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New Signature Regarding Splinter Cell

Since so many people liked my old sig, and since I am done with the Warcraft universe and am back into the SC Universe with Chaos Theory, I now replaced the color scheme and switched Sam with a Shadownet operative. Comments?

I so i just Beat MGS3 and MGS1 ( In that order)

They definitely both have the best storyline in a game by far and I wish there were more games like these. They were both excellent. Especially MGS1 due me enjoying it even though it was made many years ago. If you have A PS2 but played neither of these games, get them both.

New Sig Baby

You like? I am sort of mad though, because the image quality really got f-ed over when coverted to a gif animation. I will redo it when I have time

Why not update my journal?

Well, if you have been wondering if I got what I wanted for Christmas (I doubt anyone cares), I got a Geforce 6800 and an upgrade to 1024 PC 3200 DDR 400 RAM.

Everything has been going smoothly. I recently bought an Xbox with my birthday money but I only have one game for it (Burnout 3).

I have sort of became bored of gaming for some odd reason. I am trying to scrounge for ideas on what games to play. Any suggestions? I have been thinking of going out to pick up Morrowind : GOTY Edition. I only played the original and had good fun with it.

Hope And Me Searching For Presents.

. I was just hoping my parents got me Geforce 6800 from compucare. Mom asked me herself if It was a good deal if she got it, and I was like "GET IT! ITS A STEAL FOR THAT PRICE". I can only pray. Besides that I think she got me some RAM, because she kept asking what type of RAM I got.

In fact, yesterday I went down into the crappy basement of ours even though I'm not aloud down there, and (Since my little brother asked me) I rummaged for his and my Christmas loot. It turns out I found it, but at the same time I fell into many traps. One of those dirty clothes bags with a space ontop to put clean clothes held together by white poles, was sitting in front of the door. With 10 pounds of glass sitting on top in a box. Well, I moved the wicked white dirty clothes contraction and not to my surprise it crashed down on me a long with the glass. Crapola. Since I knew I was screwed, I thought I should atleast take a peak.I unlatched the lock at the top of the door and Inside there were dozens of wrapped presents, a long with a few unwrapped. The only unrwapped presents I saw was a Hammster Ball to put a hamster in and he runs around, and a huge hamster activity center (A cage). My little brother who is 8 wanted a hammster awhile back. Damn he would of been surprised. I did my best to prop everything back up after I closed the door. It sort of looked like nothing happened. I headed back upstairs.

After my parents get home and I get a haircut, my dad comes upstairs with a sort of sly smile on his face. He asked me if I was looking for the presents. I asked "No, Why?" He said a few things have been moved around and the lock on the door was unlatched. He caught my mistake. He asks me repeatedly until I give in. He is happy I broke in and I was honest. All he did was say he is going to set up more traps downstairs just incase, and he told me not to ruin any surprises. Well, I told him I didn't look inside, I said that after the dirty laundry thing collapsed on me, and that I was to afraid to go any further.

All I know is that I am not going to try that again.

My Ban Has Worn Off! Huzzah!

Wow that was a boring week. Now that my ban worn off though, I wont' have to be bored all day long. Now that I figured out how to add UCBs to my forum listings, I will be visiting the HCU and OGF much more often now. Man, I hope never to get banned again for posting a naked man bodypainted as spiderman. Out.
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