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My 30 day trial of McAfee virus software is about to expire. Should I pay service for virus software or are there plenty of good free ones? Thx for any advice.

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I just bought the first game and started a co-op split screen game with my brother. He plays as the first player under his profile and I play as the second player under my profile. Neither of us has played the single player game at all.

Can I start a new single player game under my profile (with a new character) and start at the beginning of the game but still be able to play under our 2 player save later on with him? Meaning I dont want to erase our split screen game save. I just want to have my own single player game going on also.


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Oh its Windows XP too

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My system was given to me by my dad as it was his old work computer. Not really sure whats under the hood but the control panel system tab showed this:

Dell Optiplex SX280

Pentium(R) 2.80 GHz

2.79 GHz .99 GB Ram

The display settings say:

Plug and Play Moniter on Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family

Haven't played a PC game in years but used to play the old Microprose games alot. Would love to play multiplayer if there is a cool online free to play that would actually play on this system. Any ideas?

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I just found this memory card at my dads house. Its still sealed in packaging too. Its a Canon 16 GB card. The wording on the card says "SD Memory Card SDC - 16M." What does SDC mean? Also, how do I know the speed of it? Thanks for any help.

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Well I played the demo some more last night. It definately got a little better. I tried a few different weapons out and it was kind of fun. I like the idea that you can pillage the dead bodies of the monsters for items that can be used to build different weapons, but I wish I could play around with that in the demo. Also, I wish they didnt give you a 20 minute time limit in the demo (I know its 50 min in the full game) because by the time Im finally getting used to controls of that particular character the damn time runs out and I have to start again. Annoying for someone new like me. However, I am starting to see the potential of the game.

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Tried the demo and didnt get into it. This was the first time I have played a MH game. Im not done with it though, I will give it a few more chances. Maybe I will still get the full game, because there must be something to all this MH craziness. Half the world freakin loves MH. Problem is for me that Etrian Odyssey IV comes out tomorrow and I absolutely loved the demo (Put over 10 hours into the demo!). Etrian is gonna eat up 100 - 200 hours of gametime.

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Somehow managed to miss these first time around so I'm really looking forward to picking them up!


Me too. They got hard to find almost immediately after being released. Now they are expensive on ebay, so this is gonna be a great opportunity to finally own the games. Cant wait for the US release.

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[QUOTE="IC3_C0LD_ZERO"]I never owned a Nintendo home console, so I would certainly buy any Zelda remake title they release on 3DS. Still hoping for a Marjora's Mask,Windwaker and Twillight Princess on 3dsGamefan1986

How do you make it through life never owning a Nintendo console? I mean it's one thing to not be interested in their stuff currently but they didn't have too much competition till 95.

He is probably young or just started gaming.

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So basically i want to try out the Paladin character class for DQ 9, however, i am worried about how to go about using that class. My main guy is a Minstrel, so should i change him to Paladin? Or is it not worth it? If i change the guy from Minstrel to Paladin, what should I do to not lose any advantages?


Im not sure. I recently beat the game, but was too scared to change my character class. I might still do it, as there are a ton of sidequests that I still need to do. Best place to get your answer is on gamefaqs.com. They have a forum that is still relatively active. Ask your question over there and you should get a response.