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Merry Christmas

I'd just like to sat Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and happy holidays/vacation to all those who don't.

Games on my Radar for 2009/2010

I more or less have 2009 planned out, but it would be nice to budget for 2010 since 90% of all games have been pushed back.

This is for me to help money management.

Batman Arkham Asylum - (360) Aug 25 (bought it, beat it, amazing)

Scribblenauts(got it, love it)

Dragon Age Origins - (360/PC) Oct 20 (amazing)

Assassin's Creed 2 - (360) - Nov 17 (love it)

Smackdown 2010(fun)


Forza 3 - (360) - Oct 27 (will last me a long time)

Modern Warfare 2- (360) - Nov 10 (camping!)

Brutal Legend - (360) Oct 13 (got it, love it)

Battlefield Bad Company 2(60)

Splinter Cell Conviction(60+?)

Bioshock 2(60)

Mass Effect 2(60)

Heavy Rain(maybe)(60)

Halo Reach(60)

Alpha Protocol - (360) ($60)

Games On My Radar for the remainder of 2009

This is for me to help money management.

Batman Arkham Asylum - (360) Aug 25 (bought it, beat it, amazing)

Scribblenauts(got it, love it)

Dragon Age Origins - (360/PC) Oct 20 (Paid Off)

Assassin's Creed 2 - (360) - Nov 17 (Paid Off)(20 if i get collectors edition)

Alpha Protocol - (360) Oct 6 (paid off)

Smackdown 2010(paid off)

Borderlands(paid off)

Forza 3 - (360) - Oct 27 (only tax left)

Modern Warfare 2- (360) - Nov 10 (*$30)(paid 35 off)

Brutal Legend(maybe) - (360) Oct 13 (*$60)

Adding to my DVD collection

Went to Blockbuster today and went crazy.

I got:

Fight Club
The Big Lebowski 10th Anniversary Edition
Reservoir Dogs 15th Anniversary Edition
Terminator 2 Special Edition
The Blair Witch Project (the reason I decided to buy any movies at all)
Carlito's Way
The Bourne Identity (the first one)

GOD DAMN E3(caps)

I'm going to miss the Microsoft Conference becuase I have to stay the entire day at school on June 1st, I'd miss the conference anyways had I not had study hall for that exam, and even tho I can drive, they aren't letting anyone from study hall leave. So I have to sit for 2 hours.

Plus I have finals June 1-4, and even tho I am exempt from all exams, I have to go to school for at least an hour and a half each day so they can take attendance.

Why did they have to have E3 so early this year.

3 years on Gamespot...

Damn, tomorrow will be my 3-year anniversiary on Gamespot...I joined when I was 13 years old, I turn 17 in July.

I'm still a member of the first union I joined(WWE and All, which hasnt had activity in years lol)...I still remember signing up...this site spawned the LEGOslayer name that I use everywhere but live since the name was taken when I joined, I think the profile has been deleted now, but i have a list of names for live that outdo lego anyways.

I'm a 360 gamer even tho I own all 3 consoles, my 360 collection outnumbers my PS3/Wii games(combined) 7-1.

Im amazed that ive stayed here and visited nearly every day for 3 years...I'll be the first to admit the site is nothing like it used to be...honestly had they not abandoned the unions, everyone would be more active here...

Well, I was going to make another blog of this to remind myself, but I might as well do it here...gonna make a list of games coming out this summer I plan to buy...

Red Faction
Sims 3

well, heres hoping im not here for the 6 year anniversiary....

One of the Most Interesting Days I've had In a Long While

So I woke up at 6AM on a Saturday to go take the SAT test. 5 hours later I feel I did good on it. I get home and convince my mom to let me have the 360 back(she took it due to having a C in history) and RE5 comes via gamefly today. But I've yet to play it since I've been busy preparing for a trip to California I'm taking for Spring Break. I'm going to go visit possible schools(USC, Berkeley, and Irvine).

So ya, I'm gonna go play RE5 as long as I can...

Halo Wars, MLB 09, Skate 2. 20000GS

bought Skate 2 off of Gamefly, so now they are sending me the box and stuff, I am addicted to that game and have 900GS points on it already. Speaking of gamerscore, I reached 20000 recently.

Then today, I went to buy Halo Wars(Limited edition bit***s and MLB 09 the show, but it took me 20 mins to get to the store cuz a 16 wheeler was flipped on its side at the major intersection to get there....but Halo Wars is awesum!

Skate? Two?

So I got Skate 2 from gamefly yesterday...must say its much better than Skate one, but still frustrating as hell...

btw, wholeheartedly recomend doing the Danny Way missions firtst :D