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top 5 anime games

of all the anime games japan and korea have provided us fantasy VII has to be the best. final fantasy dirge of cerebrus. vincent valentine...can you believe that guy? so bad ass...*sighs* i suppose all the final fantasy games would make this list...but since final fantasy isnt everything...(almost everything,not quite all) we shall go on. would be devil may cry 2. the second had bad graphics and the third was and dont even get me started on the 4th. harvest moon is included in this list. not the one for ps2 though, the one for ds. and last but not least is drakengard tying with chaos legion. we can all thank capcom and square enix for these amazing and mind blowing games.

sports games

ah,sports you get on my nerves. at a friends house now and her cuz is playing b ball on the 360. at least he plays both real and video simulated b ball. so, its not too bad. wat makes me mad the most is the fat pigs that sit on their asses all day and do nothing but play sports games but dont or wont play the real thing. of course, its different if u cant...but honestly! get a kinect or wii!

left 4 dead vs. left 4 dead 2

left for dead 1 for Xbox 360 has to be the best zombie game out there. for me, it was my first 1st player game. i usually don't play 1st person as i prefer 3rd...but my little brother convinced me otherwise and once i got the hang of it i fell in love. one day he brought home left for dead 2 from a friends house. i was excited to get my hands on it so we went into the game room to play. it started. awesome opening **** that's where it goes downhill. i couldnt believe it. the special infected were discernable from the common infected, the spitter and witch showed alot more...cleavage. i mean, i dont think im the only guy out there that doesnt get turned on by zombie boobies. i may be wrong but gross.