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I'm leaving this website,for real this time.

This website is a graveyard.It takes a mortician to clean this mess up.This website hasn't been really good since summer 2008.That's when the crazy banning of members came,then a crap load of friends left because its boring.If you guys want to still connect with me.Yes,I do have a Facebook but its more personal to myself.



Bye my fellow friends!

Another sex case at my school!(but worse)

Damn it!One of the teachers at my school got caught with having sex with a student.The crappy part is she's in my grade.Oh great right just before 2nd semester finals come in.Well this time it was a Junior High PE girls /assistant football coach/track coach and ironically law studies teacher.He got charged with 3 counts of cardnal knowledge and 4 counts of rape. Look at for the story.

School is almost over.

So,I have two class weeks and a week of seven finals to go to complete Junior year of high school.Spring break was okay,and confirmed to the Catholic Church last week.The bad new is my great grandad had passed away in early March.I tried to write a blog about that over Spring Break,but I have an English project over the break.

2010s here we come!

I'm very excited for 2010.

-I'm turning 18 years old(vote etc...)

-Senior year starts in the fall of 2010

-Some of my favorite musicians have albums to be released.

Thanksgiving Holiday! and Junior year.

Wow! I haven't typed a blog in over four months.First of all I'm been doing okay this school year.I actually went to a high school event for the first time in my high school life.I've been busy,well Junior year A.K.A 11th Grade in the US(for people who live outside of US)is the most challenging year in High School.My high school football team is doing great and in the playoffs.(32 teams in one classifcation,5 different classes 1A 2A(my high school is in) 3A 4A and 5A).

Happy Thanksgiving Y'ALL

MJ A.K.A He-He man homage (1958-2009)

Sorry,I was so late to pay homage to him,I was in New Orleans when he died.I first heard about his death yesterday,while my brother was on the internet with the cellphone.My mom and one of my uncles was talking about him at dinner time inside a resturant.I felt like crying over his death,well I did grieve yesterday.It just as bad as Pope John Paul II's death.He connected from my mom's generation to my generation.He influenced with some of my favorite artists like Jay-Z Sad day for music.

My favorite MJ song:Rock with You

Teacher rant!School is out!

So if you wondering what I've been up to for the last month.Well I've been studying for final exams,but first I'm going to rant about one of my teachers.

RANT:I have this math teacher who talks more about softball than Geometry and I barely pass Geometry class by 1%.But I'm okay now because I don't have to to deal with the crappy geometry teacher anymore since I took her final yesterday.:evil:

Okay,my last day is tommorow which is P.E. class.:)