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A Long Time Coming...

Gamespot blogs don't have a common space in my life for me to put as much time into them as I'd like - it probably won't ever be like that due to the fact that I have plans to start a gaming website of some kind.

I surpassed owning 200 games this year. My XBox 360 stack comes up to my waist. And at least 6 games are going to be added to that stack before the year's out. It has been an alright year for games to be quite honest. MW2 had it's up and downs but hopefully CoD: Black Ops will knock us all out of the water once again - a game I do believe will be without doubt the best game of 2010 [tied with Halo Reach].

So onto the games I will be purchasing:

Halo Reach Limited Edition

I'm a big fan of individuals that put in an incredibly huge amount of time into creating games/game franchises the way companies such as Bungie, Bethesda, Dice, Valve and Treyarch do. Which is why the Limited Edition was a no-brainer. If I could, I would have definitely gone for the Legendary Edition - but I may purchase that at a later date. Looking forward bigtime to the multiplayer as well as the campaign of course.

Fallout: New Vegas

Being a big fan of both Fallout 3 and the incredibly unique music score that made it stand out as much as it did, I had to make this one of my final purchases of 2010. Really excited for this one also.

Fifa 11

So I was a huge fan of Fifa 10 last year, as well as Fifa 09 the year before. I first started with the Fifa franchise back in 1998 and have always loved what they've done [I don't like Pro Evo - sorry.] - initial feelings about the Pro Passing are very positive and the fact that I've seen it all in action really got me excited for Fifa 11.

They put Rooney on the cover again tho. Bloody hell. Lol

Medal Of Honor

I was a little bit sceptical in terms of the beta - but then again I had to remind myself that it was of course just a beta. And this game does indeed prove to be a very successful release. Probably not as much as people thought it would be in regards to it being able to possibly surpass Black Ops [which, if you're smart, will know now is practically impossible.] but I do hope the campaign side of things does give me a lot to enjoy - as well as the multiplayer component.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition

If you're a gamer who pre-orders games the way I do, you know how fantastic the feeling is when such a masterpiece of a franchise arrives in your mail. When it was Call Of Duty: World At War I had that overwhelming feeling of excitement and joy. Besides, it was my first COD purchase. When it was the turn of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - again - the huge feeling of excitement. Especially due to the fact that I had purchased the Prestige Edition, and received it a day before release.

But when Call Of Duty: Black Ops arrives, I have no idea how I will feel in terms of being able to describe it. But I know it will be the biggest game I ever have the pleasure of playing. And that Wager Mode and customisation is just begging to have all the time in the world invested in it.

As well as the RC car.

Kyntexx out.

Loving When Games Arrive 4 Days Early

I would never lie to you all. This game is going to be my most played alongside Modern Warfare 2.

It's Battlefield: Bad Company on steriods. And I'm loving it.
You all know the gamertag. If you manage to get a hold of it you know what to do.

Kyntexx Fridays 18/09/09 -- Really Wish I Did This More...

I'm going to make more of a habit in doing a blog on Gamespot from now on. It's nice to have a sense of stability in life so I'll stick to a nice schedule of minimum once a week :-). I think I'll call these ones.... Kyntexx Friday [yeah I know - real original] - so much to talk about so let's get right into it.

Need For Speed: Shift

Now I will admit I was quite disappointed with the video review of this game from Gamespot. No attention paid to the revolutionary new cockpit driving experience. No proper mention of the matchmaking in which it seperates the men from the boys [aggressive from true-line racers]. And the driver viewable in the video seemed as though he was deliberately horrible [let's just hope it was deliberate.] Nevertheless, I will be getting this game in the post in a few hours so I'll defeinitely be posting my own review on the game, as well as my plans to review all the games I own [such a task].

Assassin's Creed 2

Assassin's Creed 2 has been on my wishlist ever since I completed the first game. Although there were complaints of the repetitiveness, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience in playing this game - from the gameplay to the breathtaking scenery. And now we will all soon embark on yet another magnificient journey, taking the control of Ezio Auditore de Firenze, a nobleman of Florence from 1476. The videos that have been surfacing on this game have made things seem ever-more exciting, and this is definitely on the pre-order list.

Fifa 10 up, PES 2010 down.

So I downloaded the Fifa 10 demo before it was even showing on the Spotlight section of the Dashboard on the 360. And was immediately blown away. It plays just like it's predecessor, but the small things make things so much better.

The addition of 360 degree movement is a BIG step in football games. It really does set the pace for PES 2010 [which i'll get to in a second.] - I fouled an opponent and the players continued moving. I was left just watching them as they went into taking a quick free kick [another great addition]. The animations are much more swift and flow with each other perfectly. The commentary still hits on things that isn't really happening, or just doesn't match up with what's taking place, but Fifa 09 brought tons of realism to the genre and that will without a doubt grow with the release of Fifa 10.

PES 2010 demo I downloaded a few hours ago. The gameplay is the same as it's been for about 3 years. The graphics have improved but there is a lack of facial animations that made Gerrard's face move minimally as he shot a goal past the keeper. Unfortunately I think Konami are going to lose some more fans this year.

Modern Warfare 2

The big dog. The massive one that is on everyone's minds. The huge release that is Modern Warfare 2.

Now obviously this along with many other games are on my pre-order list [I'm actually getting the Prestige Edition, which I will unleash on here when I get it] so I won't rattle on too much about it. But it wouldn't be a good blog without a MW2 mention right?

Please stay tuned for a NFS Shift review very soon. Out.

Killzone 2 First Impressions

Many times I've addressed games as being groundbreaking to an extent, and really really addictive. But this game.....

I cannot, stress enough - how fantastic this game is. It's so BEAUTIFULLY put together - and multiplayer is VERY dynamic and impressive.

Every time I load up the game I watch the intro movie. Every time. Because it is that jaw-dropping you just don't ever get bored of it. The campaign is proving extremely intense and exciting. I jumped straight into it on the hardest difficulty.

I'll update more in the coming days. But wow - just wow.

*Announcer Voice* Street Fighterrrr......Four!

What I love about pre-ordering is that due to the fact that the UK postal service has to uphold their reputation following their screw-ups of recent years, they've become too good at their job. Needless to say as I clicked to watch the SF IV review on here - in it came through the letterbox.

The game really is a cool game. I have yet to play with friends yet so right now I've been beaten a few europeans and americans via PSN - but so far so friggin' good. If anybody's looking to purchase a game to tie them over for a few months I'd recommend getting it.

P.s: Flower is f**kin' incredible. That is all.
P.p.s: partial reason for typing this is because Gamespot won't let me add to my Now Playing.

A Kyntexx Makeover

I decided to change up a bit considering the new rush of games on the way to me. So the theme is now the infamous Killzone 2. Had to use Movietome because Gamespot decided to bring the bugs from last year into this one, but it's cool I can handle it lol.

So the next games coming to me are Killzone 2 and Street Fighter IV - for the PS3. I may get it for the 360 if there are enough people on my XBox Live list playing it [better way for me to see who exactly I'll be beating constantly]. Meanwhile I've completed FEAR 2 - really good game to be honest; now in the process of completing on the Hard difficulty, as well as finding the 7 pieces of intel remaining, and 3 flamin' reflex injectors [may have to play through again just to get them].

Multiplayer is solid; not groundbreaking but I won't nitpick - the game is a keeper. I've had much better luck with it than Resistance 2. I get into 2% of games, so I put the game to the side for now...

Also completed Little Big Planet - such a cute little game isn't it? My girlfriend & I were going around bagging the remaining co-op stuffs-bubbles just earlier lol

Not sure what i'm doing with my copy of TR: Underworld for the PS3. Gonna be getting it for 360 for the sake of actually having a piece of software telling me I've achieved something rather than waiting for a trophy patch everybody knows Eidos aren't going to release...

Gonna be trading in Sonic Unleashed and The Simpsons Game for Grid. But anyhoo, watch out for a blog where I'll be offering somebody a designed profile much like my own - and feel free to let me know how your gaming [or life] is going in the comments :-)



Definitely A Much Need Update

Wow it's been a long damn time. Last blog was R6V2? Put that game down a while back - probably just as CoD 5 came out. But anyway moving on...

I've been gaming - a lot. Obviously. And a couple of days back I made yet another gaming purchase, setting me on course for partially dominating the Sony world. Yes - I purchased a PS3. with Resistance 2.

Now as I wait for that console, I'll try not to get myself too bored with waiting, considering I also pre-ordered Killzone 2, and purchase Tomb Raider Underworld. The thing with TR:U tho is that [as far as I know] PS3 trophies are new. And TR:U was supposed to have recieved a patch enabling trophies. But I have a feeling I'm going to be borrowing it off of somebody for the 360 just to catch on some achievements [which I enjoy collecting, as you may or may not know].

Meanwhile my recent purchases on the 360 were, as I mentioned, CoD 5. Great single player campaign [which I finished, on Veteran, 6 days after release, gaining all achievements; 9 days after American release that would be] but the glitching as well as the Double XP only being on the Core playlists, kind of made me play it half as much as I used to. And no, being a Prestige Level 4 didn't make the game look any fresher to me considering all of that happened.

Other games I purchased were Fallout 3 Collector's Edition [a Deathclaw glitched itself in front of me the other day so until further notice I'm scared to go back to the game]. I also purchased Sonic Unleashed [Gamespot were WAY too harsh] and Tom Clancy's EndWar - which is quite good, but my crappy disc is deciding not to work. But I'll get to it eventually.

On XBLA I purchase Braid [BRILLIANT game] and Pinball FX. So I've been having a pretty busy time on the 360 as of late. Definitely planning to get Grid also once I trade in Gears 1 [when i complete Insane] and The Simpsons Game.

So from like in about 7 days I'll be gaming on the PS3, as well as the 360, as well as the PC [still on my Team Fortress 2, and a pre-ordered The Sims 3] - my PS3 comes with Resistance 2, which I'll play non-stop up until around the 17th, which is when TR:U arrives. Then of course Killzone 2 when it releases.

Very busy gaming life. I'll update more often and dive into the personal a bit next time.


Completing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 twice within 60 hours, minus 1 achievement.

So yes - when I purchase games, I make sure I complete them straight away. Not because I want to tell people "I'm the greatest", but to prove to myself how much of my brain I'm actually capable of using...

Now, my first impressions of the game - extremely impressive. The firefights are even more intense and enjoyable, and the sprint feature blended in with the thermal feature make it quite a fulfilling game.

The length of the game didn't really put me off any, primarily because it's a sequel. I don't expect anything overly groundbreaking. I just expect a game I can really get into - and that's exactly what I found.

I laid in bed the morning of the 20th and by chance happened to wake up the second I heard the packet fall to the floor (£5 cheaper when pre-ordering - although I will be shelling out the full £40 for GTA IV, because they're including 4 gamer pics and 500 Microsoft points with the pre-order). I put the game in, started on my character, familiarised myself with the new A.C.E system and completed Story Mode on Normal - within 24 hours (really took me 6-7 hours - but I'm recording in terms of from when the game arrived).

When I completed Normal Mode, i went straight into Realistic Mode, and the very 1st thing I noticed was either this game was much easier than the 1st, or it was just the fact that I had gotten even better at games. I guess all the sniping in Team Fortress 2 really paid off lol.

I only started to feel the mode kick in once I came to a level where you're basically a lone ranger. But alas, I survived, and finally completed the game - again - within 60 hours of it arriving.

Now for everyone who has Rainbow Six Vegas 1, you're all fully aware of the Realistic Story Mode achievement. But, for some strange reason, I don't have this achievement. It is nowhere to be seen.

One of my Live buddies has it, and another has the Terrorist Realistic achievement, so I assume he has the same problem (never really known somebody to do Terrorist missions before the Stroy)

Don't know whether I want to call up Ubisoft so I may just join the website, but in addition to this update:

--Nearly completed Burnout Paradise. I've got 117 of 120 Billboards, as well as 393 of 400 Smashes. Tut tut...
--I traded in NFS Carbon for the PS2 in. Got £3 for it. Bloody brilliant isn't it.
--I DIDN'T trade in Oni for the PS2. Because they told me it was worth 1p. Friggin' brilliant again isn't it...
--I'll be on XBox Live from 25th March onwards for a year. So check what games I have if u wanna play (I do not have COD4 or Halo 3 lol)

Signing out.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 -- Yes. I actually did the gnome achievement.

I'll tell u what kind of person I am when it comes to games. I'm the type that knows that game designers put crazy stuff all around the place in games (Example: Half-Life Ep 1 -- you'll notice there are quite a few red bicycles for some reason)

So anyway, Alyx goes trying to get something to work - like she does. So I'm searching under the table and I find this gnome. Now this was by sheer luck - I thought to myself "this must have some relevance - kill somebody with it perhaps?" - ha, I wish...

So I Googled it. And my God I couldn't believe there was such an achievement.

If u have no idea what I'm on about I'll tell u. At the very start of Half-Life Episode 2 there is a garden gnome under a table in a control tower/room. The achievement sypnosis states "Shoot the garden gnome into space." Now ur first instinct would be to shoot it up with ur gravity gun. Oh no my friend.....

U have to escort this little critter - right - to the end - of the game. And put him in the rocket to blast him into space. Which means the most complex gaming u could ever fathom. I'm talking shooting him in the right places, leaving him in the right spots, driving EVER so carefully with a watchful eye on him...

I wouldn't ever say something like this was worth doing - but it's an experience none the less. So all you Orange Box folk - try it :-) lol

P.s: I also did the "Complete Ravenholm using only a gravity gun" achievement. Never has running in Half-Life been so life-threatening.

A New Layout & An Addiction For PGR4...

I actually would understand why people would hold Need For Speed: ProStreet in one hand, PGR4 in the other, and ditch the ProStreet. Cos if there has ever been a racing addiction for me since Most Wanted it's this.

Arguably the most epic game intro I've seen thus far, PGR4 really hits the nail on the head in regards to what a racer should be like. The cars are great, the bikes are greater, the tracks are beautiful and the weather effects are incredible.

Being from London, it's quite a feeling racing on a track that is set out exactly the way the actual city looks. Microsoft and Bizarre really outdone themselves with this one. Expect a review from me soon.

Oh yea - The Orange Box arrived. Currently watching the case while I pwn thru this game. I am that serious lol

I probably will do a blog before the 25th but Merry Xmas to all if I don't get around to doing so. Got a big phone bill to pay :-(

Enjoy the new layout :-)

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