... Dice is really forggeting Project Reality, wich is sad... Another downside from this Battlefield are those day one DLC's and all those Premium player's bonus.

Battlefield 4 Commander Mode

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Gameplay

Battlefield 4 has a lot of positive things supporting it's success, but will it be good? We need to wait and found out when the game is released.


    So... today I was cleaning my collection of retail game copies that I own and I started thinking in an common problem for (almost) any gamer out there, the DLC's. I have a lot of retail games copies, some very old and other's more recent and the is one thing that I can say whithout any problem, I miss those old days when I used to buy 100% complete games, without any day one DLC's...

    But is this DLC marketing strategy killing the video game industry? Well... it is. These so called DLC's are actually not only killing the video game industry, but at the same time, disrespecting the gamer's. Many people deffend that DLC's are nothing more than expansions to the game that you buy, well... this is true and no gamer can't deny this, big example of that are the Skyrim DLC's. Skyrim is not the only game that has some decent DLC's, I also remmeber Red Dead Redmption, Fallout 3 and New Vegas and Battlefield Bad Comapny 2 Vietnam. Overall, almost 35% of the DLC's allready released where good and the price was justified with the content delivered. And here is the problem, more precisely, the other 65% of the DLC's. Do you people remember the "Mass Effect 3 Day One DLC Scandal"? The "Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Probelm"? Well, many of you haven't heard of these, but the thing is that there was already locked DLC's implemented on the Disk... the consumer buys the retail copy for 60 and it's incomplete, with locked content that you need to pay later... Is this what the consumer deserves after paying 60????

DLC Content

    Street Fighter x Tekken was well received by critics, who complimented the roster and deep game mechanics. In addition, Capcom's release of DLC's for the game was met with high criticism from the gamer's and game critics when it was revealed that the company was charging for access to characters (12 Extra Characters) that were already on the game disc. This is the response from Capcom: 

        "In a statement on the Capcom Unity blog, the publisher responded to outcry over the decision, saying the move was made to save hard drive space and to "ensure for a smooth transition" when the DLC becomes available."



    Well, this is not an smart answer to the consumer... We are not that much dumb Capcom, this was an marketing campaign, nothing more. The consumer paid 85% of an game at full price, if he want's the rest, he needs to pay for it...

Capcom DLC


    I might be a little bad for Capcom, but the truth is that this company has made some great games that I really enjoyed and sometimes I still play them. Capcom has fall, but I think that they already learned from their mistakes.

    Capcom isn't the only company doing this type of marketing, almost every other company does it. And as an consumer I must say that if this type of gaming capitalism is not good for the games final quality and I will probably stop buying retail games at full price. It's an waste of money and a big example of that is Battlefield 3. The unbalanced DLC's (that clearly benefit the players who pay more) and that Premium joke made me almost turn off from the game. They are using the consumer dedication and addiction into extra profit. I still remmember those old Battlefield 2 expansions that I paid for the content and the gameplay experience wasn't unbalanced... Old times...  

    And now it comes the funny part, the companies can defend themselves by saying that no one is forced to buy these DLC's, but in the end, if you want to get the full experience, you need to pay more...

    Im not saying that DLC is overall a bad thing, like I said before, there are some amazing DLC's out there that are worth the money because of their content. The thing that I don't like is the direction that the companies are heading to, they are treating the consumers like puppets. I agree with those DLC's that bring new content and add more replayability to the game, and the timing of these DLC's is also very important. I disagree with those day one DLC's that are very important to the game story (that could had been already implemented in the retail version, the blocked DLC's already inside the retail copies) and those multiplayer DLC's that restrain the gamer's and unbalance the gameplay. So the companies allready made a lot of tricks with their consumer's, so whats next? An 60 game with micro-transitions... wait, Dead Space 3 and somehow Assassins Creed 3 allready made that...


    This is my first blog ever that I made for gamespot, thanks for reading and sorry for some error's and comment bellow in what you think of todays business in the Video Games Industy.