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The Lord Of The Rings

Hello fellow readers of this review, I would just like to inform you that Lord of the Rings is by far the best Book of all time. The shear imagination of JRR Tolkien World called "Middle Earth" has clearly been shown in the 3 jaw dropping films which make up the Lord of the Rings trilogy. From the peacefulness of the Shire to the horrors that lie in the unawake depths of Mordor. The film defiantly shows a variety of emotions and will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat.

Whats with the Sport cars?

Guys, whats with all the Sports cars? Look i might not drive a car but what is it with all the love for Sports cars? I mean, yes they are cool but its not like theyre my dream or something. I play GTA quite alot and yes, as much as i like loosing stupid copps in Liberty City, its not like i dont steal anything else! I do like the occasional Van because as sad as it may seem, it makes me feel like a part of the Mafia. I might be the Godfather, but at least i can smell his sweet Colone from the front seat. Look all im trying to say is that can we pleassse stop with all the Sport car fanatics out there, ok! LOTRhobbits


Ahhhh, the Moon. The perfect planet for all your cheese lovers out there. But let me ask you this, would it be better to have 2 of those giant cheeseballs???

Movies, movies , movies.

Hello dear faithfull readers (ieatusedcars), What do you think is the best movie title ever? Please leave your answers in the comment section belllloow. LOTRhobbits

What makes me different from you?

My oh my the endless amount of jokes you can out of that question. You always hear "Your fat!", "Im not Gay or "I dont smell like the rim of your Uncles butt hole". Well as funny as all those insults that the people of the earth use it still deosnt answer my question. See you wont actually get a good a reasonable answer for this because of the people who tell you this are either really mean and insulting or theyre an emotional wreck. If you do want to get a decent answer for this question, Id ask the people with the brains and not your mum who wants to smootch you everytime you do reasonably well in an exam. Scientists always give the best answers to these sort of questions cause they talk about your genetic information and cells instead of insulting your face like someone called "Opraa" would do. I mean yes she might unlock your emotional secrets aswell as a fat guy who smells like he has been living in the series"Lost", but will you walk away with a positive attitude...most likely no. So to be honest you should just give up on the idea of being studied by scientist and just take the funny insults cause although you may not walk away feeling positive, youll have somegreat inults to say to your even fatter friend. LOTRhobbits

Modern Society

Is it me or is the language we use in our modern society becoming far worse. Some of my friends, especially the fat one uses variuos words such as "banter", "lad" and "wettie" thinking he is a middle aged man who is having a drink in a pub. Its soo annoying and we have to put an end to it. LOTRhobbits

My favourite egg

Now people always think of the obvious answer when they are asked what their favourite egg is. Now let me tell you that it isnt a free range egg and no its not because im racist towards chickens and i like them being cooped up in those well buit, chinese manufactured cage. It is because my favourite egg is a "kinder egg" as it is wayyy more tastier than all the other other eggs and if that wasnt good enough, it comes with small but niffty toy. LOTRhobbits

Aragorn or Legolas

Now people i am intrested to know who you prefer, Aragorn or Legolas cause i cant really decide myself. Please leave your answers in the comment section bellllllllooow. "this is Ray william Johnson and i approve this message". lol LOTRhobbits

Dead Rising 2

Hello once again, Now this Xmas i decided to ask Santa for Dead Rising 2. Now because of Santa's obvious love games full of bllod,guts and gore and his secret desire of killing Zombies he couldnt stop himself from delivering this to me on the 25 of December. The next day i opened one of my presents to find a limited edition DR2 game. It was pretty awesome as it came with a Zombrex injection( to all the gulable people out their, it wasnt real...ok) and also a zombrex themed case which inside i found 2 discs. 1 of the making of the game and 2 the actual game itself. When i played it at first i wasnt to sure i liked it. After a while it grew on me andd then i started to become very pleased with my new Xmas present. The main problem i had was when i wrote it down on my Xmas list was that all of my friends were saying it gets really boring after a while. Let me tell you now people, it doesnt. I havent once got bored of killing the ever growing population of Zombies. The only problem i have is that it should have an auto-save feature as its is sooo Frustrating when you havent saved ad you end up dying. Thus sending you to the point where you last saved the game, which is normally a very long time ago. But DR 2 is well worth buying. LOTRhobbits
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