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Deja Vu...I've reached 150K again.

I know no one reads blogs anymore.....so I don't expect this to be seen. Hell I can't find blogs to comment in. But I lost some posts during the redesign.....no sure why. I post not in unions. But I hit 150K for the second time.

It's sad to visit OT and see what it has become. It used to be a good way to waste time....and the community was great. Even the trolls were better. That said.....thanks for those of you past and present that touched my life with your words.

Have a good life....peace out.

New Car Smell

A few days ago, I think on the 3rd, I finally got new wheels. Been in need of for some time but just didn't want the car payments. Seems more like a computer than a car but it's cool.

2014 Ford Escape....all black with panoramic sunroof.

Usually I post this stuff when it happens but I haven't been here much....the traffic is gone. And no one reads blogs anymore anyway. Plus notifications just suck.

Cheers if you do stumble on this by accident.

First blog under the new site..

I gave it some time for me to get used to the new site before making any comments about it. I'm glad they fixed user names since mine was affected. Looks a bit too much like Giant Bomb for my liking but it is what it is.

Several glitches and bugs still need fixed. Lost some posts....but they didn't reset them so that was odd. And I don't like the fact that all the comments were lost in the blogs. Also PMs were lost. Kind of like losing history.

It's really sad to see OT die. I spent so much time there when I couldn't get on my TV to game or watch a movie. I liked the community. So many people have come and gone that I'd never have met in real life. I'm not adverse to new people joining OT either. Keeps it going. But that seems to have gone as well.

Hope OT can rise up again. Cheers and thanks for reading. (I don't even know if we get alerts for new blogs anymore so maybe this won't be read.)

Thanks if you do.....

150K in before the changes....

Since I was like only a few posts off....I guess I might as well before everything is reset.  Seems a good number to go out on.  Anyway....it's actually been a struggle finding interesting threads lately.  OT is very slow now.  I think I posted more in SW. 


But as a retrospective on posts...I'd like to thank everyone that made OT entertaining for me over the years.  Some have left the site.....some still turn up here and there.  I do appreciate the many conversations that I've had with users here.  Hopefully OT reawakens......was a good community.


And as it's Labor Day.....hope you're all getting paid to enjoy yourselves today like I am.  Cheers!


Thanks for reading......


Peace out...

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Lately I have been debating about getting a new computer....and for this one I've been thinking maybe gaming is the way to go.  That way I can still do what I do but have an extra dimension to the PC.


I don't really game much on PC...what with having consoles...but then having a gaming PC makes MS new console, which I'm not entirely sold on, unnecessary.  Yes...I know MS has back pedaled now on much of what I don't like about the X1...but there are still some issues with it and it's expensive enough to make those issues stand out.  Anyway...this isn't a X1 rant.  Who knows....I may end up getting it down the line.  Never say never.


But my question to anyone reading this is simple.....I've been thinking of building rather than simply buying.  I'd much rather be a budget builder than a high end builder but I'd like something decent that I can upgrade over time.  I don't really need all the bells and whistles.  Good idea or no?  And any advice if I do go that route?


Anyway....as always thanks for reading.  Happy 4th...whether you celebrate or not.


--Peace Out

Aah...that's the sound of

Vacation. Yay!  One week away from work. Nothing to do but what I want to do.  Changed my sig and avatar.  Noticed Photobucket had changed again. 


Got a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas...now I have to figure out what I want to read on it.


Peace Out --

Things that make you go hmm..

Why does GameSpot glitch and glitch badly every single Sunday anymore? By my count it's been three or four consective Sunday's where it's slow, error messages abound, and sometimes even Bonk attacks.

Since programmers ostensibly don't work on Sunday....why does the site stop functioning? For about five to ten minutes today I got the forums are down message.

Any answers?

As for the new blog features....I liked it better when you knew someone left a message. Also was nice to know it there were comments. Both gone now.

New leveling guide? I guess it'll hurt lurkers. Since Xbox Achievements and Sony Trophy's (hope I have that right) exist....I imagine it's apparent people like to show off what they've done. Not everyone posts to level up and I wonder if this will bother the users that actually read the reviews etc but don't do much interactivity.

Anyway...just some thoughts running through my head on this dreary Sunday afternoon. Thanks for reading and as always....

Peace Out..