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Spring UPDATE!

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So its been a long time since ive written one of these so i just want to catch everyone up on what ive been doing.

1.) i got a new laptop for college/programming

2.) i started learning programing and mark up languages

3.) i started playing rift a month ago, got a lvl50 cleric and 28 rogue on epoch

4.) in the late fall i got into modding and gamesaves for xbox games.

5.) planning to get back into xbox tomorow because im planning on buying L.A Noire

6.) started learning java yesterday, i hate spending an hour trying to find the error in my code.

7.) is L.A Noire good if anyone has played it yet?

8.) GoW 3 beta is pretty much like all the other GoW games.

9.) ima drop a load when Skrim comes out

10.) i am bored.

Most underrated game of 2010...

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Thats right Castlevania, i didnt finsh it yet but i couldnt hold back my feelings anymore about this game went under the mainstream radar. Its slick agile action combos and cutscenes like a blockbuster film not to mention the fact that it was narrarated by Jason Isaacs ( The britsh bad guy in the patriot, also in 2 harry potter films and resident evil). I was disapointed in the lack of cool achievements but the plot and mechanic's of the game keep me sucked into it enough that i really dont care about achievements in the game(thats why i picked up Enslaved:oddessy to the west i guess).

a new hobby.

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I have recently stubled across the program Adobe Dreamweaver in my adobe creative cs4 suite, i had known about it but did not know what it did or what it is used for. I started using it in school as well, and i am currently working on a website i dont think i will put it on a webhosting site that i have to pay 10 bucks amonth untill it looks really nice but i might put it on a free one such as wordpress. Also, i am will be doing my top 10 games of 2010, numbers 10 to 5 in the next few days and 5 to 1 sometime next week or during christmas break.

Its been quite a long time...But time for a big return

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So i havent put anything out on here as of late so here i go, i recently (october-this past weekend) have been sucked back into the wonderful world of warcraft, now the glory of that was not long lasted, october came and with that i also came back to my former guild we downed Lich king and it all went down hill from there. After we downed the ol king i had a good month on my hands until nov.7 which all of you should know what came out on that day, so i began grinding for gold and making as much as i could as fast as i could spending my after school and weekend time right down the drain. Now i will fast forward some, the day december 7th i eagerly await the new expansion cataclysm to be recived in my inventory, what makes this event even better is that ive been home all week from school because of a mild surgery that had to be done. So i take the disc and install it and begin to play for the first day my reaction is OMFG this is awesomesauce even though i already knew everything about it from research and the changes made in the last patch in the game. Lets now fast foward again, the day is the 10th after a 3 day world of warcraft, smartie candies and Mountain dew binge i have a sinking feeling that this game has really changed for the worse, so i just logged off and that was the end of the return to the world of warcraft, it costed the lives of many precious Bills in my wallet around 60 to be exact not including gas of coarse. Then on the down of the cafffine sugger binge i had a idea...WOW, i reall sorta kinda want to play xbox again. so i go out and buy fable 3, now many of you will most likely ask the question to yourself.. Why the hell didnt this kid buy black ops instead of fable 3? The reason behind this madness is that meh father bought me it as a gift for getting a 4.0 for the quarter so i do have it but dont touch it as much as i should. So that takes us to yesterday, i buy fable 3 and play it all day, at the end of the day i have a sinking feeling again this time its the feeling you get when you play a game with a solid story line without enough content to complament it. And of coarse i finsh it as of 15mins ago and i must say it was a great piece of work but $62 for 2 full days of gaming is not cool dude. So i guess i will finsh Fallout new vegas and i am sure i will be getting Sims 3 for Xmas is their any other games i should wriite on my letter to santa?

Halo reach.

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Well the tittle somes up this blog.. If anyone wishes to have someone to play this game with on xbl send me a friend request on xbl GT: Kyoogre( I play with 5 star generals from halo 3 A.k.a Halo addicts so if i suck they will even it out.)

Have a nice day


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I currently am bored out of my mind.

WoW account has been shut down.

mafia 2 is too short of a game.

wish these hott xbox titles would come out sooner.

School starts monday i do like how i start the school day off with graphic designs though.

I still hate modern wafare 2 but am forced to play it with my cousin because his parents bought it for him

I want fable 3 and fallout new vegas bad

Have a good day.

Hello been a while.

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So its been a while since i posted anything and this is my curent situation.

Getting a new laptop in a few weeks.

Sad because i cant find a good mmorpg, that Doesnt have the player base that WoW does.

If anyone has any mmorpg suggestions tell me as of now im narrowing it down to

Age of conan VS. Lord of the rings online

Top 5 favorite video game characters.

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# 5 Mario

# 4 Kyogre, yes pokemon still count

# 3 Little sisters from bioshock

# 2 captin price from call of duty

and for# 1

#1 THRALL- world of warcraft

My Youtube page.

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Yes it is true i do more than just take pictures, im also into video editing and speed art. here is my youtube page i make mini-tages and intros enjoy:)

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