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Why not?


How about you actually post your own answer and explain it when you make a thread instead of just dropping a random question and disappearing?

Agreed. He always does this.

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Because there is only one Miyamoto.

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MM probably deserves it more. There definately seems to be alot of people asking for a MM remake. Im not on that boat though. Never really like the timing events in MM. I was a huge fan of WW. I really enjoyed the art style. Whether you like it or not, you have to admit the art style was really cool. It literally looks like a Saturday morning cartoon (actually better). Yeah, the game was too easy and the sailing got tedious at times, but it was still a refreshing take on Zelda.

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Ill take SF64 anyday. F-Zero was good, but IMO, did nothing special to separate itself from the competition. I think Nintendo will give F-Zero one more chance on the Wii U.

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The nostalgia and preserving our gaming history!

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Both are great systems, but SNES all the way. Too many classics. My favorite system of all time.

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That would be great. But it certainly is a long way away. Its merely being discussed right now.

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Whats with all these GB games on the eShop? Where the hell is GBA, NES, and SNES? I dont understand it at all. Sure mabey they feel they dont have enough staff to do these conversions with Nintendo busy working on 3DS and Wii U titles. But cant they hire more staff just to make these titles happen on the eShop? There are alot of out of work industry people. I suspect the real reason they dont give us more of the games we want is that they have some kind of grand scheme for how they want all these released over the course of a 5, 10, or even 20 year period (obviously on future systems). Too bad as I feel certain generations are completely missing out on some great legacy titles.

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[QUOTE="Heirren"]That's that. They're going to become an exclusive Nintendo developer.Litchie
I wouldn't complain..

Nor would I complain. Another developer in the "Mario Army." Keep up the good fight!

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Ok,after i played it for abit.

I'm loving it.

But it'd better if it was a DS game.


It pretty much is a DS game. If you look at the graphics it does seem that it was originally made for the DS but converted to the 3DS at the last moment to try and get increased sales. Obviously didnt work as you can get this game cheap as dirt.