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Also if you haven't ever used a Mac don't buy into the hype. I had never used once and had to steal my parents macbook for some courses I'm taking through work. I hate the damn thing, everyone says it's soooo easy, to me it's a complete pain in the ass.


I've tried them too and they're far from user friendly. The iMac i was using in the library was resonably specced but it still responded slower than the general admin P4 based windows boxes also it's really annoying to navigate and the magic mouse and mac keyboard are terrible in every way.

I second to this . Contary to popular belief , MAC's interface IS NOT USER FRIENDLY as they think . In fact , I find it Annoying and irritating as hell . Back in school when I used MAC for Phototaking classes , I cant believe how hard and annoying it is to transfer image files from folder to folder with a MAC desktop ..

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FF7 period ... Wtf is wrong with people liking a emo sore loser as their protagonist and a villian that has mother complex ? I mean come on , SERIOUSLLY ?

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[QUOTE="SerOlmy"]1) Apple has never really had high end games until now so they have done a s*** (obviously) job of optimizing their graphics drivers. RayvinAzn
You must be new to computers. Some of the biggest, best, and most badass games graphic-wise came out for the Mac platform all throughout the '90s and even into the early '00s.

Sorry mister but MAC is history when it comes to gaming . no point digging out its glory back in the 1990s . This is 2010 .

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This topic is kinda dumb . In real life Helis can get ripped in the hull by machine gun fire and even rifle fire from the large caliber ones like AK 47 if the range isnt too far . So we are lucky that in BC 2 our helis are at least immune to most , if not all small arms fire .

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Nothing wrong with you, its just im too clueless for my pc.


Get a Mac.

Yea . MAC caters for total technology retards and people who cant understand how to use PCs

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Sounds like you are experiencing what my crapbox prebuilt got 2 years ago .. My dedicated GPU fried , leaving it with a crappy integrated crap .

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ZERG RUSH. Thats how you winIantheone
Haha i second to this . I still remember how my 6 year old brother owned my 10 year old cousin's protoss by 4 pooling and Ling rushing , really made him raged hard XD .

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Lol i only use my Laptop for games like L4D2 , Dota , WC3 to game with my friends in school ... Otherwise , I use my custom desktop for everything else XD

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I second to Fallout 1 and 2 , Awesome games that blew my mind away . Before i got my custom PC for FO 3 , I was playing FO 1 and 2 on my crapbox

Pentium D PC and for the few times in my life , I felt that a turn based game is SO AWESOME , and its a game back in 1997 XD . Awesome game .

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Corsair 800D
Intel i7 980x
EVGA X58 *****ified 4-SLI
4x GTX 480's
Silverstone Strider 1500w
Mushkin Redline Frostbyte 6GB DDR3-1600 6-8-6-24
Corsair Force Series SSD
Creative X-FI Titanium Fatal1ty
2x Thermochill 120.3
Swiftech RadBox 120mm
EK Supreme HF
4x EK-FC480
EK-FB Kit EVGA X58 ****fied Mosfet Block
Swiftech MCP355 w/ Aftermarket Top
Swiftech MCRES-Micro Rev.2
Primochill Primoflex LRT Tubing
Bitspower Fat Boys Compression Fittings
Distilled Water for Coolant
Typical DVD Drive

... See what happens with an unlimited budget? :P


(Gasps ) that will do nicely , Thanks for the help XD