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That's my life

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And here comes a proper blog :D. Even quicker than I expected ;).

Just a bit of an update on what's going on with me really ;). But hopefully there'll be some interest for you lot too ;). - What the?! :S. Where'd all my editorships go :o. I had like 60+ of them :( (and some of them had potential for getting me a good few more levels ;) ).

Last time I checked, you only lost editorships if you weren't clearing submissions, or you weren't looking after a guide well.

Well I had been keeping track of my submission queues and there was no action on the profiles, so I still don't know why I lost the profiles :(.

I'm guessing that must have made some new rules or something :(.

Well I'm not gonna try and get any editorships again. I remember how ridiculously hard the staff/moderators were making it for anyone to submit info to unedited show profiles :(.

So I guess I'll just stick to blogs, reviews, and forum posts :).

Life at home - Not too great currently :(.

I'm trying to get a job, and I'm waiting on my final degree assignment results. I've not had one call from an employment agency in over a week and a half (despite applying for many jobs on employment agency websites), and currently 2 of the 4 assignment results I'm waiting on have gone past the deadline when the tutor should have provided them :(.

The general living situation is also not great :(. My sister and her family have had to move house, but they're making little effort to find another place, so her, her children and her A-hole husband are now living back in my house, pretty much for as long as it suits them (my parents seem to be making little effort to encourage them to find their own house and not just live in theirs). Basically, since my sister's husband came into her life, he has done nothing but manipulate her and anyone he can in my family for his own personal gain, and now he is back living in this house again, being just as irritating as ever :(.

It's not all doom and gloom though :).

In only 6 days time, Anna will be over :D. Not just for a couple of weeks, but for a whole 3 months :D :D. (This has required lots of over due spring cleaning in my part of the house, but it's worth it ;) ). As part of her uni course she has to work in the UK for a period of time so she'll be staying with me for that time :).

As far as finding work and university marks go, I'm trying to stay positive that things will work out :). I'm sure there must be some way I can get work :) (Just waiting for the opportunity sucks though ;) ). As for the marks, the results are important as they will pretty much confirm what degree grade I'll get, but I guess I'll know the official degree mark by mid-July, so maybe I just have to stay patient a little longer :).

What I'm playing

- Having completed MW3 on the Wii in less than a week (It might be a well made game, but it's ridiculously easy :S ), I am now playing Need For Speed: The Run. I know NFS: The Run isn't supposed to be that good but I quite enjoyed NFS: Nitro, so I decided to give it a go. I agree that it isn't the greatest game (the story mode is too dull and easy to complete) but the challenge mode is pretty solid, and the idea of being able to take down other cars for certain challenges makes the game a little more fun :).

What I'm listening too

- Latest albums bought include: The Karate Kid Soundtrack, The Batman Soundtrack, Country Legends (good range of aritsts :), poor choice of songs :( ), the best of Led Zeppelin, The American Reunion Soundtrack

What I'm watching (Film)

- recent purchases include: Tucker & Dale vs Evil (starts off well but runs out of gas towards the end), The Medallion (possibly Jackie Chan's worst western made non-children's movie)

- In the cinema I saw: The Avengers (enjoyable fun, but not a masterpiece), American Reunion (An unfortunate case of diminishing returns :(, but it still had funny moments and layer of sweetness, so I was happy :) )

What I'm watching (TV)

- CSI: NY - Seaon 7. Stella is missed :(, but the show is still good, and I really like Danny and Lindsay as a couple :)

- 8 Simple Rules - Season 2. Saw the first episode on youtube. I know it's a sad season because the father dies :(, but I still need to get it on DVD already ;).

- Melissa & Joey - Season 1. I'm a fan of Blossom and Melissa Joan Hart was quite fun in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, so I'm glad that this show happened :). It's a family comedy so it's not overly hilarious, but I think I'll keep watching it :) (although it only being renewed for 15 episodes suggests it might not last much longer though :( ).

Well that's it for this blog :)

I'll blog again soonish though ;)

Bye for now

Leo :)


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(flicks profile lights on and off a couple of times)



Hello there TV.comers :D

Wow it's been a while since I last did a blog :S.

Well this is not really a proper blog anyway :/.

It's a pre-apertiser if anything ;).

Just thought I'd let you all know that after a long (and I mean lo-ong!) absence, I have decided to return to :D. So expect more blogs to come, and maybe the occasional review and/or forum post from me aswell :D.

Bye for now :D


(oh and the first person to comment gets a chocolate :D )

My July :D :D

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Hey everyone :D

Let's get on with the show ;). hehe

- A got more work! :D. I got... a whole half day :o. I mean wow! lucky am I....:?. ;). Oh well, maybe work will be better next summer :).

- I went to a superhero/supervillain fancy dress BBQ :D. I went as Doctor Octopus :D. hehe

- I went to an America themed fancy dress BBQ :D. I went as a Cowboy ;)

- I went to a post wedding BBQ of some family friends :). It was pretty lousy though :(

- I saw my niece and nephew perform in a musical together :D

- I saw my nephew in his primary school play ^_^

- I saw my nephew playing cricket :)

- I went out drinking in London with some friends that I haven't seen in over a year :)

Films I bought: Land of the Lost (2/5), The Hills Have Eyes (Remake) (2/5), The Hills Have Eyes 2 (Remake) (2/5), Paradise Lost (2/5), Clash of the Titans (Remake) (2/5)

TV Shows I bought: Heroes: Season 3

Days till I see Anna again: 17

Percentage till my next level: 78

Subs till 50K: 29,384

Song of the day: The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss) by Cher

My June :D :D

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Hey everyone :D. I hope you're all keeping well :).

- I went to Switzerland and got to spend 9 days with Anna :D:D. We went on a boat trip :D. We went on a pedalo :D. We went swimming :D. We went to the cinema again :D (We saw Robin Hood :). I'd give it 4/5 :D). We played Uno about million times :P. lol. And I met her parents for the first time :o:o. It was kinda scary :?, but I think it went well :).

- I got my final essay mark back from my first Uni year :D. I got 72% :D:D. That's an A! :D:D:D. And it's also the highest mark I've got so far :D

- I also officially passed my first Uni year :D:D. I got 4 Cs, 2 Bs, and 1 A :D. I'm pretty happy with my results ;). hehe.

- I chose my modules for my second Uni year :).

- I saw my cousin perform in an amateur dramatics musical :).

- I got some more summer work :D. It was only for a week :(, but it's better than nothing though :).

- I made a hotel booking for me and Anna for August :D. It'll be the first time we've gone away together :D:D. I'm sooo excited about it :D:D:D

Films I bought: Dragonball Evolution (2/5), The Princess And The Frog (3/5), Surrogates (3/5), Every Which Way But Loose (3/5), Any Which Way You Can (3/5), Halloween (Rob Zombie) (3/5), Halloween 2 (Rob Zombie) (2/5), Wrong Turn 3 (3/5), Up (4/5), Sherlock Holmes (3/5), Stan Helsing (2/5), Our Man Flint (3/5), In Like Flint (3/5), Ong Bak: The Beginning (3/5), Red Dawn (3/5), Saw VI (3/5), The Slammin' Salmon (2/5), Jackie Brown (3/5)

TV Shows I bought: The Cosby Show: Season 5, The Cosby Show: Season 6, The Cosby Show: Season 7, The Cosby Show: Season 8

Albums I bought: Band A Part by Nouvelle Vague, One Of The Boys by Katy Perry, The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga, Iron Man 2 (soundtrack)

Games I Bought: Indiana Jones And The Staff Of Kings (Wii)

Days till I see Anna again: 51 :D:D:D

Percentage till my next level: 78

Subs till 50K: 29,384

Song of the day: Be My Baby by Vanessa Paradis

My May :D :D

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Thought I'd start with a long pause for a change :P.



b'anyway, let's get on with the show ;)

Hey everyone :D. Here's my May month's events in bullet point form :D. hehe

- I finished my first year of Uni :D. Woo yeah!! :D :D. Summer starts here :D :D :D. hehe. Still 2 years to go till I'm done completely though :?. ;).

- I did my first ever Uni exam :o. I knew what to write :), but I didn't sort my time out well for working on the 2 questions we had, so I only managed to complete one :(, but hopefully they'll see I knew all the info from the notesheet I took in with me, plus I only actually need to get 14% in the exam to pass that curse module anyway :D. hehe.

- I got 2 more coursework marks back :D. Our music video :D, which we only got a C for :(, which I though sucked :(, because our video was easily the best of all the ones that were made :(. And my screen production written piece which I got a B for :D. The essay I had to do over Easter has also been marked, but I'm still waiting for our assignments office to send it to me so that I cn find out what I got :(.

- I went out for a nice end of year meal with one of my now former housemates :). We went to sausage restaurant, and I got to try kangaroo meat for the first time :D. It was pretty tasty :).

- I officially moved out of my campus accomodation :o. I'm no longer a university freshman :o:o. ;)

- I started looking for summer work :D. So far I've had 2 days work :?. Wooo, go me! ;). hehe

- Anna came over for a couple of days :D:D:D. We went up to London :D, we went to the cinema again :D (we saw Iron Man 2 :D. Which I didn't think was as good as the first film :(), we went for a picnic, we went to 2 restaurants :o, and we got a chinese takeaway again :D.

- I helped my brother build his new kitchen for his house :).

- I went out for a meal to celebrate my cosuin's 30th birthday :). We had chinese again ;). hehe.

- I started playing Bejeweled Blitz :D:D. hehe. I suck at it though :P. LOL. I haven't even managed 200K yet ;).

Films I bought: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (4/5) (For Film Studies ;)), Commando (3/5), Mesrine: Parts 1 & 2 (4/5), OSS 117: Lost In Rio (3/5), Silent Night, Deadly Night (2/5), Ninja Assassin (2/5)

TV Shows I bought: Police Squad - The Complete Series

Albums I bought: The E.N.D. by Black Eyed Peas, Summer Holiday (Various Artists), Dreamboats and Petticoats 3 (Various Artists), Whitney Houston - The Ultimate Collection, Rhythms Del Mundo, Cuba (Various Artists)

Games I bought: Super Monkey Ball - Step & Roll (Wii), Red Steel 2 (Wii), Band Hero (Wii)

Days till I see Anna again: 4 :D:D:D

Percentage till my next level: 78

Subs till 50K: 29,384

Song of the day: I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston

My April :D :D

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Hey everyone :D

- So, hmm, what happened in April ;).........., ooh now i remember :D,..........Anna was over for Easter :D:D. We had a whole 6 days together :D:D:D. She had to experience lunch with my expanded family again :?, but I think she made it through pretty much fine ;). hehe. We also went to Notting Hill, the seaside (where we one even more soft toys fom grab machines :D. hehe.), we saw Platform 9 3/4 :D, and we went to the cinema again :D (We saw The Bounty Hunter :). It wasn't that great :?.)

- It was Easter and I got lots of chocolate eggs :D:D.

- I went to the cinema and saw Cemetary Junction :). It was fun :)

- I had in another 2 assignments, plus I've had to start revising for my end of year exam :?.

- I got 2 marked assignments back :D. The presentation I didn't think went very well :(, we got a high C for :D, and our tutor noted that the piece I wrote for it was one of the best bits of the presentation :D. I also got another B for an essay :D.

- I went out for a meal with one of my future housemates which was fun :).

- I also went out with people from my Karate group back home, and that was fun too :D.

- I finally got 1000 films on DVD :D. It only took me 9 years :P. LOL

Films I bought: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (4/5)(for Film Studies ;)), The Jungle Book (animated) (4/5), 101 Dalmations (animated) (4/5), Pocahontas (3/5), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (3/5), Dumbo (4/5), Pinocchio (4/5), Brother Bear (3/5), Howard the Duck (2/5), Gamer (2/5), Funny People (3/5), Raging Phoenix (3/5)

Days till I see Anna again: 18 :D:D:D

Days till I finish my first University year: 5 :D:D

Percentage till my next level: 78

Subs till 50K: 29,384

Song of the day: Turn the Beat Around by Gloria Estefan

My March :D :D

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Hey everyone :D

Not such an exciting month this time :?, but things still happened ;)

- It was Mother's Day :). I got my mum Love Actually :D.

- I had a TV/Film weekend-in with two of my future housemates which was quite fun :D

- I had to complete3 assignments :o.One was an essay,one was a presentation, which really wasn't that great :?, and the other one was a music video :D:D:D, it was so much fun to make :D:D.

- I got the mark back for my first assignment of the new term :). I got 66% :D, a B :D:D. It's my highest essay mark so far :D

- I went to a local club that I hadn't been to before with some other student friends :)

- I went to the cinema twice :D. We saw Leap Year, which wasn't that great :?, and I Love You Phillip Morris, which was actually quite fun :).

- So as to make space for more DVDs ;), I put all my CD cases into storage (over 400 of them :o), and put all my CDs into 2 filing cabinets which can hold over 800 CDs in total :D. Hopefully they should could me going for a couple more years at least ;). hehe.

Films I bought: Midred Pierce (4/5), The Crying Game (4/5), Reservoir Dogs (4/5), Inglourious Basterds (3/5) (all for Film studies ;)), Sleepaway Camp 4 (2/5), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (4/5), The Fly `5 Film Collection`, The Exorcist Anthology, GI Joe: Rise Of Cobra (2/5) , The Hangover (3/5), Kill Zone (3/5), 2012 (3/5)

TV Shows I bought: Walker Texas Ranger: Season 7, Walker Texas Ranger: Season 8, Tabitha: The Complete Series, The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season 5

Days till I see Anna again: 38 :D:D:D

Days till I finish my first University year: 27 :D

Percentage till next level: 78

Subs till 50K: 29,384

Song of the day: MMMbop by Hanson

My February :D

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Hi Everyone :D

Away from

- I went to Switzerland to See Anna :D :D. I even stayed in her home :o, and I met two of her brothers :o :o. It was a little scary :?, but I made it through ;), Anna helped :D. I also got to give Anna her birthday presents :D, enjoy valentines day with her ^_^, and enjoy my first trip to a swiss cinema :D (We saw Valentine's Day :)). We also got to be together on the anniversary of the first day we met in person aswell :D (I can't believe it's been a year already :D).

- I officially got an off-campus house sorted out for my second year :D. I'm currently going to be sharing it with 3 other students, and they all seem like nice people :).

- I got addicted to ebay :P. LOL. I've already got hold of 3 films that I didn't think I'd be able to get anywhere :D. I also got some really cool Animal Crossing figurines from Japan, and these action figures from this old school anime show I liked when I was really young :D :D. I'm such a kid :P :P.

- I also got a free gift with some points I had built up from purchases I had made in a store in the UK :D (HMV). I got an Optimus Prime figure :D. Hehe

- I handed in my first assignment of my new University term :).

- I got my screenplay back :D. I got an A! :D:D:D:D:D:D. I was soooo happy :D:D:D. I also got another B and another C for two more assignments :D. I've now passed 3 of my university modules :D.

- I booked flight tickets to go over to Switzerland in June :D. Me and Anna are gonna be together for 9 days :D:D

Films I bought: Gilda (4/5), Rope (4/5), King Kong (2005 version :rolleyes: ) (3/5), Rear Window, The Full Monty (4/5), Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (3/5) (all required for Film Studies ;)), Cabin Fever 2 (2/5), Road Trip 2: Beer Pong (2/5), Slumber Party Massacre (2/5), Taxi 4 (3/5), Cannonball Run 3 (2/5)


- I finally reached 20,000 Subs :D:D. I'm now a Contributionator :D. hehe

That 50,000 Subs goal could take a while though ;).

- I finally reached the Buffy level :D:D:D (aka Level 65, aka Chosen One ;)). Yep, I finally made it :P. Hehe. It's only taken me about a year :P. LOL. I'm aready 12% towards the next level aswell :D.

Days till I see Anna again: 32 :D:D:D

Days till I finish my first University year: 75 :D

Percentage till next level: 88

Subs till 50K: 29,724

Song of the day: Don't Stop Believing by Journey

My January :D

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Happy New Year Everyone :D

But what did the first month of 2010 have in store for me ;):

Away from

- It was my Birthday :D :D. The big 3 O :o :o. ;). Luckily I have such youthfull looks eh ;). haha. But anyway ;), it was quie fun :D. didn't do anything too memorable ;), but I did have a celebratory meal or two with my family, and a night out in London with my friends :D. And of course there was presents :D :D. The majority was money and sweets :), but my super lovely girlfriend got me some pretty awesome stuff :D. Anna got me Dragnet on DVD, Swiss Chocolate, a teddybear ^_^, and Baywatch: Season 6 :D:D

- I started my second University semester :D. 3 new course modules :D: World Cinema, Critcal Approaches To Film, and Screen Productions (we're making our own films :D:D) :)

- I went to a Uni house party :D. Which was actually a lot more fun than I expected it to be :)

- I got another assignment back :). I got a C :D. I've officially passed my first University module :D:D.

- I got addicted to Farmville :P. lol. I'm already level 24 :lol:. But I need more land :(, so please feel free to track me and add me as your Farmville neighbour :D:D.

- I went to the cinema twice :D. I saw The Book Of Eli (3/5) and Up In the Air (4/5)

Films I bought: Imitation of Life (required for Film Studies ;), Batman (4/5), Batman Forever (2/5), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2/5), Say Anything (3/5), The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin (4/5), District 13: Ultimatum (3/5), Terminator Salvation (4/5), Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (not required for Film Studies ;))

TV shows I got: Baywatch: Season 6 :D:D

Albums I bought: Version by Mark Ronson

Games I bought: Tatsunoko vs Capcom (Wii)


I updated my `About Me` section :D

Days till I see Anna again: 12 :D:D:D

Days till I finish my first year of University: 103 :D

Percentage till next level: 13

Subs till 20K: 226

Song of the day: In Time by Robbi Robb

My December :D

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Hey everyone :D

I hope you all had a great Christmas and your New Year is just as awesome :D.

Away from

- I got 3 more assignments back :D. I got 2 Cs :),................and 1 A :D:D:D:D:D. I was sooo Happy :D

- I went out for a Christmas meal with my housemates :)

- I went out to London for Chinese with a group of friends :)

- I went out clubbing with a load of people from my campus :D

- I booked flight tickets to see Anna in Switrzerland in February :D:D

- I went ice-skating :). And I was really really really really bad at it :lol:. Seriously, you would not believe just how bad I am at it LOL :lol:.

- I went to the cinema again :D. I saw Sherlock Holmes :D, which was quite fun :)

but what else happened? :?


....oh that's it!......

.. - Anna stayed at my house for a week! :D:D:D. We got to spend Christmas together! :D:D:D. It was the best Christmas ever :D:D:D.

Films I bought) Blow Up (4/5), The Conversation (4/5) (Film History again ;)), American Pie 7 (2/5), Harry Potter 6 (4/5), Jingle All The Way (2/5), Star Trek (4/5), King Boxer, Batman Returns (4/5), Batman Forever (3/5), Angels & Demons, Race To Witch Mountain, Final Destination 4

TV Shows I got) Baywatch: Season 5 :D:D:D, The Complete New Avengers

Albums I bought) Fast Times At Ridgemont High (Soundtrack), Lungs by Florence & The Machine

Games I bought) Beatles Rock Band (Wii), Wii Fit Plus (Wii), Colin McRae Rally: Dirt 2 (Wii), Mario & Sonic At The Winter Olympics (Wii)


I started subbing again :D:D:D

Percentage till next level: 18

Subs till 20K: 277

7 Days till my Birthday :D:D

43 days till I see Anna again :D:D:D

Song of the Day: Shine by Laura Izibor