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Color Theory

LORD COSMOS arranges his DS games by color.

LORD COSMOS arranges his PSP games by alphabetical order. LORD COSMOS is considering arranging his PSP games by color as well. Not enough blue in the PSP spectrum. LORD COSMOS spent a hefty sum on this hobby in the past 2 days. LORD COSMOS is in the midst of perfecting his wish list. Nothing erroneous. Nothing left behind. LORD COSMOS is having trouble most with GBA and PS2 games, as there are so many.

I give it 2 years time i'll have 2-3 systems done, mostly. The collection is grand in scope. Very little PC games, though. That will be adjusted as time goes on.

up next:

marvel vs capcom 2

trauma center: under the knife

r-type command

sonic rush adventure

kickin' back


ape escape

star ocean 2

marvel vs. capcom 2

brave fencer musashi

shin megami tensei: nocturne

soul calibur II/soul calibur III


ratchet and clank

parasite eve

grand theft auto: vice city

final fantasy X/final fantasy X-2


kagero: deception II

r-type delta/r-type final

metal gear solid 3: substance

devil may cry series

onimusha series

chrono cross

fear effect

front mission III

metal gear solid: VR missions


persona 2

megaman anniversary collection


Hello and welcome to LORD COSMOS' first blog entry

First and foremost:

-LORD COSMOS is an obsessive videogame COLLECTOR

-LORD COSMOS' fave systems are: GBASP, PSOne, Genesis, NES, DC IN THAT ORDER.

-the only genre's LORD COSMOS isn't into are SPORTS, RACING, and SHOOTERS. that's not to say LORD COSMOS wouldn't give them a shot, if given the proper context. LORD COSMOS likes burnout. LORD COSMOS thinks HALO is good. LORD COSMOS remembers marathon, but could never get past the 2nd level. LORD COSMOS thinks he could stomach FIFA or WINNING ELEVEN quite all right. LORD COSMOS needs to finish HALF-LIFE so he can play THE ORANGE BOX.

-LORD COSMOS is all about GBA games at the moment. LETS ALL GBASP, ENOUGH WITH FFT, LETS ALL FFTA. i just got fire emblem (both) and advance wars(both). ninja five-O is my marvel vs. capcom 2.

-as a collector, as such, i buy my games in order or RARITY, QUALITY, and ORIGINALITY.


panasonic gameqube
dance dance revolution: mario mix w/ mario pad!!!
limited edition GOLD ZELDA triforce nintendo DS lite
limited edition white star wars darth vader PSP slim
halo 3 spec. edition XB360 controller
shin megami tensei: persona 2, persona 3: FES, digital devil saga, digital devil saga 2, nocturne, devil summoner
metal gear solid 3: subsistence LE (w/ bonus DVD)
mass effect LE + LE guide art book too
SNES secret of mana
no one can stop mr. domino!
Rez PS2
ikaruga GC
klonoa, klonoa 2
SNES super mario RPG
TAIKO DRUM MASTER complete w/ drum controller

gameboy player, 1 short of the complete wario series (minus 2 warioware games) 1 short of metal gear SAGA (VR missions for psone)

anyway, LORD COSMOS is rambling.

-LORD COSMOS does not own a wii, a PS3 (60GB), a saturn, he does not own an original chunky gameboy, a virtual boy, a pikachu version nintendo 64, a Turbo Grafx-16, any kindof atari, colecovision, intellivision, no super scope, no lynx, no gamegear or nomad for that matter, no ORIGINAL GBA, other than that, i'm covered rather well.

-that said LORD COSMOS DOES OWN an original NES, a gameboy pocket, a genesis(custom painted), two SNES's (newer model also custom painted), a modded PSone, a Dreamcast, a nintendo 64 (with very little games), a black GBASP, gold triforce NINTENDO DS, white star wars PSP, platinum nintendo gamecube w/ gameboy player, wavebirds, panasonic gameqube dvd/game machine, a silver slim PS2, and a XBOX360 PRO, which doesn't get much use.

-LORD COSMOS isn't much for "next-gen" gaming quite yet. LORD COSMOS does warcraft sometimes. Not at present. LORD COSMOS is much more "old-school" these days. Hence the GBA games, hence the pending PSP surgery. There's a lot of unplayed ****cs by way of LORD COSMOS. Super mario RPG, Secret of Mana, Tomba!

-The whole point of this FIRSTBLOGLORDCOSMOS is the following.

-on the removing of "log-jams" in games. This is LORD COSMOS' specialty. Today LORD COSMOS inadvertently stumbled his way out of a jam in Super Mario World Advance. Lost in the Forest of Illusion, I fully complete Star Road, facing Bowser's castle, I turn back and decide to dig my way out. I lost my yellow Yoshi, but it was worth it. I log-jammed my way into the Top Secret Area, infinite lives, Yoshi's and powerups. Super Mario World is a game, riddled with secret areas and bonus zones. If I've never played a game before, i I usually just try and blow through the game once and try and get as perfect as possible get the best ending as possible. I didn't want to sully SMWGBA by skipping right to Bowser's Castle. That said, I have another jam on Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, which I've decided to solve by grinding a bit. Adramelech, How do i loath thee? Let me count the ways....

-LORD COSMOS' favorite games:

-Mass effect, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, IX, and VI. Xenogears, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Castlevania. Wario Land series. Shin Megami Tensei, itching to try Shadow Hearts. I love puzzle games. I love action games, RPG's, and puzzle games mostly. Adventure games, games with a story. Wario Land 4 is amazing. Yoshi's island is great. I love a good sonic game here and there. Skullmonkeys (the PBNJ scene...hilarious). I love platformers a lot. No Jak, No Ratchet, yet. I loved the crap outta ICO, Psi-Ops, and PSYCHONAUTS. I'm a firm believer in the power of the triforce. KOTOR was great. Fear Effect, Parappa, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat.

My Top Ten(actually huge list of desert island picks):

1. Super Mario Bros. 3/Wario Land 4/Super Mario World/Sonic 3/Yoshi's Island/Klonoa/Ratchet+Clank

2. Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver/Okami/Brave Fencer Musashi/Tomba!

3. Castlevania: symphony of the Night/Super Metroid/Toejam and Earl 2: Panic on Funkatron/Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past/

4. Soul Calibur II (GC version)/Marvel vs. Capcom 2/Tekken 5/Super Smash Bros: Brawl/Rival Schools/Virtua Fighter 4: Evo

5. Tetris DS/Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo/Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine/Tetris Attack/Bust-A-Move/Dr. Mario

6. Ninja Gaiden: Black/Resident Evil 4 (PS2)/Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem/Silent Hill 2, 3/Onimusha(series)/Devil May Cry(series)/God of War(series)

7. Metal Gear Solid(series)/Resident Evil 2(series)/Vagrant Story/Parasite Eve I, II/Final Fantasy Series

8. Civilization III, IV/Starcraft/The Sims/World of Warcraft/Alpha Centauri/Grim Fandango/

9. Chrono Cross/Xenogears/Chrono Trigger/FFVI/R-type Final/Gradius III/Einhander

10. Shenmue I, II/Ico/Star Wars: KOTOR, KOTOR II/Psychonauts

Until next time, keep unlocking log-jams everybody!