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Isolating myself with Alien: Isolation - Part 1

10/10 scare of the year in a video game: The "Welcome to Sevastopol" achievement in Alien: Isolation.

With headphones on, it's early hours of the morning and I'm sitting in alone in total darkness playing on PC with a xbox 360 controller with nothing but the glare of a 32" PC slightly illuminating the room, I've completed and shrugged of a lot of horror games, if I'm to be honest the 'Stalkers' in Dead Space 2 had me creeped me out in a few sections, as did the biped wolf/dog/man/demon things that would chase you down the street in the first Silent Hill, or the crazy man on top of the apartment in the third game that looked like he was made of garbage bags, (I always thought he was made of garbage bags?...sorry for digressing)

Well all of those psychologically scarring memories can be shuffled to the back of my mind now, because up-front and center is the scariest experience I've ever had in a video game, unlocking the "Welcome To Svestapol" achievement, I won't go into detail but what they did for the first major scare of the game was so subtle and original in its execution, yet incredibly effective, that I want to say no more to spoil the moment I'm referring to other than to mention I had Ripley crouched in the corner like a little girl, I was so terrified of moving and not seeing what was coming...(SPOILER)

SPOILER: thanks to some of the most amazingly atmospheric audio work I have ever heard in a video game.

NO SPOILER: If you are a fan of anything remotely scary, and consider yourself hard to frighten, then I strongly recommend you take a look at this game and at least play through to the start of the third mission.

Buy or rent this game, play with headphones in the middle of the night, unlock the "Welcome To Svestapol" achievement and take a breath. You'll have had your moneys worth out of this game already for what it's just done for your heart and blood circulation.

Feel free to leave a post, I'd love to hear what you guys thought of that moment if you've reached it, I'd love to read peoples reactions to it, is it scary, are you enjoying the game? On a personal note I'm only three hours in but loving the way it's going, it's easily shaping up to be an 8 out of 10 upon completion from me, however like I said I'm only a few hours in.

Looking forward to writing more about my experience with the rest of the game as I progress, so guess it would be only natural to post it here, hopefully I don't need a pacemaker installed to get through it.

- Jim Lessels

The Jetpack

After viewing the mural at the top of Mount Chiliad, one question still lingers for thousands of people that have 100% finished GTA V's single player:

"Are Rockstar trying to tell me there is a jetpack hidden in the game or am I looking too much into this?"

"Even I wouldn't troll them that hard! Damn Rockstar!"

- Joakim Mogren

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Some music for you lovely guys and girls on Gamespot :)

Hello again.

I've now uploaded a few tracks I made on the mac using Garage Band '09 at Band Camp. They're free so if anyone is interested in downloading them please go for it! Feedback it's always appreciated. Critical feedback is always good for me, constructive is even better.

NOTE: Take the (c) below out of brackets when you type the link into your browser ;)


If anyone is offended by the name...sorry, but it's just a word, like any other harmless one for genitalia, the stigma surrounding its use is draconian in this day & age so the word shouldn't be treated any differently to saying Vagina However if you disagree; I'm all ears. Troll me anytime.

If you wanna use my music for a project please let me know a bit about what you want it for first. As I wont endorse the use of it without my permission.

Cheers and hope you enjoys guys.


P.S I'm available by the hour if anyone would like my services for MIDI music creation / sound effects projects. PM me with the details and I can give you a quote on what you'd be looking at for my services.

leslo - game developer & musician.

A bit of a blog, update, rant, whathaveyou.

I've decided to give myself a controversial new name as a 'musical artist':

- DJ ©untinyou -

First intended to be spelt without the copyright symbol as - DJ **** -

As you can see Gamespot politely censors indecent scum like me from writing such a monstrous word. I had to find a workaround by using a glyph! HAHAHAHA, EXCELLENT! *Taps fingers together like Burnsie*

Tonight I'll be making a Band Camp account, uploading some of my recent 'music creations' and reposting here after. Expect some free 'music' at a link here on my blog sometime in the next 48 hours. I put the word music in brackets as it may not be in some peoples tastes, but I'd love any feedback, as I can always mentally grow from some honest criticism and produce 'better' stuff in the future. For now I just wanted to post the name, it also works as a vague reference to gaming. Might be a little too vulgar, but using the copyright glyph, a < or a K to replace the C in **** is more subtle.


For anyone who's interested and doesn't know me personally (unless you're Ben Van Eijk; who's well aware of my terrible musical demo's) I play a modest amount of guitar and have been messing around making MIDI's regularly for almost a year now, I create all my recordings on GarageBand '09 ver.5.1 on a MacBook. I'm up to around 100 tracks and alot of them are being refined now when I have the time. If a new tune enters my head there's usually an attempt to record it. Though the list keeps growing, songs keep being left unfinished through my frustration in perfecting them, so far I've exported half a dozen tracks to m4a that I like. A few will be added to Band Camp but I'm thinking finishing a proper album make take me up to another year because of how much I have going on.

By the way sorry to Ben Van Eijk - (a good friend, very good illustrator and graphic designer, also known as juhubbahukka@deviantart & singer/keyboard of Top Floor Climax @ bandcamp), ArmouredCore55 and TheMudora for not having a promised demo of my 2d platform adventure yet (and a top50 games list for TheMudora - I'm still tweeking it, trust me Mudora I take my games very seriously!).

The 2d game I'm doing has no missions yet but there's still a load of stuff I've already put it to explore on foot and riding on the bike, you can also currently swim, duck and crawl, speak to NPC's, blow-up bridges, fly the chopper, collect gold and shoot at badguys in 360degrees, 'Shadow Complex' styles with xbox control and vibration. it takes about 30 minutes to finish exploring the world on foot, and the motorbike definitely helps speed that up, though not everywhere. The style of something simple like Blaster Master with physics and RPG elements is what I'm trying to develop here, didn't imagine it would take so long learning to program everything, but this is an EPIC bastard project for one little monkey of a man.

Now one thing at a time, I'm off to Band Camp to upload some music as DJ ©untinyou!