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Dissidia 012 Duodecim- Final Fantasy!!!11!!1

I want to play as Lightning NAO! But I can't...And, to top it off, Square-Enix is slowly spilling-out information on the title. Just as I find myself slipping-away from the Duodecim board, new information is released, and I'm snagged again....

I'm too excited to stay on that board anymore, though. Without new information, there is no speculation, only completely irrelevant topics about...Star Wars?...It's sad, really...

By this time next week, Square-Enix will release another little tidbit...and I'll be hooked again...Why not let me explore other boards until it's released!? I can't endure this wait; there are too many new, shiny improvements!! X_X

Black Ops?

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...I hate Call of Duty titles *gasp* Well...yeah. I just prefer Halo or Battlefield, honestly. Don't really know why, could be the system and how the games are played...I don't know =/

Anyway, my friend is truly bent on getting me to buy, play, and enjoy Black Ops. -_-'

Frustration mounting at repeating that one negative word only to have it fall on deaf ears has led to my pre-order for Black Ops. It better be good, oh, he better hope I like this game....

Desire...and laziness...-__-

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Desiring: Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy. Now, I'm all hyped for this game. I'm like a raving monkey who's scientist is dangling a banana a mere few feet from its face. I want this bad...

But, I still have to complete Aqua's story (and the Final Episode) in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. I'm close, too. I just...I don't know, I got lazy all of a sudden. I mean, I could be playing Birth by Sleep right now, maybe even finish off two worlds, in the time I'm spending here on GameSpot...but...I don't know...

Sadly, too, Halo: Reach, which I had high-hopes for, has left me bored, yes, BORED, within a mere few weeks after its release...what's wrong with me? Could it be my Senior Year in High School? Or am I just in a videogame slump? I crave Birth by Sleep during school, but when I get home, nada. Reach just, nothing there. Oh, well, hopefully I'll shape up again. I DID beat Terra's and Ventus's stories rather quickly, and I have some burn-out as a result?

I guess I shouldn't get too worked up, huh? Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2's The Passing campaign is on the horizon, maybe agameplay change-of-pace will push me out of the slump. All right, thanks to those who read this odd rant. See you all later!