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Remembering Good Times.

This will probably never get read, but I feel like now is a good time to make what will probably be the last blog post I ever make on Gamespot. I've been inactive here for a while and somewhere along the way grew out of this community, but coming to the site to look for a cheat code made me think about the good times had here, which in turn made me want to give the few of you if any at all who remember me and will read this.

Basically I am starting to wind down high school and am steadily approacing graduation, I have already been accepted to college and I will be attending Azusa Pacific University in the fall studying Theology/Christian Ministries in the hopes of becoming a Youth Pastor and a Teacher. Lets just say the Lord has been very good to me.

Thats about it, I hope this blog finds you well, I will always remember you all and all the good times spent playing and talking about games and talking about music and life in general. For the last time.


God Bless.

P.S. I have a girlfriend, in case anyone cares.

My Yearly Thanksgiving Blog

Hello All,

As you may have noticed I barely go on this sight anymore and rarely play video games at all, so this is kind of a super late farewell that probably won't ever get read. I've had a lot of good memories thanks to this sight that I won't forget and if anyone from back in the day wants to hit me up feel free. I'd be down to play some Xbox Live if I'm ever on my GT is PossessedCow. Well Farewell I doubt this'll get read but whatever. See you guys later.


A Moment of Silence...

... Is necessary right now in honor of all the turkeys that will be slain just so americans can live up to their reputations as total overeaters....

Yes today is turkey day or Thanksgiving which is technically the correct name for this holliday that celebrates glutony. This is also the day I will once again try to make a return to Gamespot. In case you didn't notice I kinda fell off the face of this website for like three months, but even though nobody cares I'm gonna try and come back.

Right now you probably have mixed responses. Hopefully there are at least a couple people jumping out of theirs seats right now screaming something along the lines of, "Yay! LOZFAN is back!!! I loved his reviews and funny but pointless blogs!" Of course their are bound to be a few negative nancys saying "Oh, that douche... I was glad he wasn't bragging about his 1337 guitar hero skillz anymore."

Speaking of Guitar Hero, I really don't play it much anymore... I have Rock Band 2 and am gonna get World Tour soon, but I kind of suck now and it lost some of the appeal.

I did get my Xbox back... finally... Which thankfully has given me the chance to play games again. I purchased Stuntman: Ignition the other day so I've been playing that a lot and I have also been playing pretty much every other game in my collection.

So before I leave you all I do want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and hopefully this will be the start of a new era... Or maybe no one will read this and nothing will have changed.

Any ways one more time HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


A Midsummers Blog

Well... where to begin... long time no see I guess... I apologize for the lack of posting. I guess I just haven't been motavated to post lately. Well since I'm finally blogging I should probably cover all the stuff thats been happening lately.

First off I haven't been gaming much lately and there are a few reasons for this. First off my Xbox 360 broke :cry: I don't know what exactly cause it to brake, but one day it just started showing the 3 red rings of death. So I need to send it in and get it fixed. Secondly I don't have a Wii sensor bar so that makes playing the Wii very diffacult. So I've pretty much been reduced to playing my PS2. Which is both a blessing and a curse. I am actually spending some time with it but I can't play my 360 or Wii...

I also have been watching a lot of movies lately. My local Hollywood video has a deal for 79 cent rentals on older movies. So I've been getting a ton of movies. So far I've rented: Spaceballs, High Anxiety, Young Frankenstine, Wayne's World, and A Knights Tale.

And of course music takes up a lot of my time. I finally got a new drum kit cause I had to return my old rental so I've been practicing a lot lately. Then theres the whole aspect of listening to music I've bought quite a few new cds lately. I bought: "Full Moon Fever" - Tom Petty, Viva la Vida - Coldplay, Street Survivors - Lynyrd Skynyrd, Southern Weather - The Almost, Who's Next - The Who, Weezer (Red Album) - Weezer, and Fight With Tools - Flobots.

And lastly I've been hanging out with friends, playing sports, actually excersing, and just relaxing to the max. So thats all for now... I promise you'll get at least one more blog from me before the school year... NOT... jk I promise I will blog one more time... for real...


Slowly Becoming Less Active

Well as some of you may have noticed as of lately I have been going on this site less often. This is because I'm somewhat over this site. I feel its definitely going down the drain since all the good editors left. But I will still try to get on every now and then and post a blog or check in on some of my unions.

As far as what I've been doing lately I recently bought a new TV. I got a 27 inch TV for $40 at a garage sale! Its in great condition and works perfectly so I'm really excited about it. So because of that I will probably be doing a video blog showing you my room once I have time to clean it up. The Vlog will cover my room and gaming and music collections.

As far as gaming goes I have been playing a variety of games lately. I've been playing PGR4 quite a bit, the occasional Halo 3 match, and of course Rock Band & Guitar Hero. Along with those I have decided to go back an actually complete Halo 2 since I never did that. I also have been playing some Nintendo 64. I started a season on Kobe Bryant's NBA Courtside which is a decent game. Also I am going to put my complete summer gaming list on my profile. So thats all for now I will try to post another blog soon, but I am not promising anything.


Death of a Great Friend.

Let me start this blog off by saying that dogs truly are the greatest pet ever. They are kind, compassionate, and are always there for you. Sadly my dog passed away this morning and the blow is definetely one that will sting for quite a while. Though I did not play with my dog Taffy a ton I always enjoyed the time spent with her and it always cheered me up when I would go out and play with her.

Then this morning I woke up and knew something was wrong. I stumbled out to my living room half awake as I do every morning expecting to see Taffy laying on her bed, but instead I walked outside and found her laying on the wet grass not moving. She wasn't asleep and she didn't really look sick just kinda depressed.

So I went off to school and my sister and dad left for work and thats when the bad news began. When I left for school I thought "Oh taffys just depressed. Or she just ate something and her stomach hurts." Sadly that wasn't the case and during second period I received the terrible new via text mesage. "We have to put Taffy to sleep..." Yeah... That news was just kinda shocking... I didn't expect for my dog to die this soon... I always thought she was gonna die of old age...

Luckily I was able to call my mom suring class thanks to a nice teacher. And when I called my mom I heard the full story. Apparently her stomach was overgrown and it burst causing blood to flow into her stomach... So she was in a ton of pain and very pitiful so they were forced to put her to sleep... :cry:

And now I'm sitting here looking out the window starring at her empty dog bed... Wishing she was in that bed...


Summer Gaming Plans

What is up gamespotters? This blog is dedicated to the list of games I want to beat this summer. I figured I should do this since I have about 9 days of school left now... So without further ado here is the list of games that I want to complete, but probably won't be able to complete during the summer...


1. Metroid Prime

This game has been sitting on my shelf for a long time and I really need to beat it.

2. Star Fox Adventures

This ones been sitting for a longer time than MP so I need to beat it also.

3. Viewtiful Joe

Haven't had this game for that long, but I still want to beat it.

PlayStation 2

1. Final Fantasy XII

I probably won't have enough time for this one, but I'm gonna try

XBOX (Original)

1. Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

One of the first XBOX games I bought and I still haven't beaten it.

2. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

This isn't a great game, but if I have time I'll try to beat it.

3. Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King

Another LotR game this one is better than the other, but still not a huge priority.

XBOX 360

1. Command & Conquer 3

I bought this game the day it came out and have made very little progress so I really want to beat this one.

2. Major League Baseball 2K7

I want to finish my first 40 game season and get some more achievements.

3. Project Gotham Racing 4

I'm really close to beating this game so it shouldn't take too long.

4. Sneak King

Hooray for the BK games! There are some achievements I can/want to get from this game so I'll be playing it a little.


1. Galaga

Theres one achievement left that I need to get.

2. Doom

I'm on the last episode so I'm close to beating it. And I'm gonna try for the online achievements.

3. Uno

I have two achievements left that I can get easily.

There may be some more but thats all I can remember right now. I doubt I'll complete all of these, but I will try.

So thats all for now, before I leave I want you to go check out the band Flobots cause they are amazing and I want to tell you to be on the lookout for my next blog which will be about my non-gaming related summer goals.


Xbox Live Gold!

Well after over three months of waiting and putting it off I finally renewed my Xbox Live membership. I deceided I was sick of not being able to play online and now I'll be able to get a bunch of online achievements that I have missed out on. So if anybody wants to play some games I'm definetely up for it.

I also bought three new XBLA games the other day.

First off I bought Uno which I actually had at one point on my brother's Xbox, but I lost it when I got my own. I definetely want to play this one online if anyone else wants to.

The second game I got is Assault Heroes. I have only made it through the first zone, but I hope to play it more soon.

Lastly I bought Chessmaster Live. This is actually a pretty good game you have tons of options and Xboxlive is great for this game. If anyone else has this one and wants to play I'm up for it. I will warn you I'm not very good...

As far as other games I'm gonna be spending a lot of time with online games before getting back into PGR4 and MLB2K8

So if anyone wants to play send me an invite when I'm on.



Well yesterday I managed to complete Bully 100%. In the process getting the full 1000 gamerscore from it. It wasmuch easier then I expected it to be, but it was definetly worth it. So now that I am finished with Bully I'm moving back to PGR4. I played it for quite a bit last night and was able to move up a couple ranks in Gotham Career and I beat a level in Arcade mode.

Also I wrote a review for Bully so please check that out and recommend it. here is the LINK

Well thats all for now I'll see you guys later.


Better The Second Time.

Better the second time is something I very rarely say about a video game. But in the case of my latest purchase Bully: Scolarship Edition that phrase best describes how I feel about this game. I had allready played through the game once on the PS2, but the new features along with the achievements were my reasons for buying it. Despite many people saying there are a HUGE amount of glitches I only dealed with a few. My Xbox only froze once during my play-through. And I didn't notice any of theother glitches mentioned.

I allready beat the main storyline and I have all but one achievement. That last achievement is one I definetly plan to get. You aquire it by getting 100% completion. I'm at 90.98% or something like that right now and I think I should be able to get to 100% without too much trouble. I've aquired 875 gamerscore from that game so far and hope to get the full 1000 from it.

Now my plans as far as gaming goes once I'm done with Bully mostly consider of PGR4. I still haven't beaten it yet and I bought the game in like march. So beating that game is one of my main priorities. I'm also getting fairly close to 30,000 gamerscore and I hope to achieve that by the end of the summer.

Speaking of summer I only have four more weeks of school left. So i am beginning to really look forward to that.