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@asylumni said:

Strange this quote didn't make the cut,

"not because the demand for home computers is growing—it's not—but because dedicated PC gamers are pouring more and more money into their rigs."

Because that has nothing to do w/ gaming


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Bail dude...bail. You should feel ashamed...

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Obama is an amazing president and will leave behind a positive legacy once his presidency is up.


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I think more info would be needed TBH...

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BFD. Hopefully it stops being a story now.

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The Wii U...there can be no debate.

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@jasean79 said:

I'd like to see more forums, or sub-forums. Like, for 'off-topic', have a sub-forum for 'political' topics only...and then maybe one for 'health' questions, etc. That way, if people need advice on something, they know which sub-forum to go to. It just seems cumbersome to have everything that's not game related wrapped up in one forum.

They wouldn't do that when OT was busy.....why should they implement it now when you need every user reading and responding? Bad idea.

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@speedfog said:

Thats what they say now. Cows believing everything Sony says.

Uh I think that question has long been answered....lem hoping for a conspiracy I take it.

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@indzman said:

@SpartanMSU said:

@SolidSnake35: A lot of other countries play baseball. I guess Japan, other parts of Asia, and Latin America don't count? I guess if Western Europe doesn't it like it then it doesn't count, huh? Or how about basketball?

Soccer spread so widely because all you need is a ball (good for developing countries) and because of colonialism. Congratulations. It's even more boring to watch than baseball. And I played high school soccer and club soccer (since I was 8). The only reason Americans watch it during the World Cup is because it's like the Olympics. Hardly anyone watch swimming or track and field for non-Olympics events.

I find it hilarious and somewhat sad how Europeans get so upset when people don't like something they like. Why the fvck do you care? Most American's couldn't care less that you don't like Football or Baseball.

No offense but Australia , Asia , Europe , Africa , North America , South America plays soccer.

Mind it i'm not bashing US sports at all, they awesome and its admirable US guys enjoy them and i respect that. Every country got own individual sports also. All good .

All i'm saying is its really hillarious when idiots claim soccer is better than US sports ( Like TC ) or users like you who claim soccer is boring compared to any US sports.

Please don't be ignorant like TC

This entire thread is ridiculous. Australian rules football, Gaelic football, Canadian football......leaving football there is hurling, shinty, curling etc. I find it ignorant that anyone wants cultures to disappear. Morons....

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@thehig1 said:

The spam bot threads don't annoy me that much, if no one replies they go down the thread list pretty quickly.

I would like the notifications to be more reliable and not just work when they want too

No one makes new threads anymore so they don't move fast. Notifications suck. I liked the way it was before when you knew the threads you posted in and could click to the first new post.

Stacks suck.