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TOP 3 OF GAMES i own at the moment... (Xbox360)

Hello there,

So you guys know i'm on xbox right, i hope you do!

Well, to repeat myself. You guys can always add me.

In the last couple of weeks i've been buying and pre-ordering all the hottest

new games. Here's a little summary:


I accept challenges on co-ops on these games. Why not others you ask?

Because atm i am seriously addicted to these ones.

Thanks for reading and... looking.


Add me by all means! (Xbox Live)

Hello there! So i just want to tell everyone that i have an xbox360 here and i play it quite often. If somebody thinks he/she can beat me at a game of fifa soccer 12, black ops or mortal kombat or another game i might have. Challenge me anytime! Just send me a message and it's not forbidden to add me as a friend as well. I might accept you but not if you are like a pedophile that might be staring at me through my bedroom window at night. Just kidding. Add me and we'll see. Cya Gamers :D

Finally, a place where gamers can unite.

So i've been on much community websites and gosh, was i bored there. Well here i've been having much fun since my gaming project on Youtube went bankrupt. Anyway, i'll be posting much blog entries. But i'll be on fuse more. I used to be a twitterer too. I hope i level up soon, so i can write reviews for everyone. Follow me on fuse. Thanks :D