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Shopping therapy! (part 2)

Hello everyone !

Here's the update i promised in my previews blog.

I bought some of the games i wanted to buy. I downloaded from PSN Megaman9 which is a classic and all time favorite and also the megaman series is my first videogame experience through gameboy.
I also downloaded Crash commando which is fun and the Selvaria mission a DLC pack for a great RPG , Valkyria Chronicles.
Now for the disc based games , i ordered Sega Genesis collection for PS3 which i think it's a great choice since it's many games packed in one!
I'm gonna spend many hours with great games that i didn't had the chance to play, such as Phantasy star series , alex kid etc.

And last but not least the game that i've been expecting to get my hands on!


A friend of mine let me borrow it along with Folklore. The initial plan was to test it and compare it with the demo of killzone 2 so i can pick and buy one of them. But since my friend said that i can keep it as long as i want that means i will beat it and play as much as i want and then i'll buy Killzone2. The reason that it's so hard to choose is that i'm not really into FPS games.

So these days you'll see me playing much of R2 and folklore , but don't think i'm gonna forget SFIV :P

That's it for now !
Cyah and keep playing :lol:

Shopping therapy !

Hello everyone :lol:

Sorry for not making a blog lately , i'm inexcusable :P

Today i will buy a few games through ebay and downloable through PSN. I really need that cause i haven't bought any games in a while :lol:

Actually i'm not pretty sure what to get .
For start i want an FPS, since i'm not into FPS games i'll buy only one and good.
I'm between Killzone2 and Resistance2 and i can't pick.
online gameplay, quality in graphics and easy&fun gameplay is the factors to determine my choice.
Also i'll probably buy Sonic's sega genesis collection.

And from PSN i'll download Bionic Commando , Crash commando , MegaMan 9 Valkyria Chronicles DLC and a few more that i haven't decided yet .

Anyway i'll give you an update about the results :lol:


Buy a new console !

Hi everyone !
It's been a long time since the last time i've made a blog ! :lol:
This time i'll talk about something that is buging me for a long time. How about to buy a new console ?
I know most of you will consider me as a Sony fanboy and say to me " ah c'mon now dude , you say that kind of stuff all the time and you always end up with your PS3!" and you will be right cause everything i do proves that i'm actually a sony fanboy :P
But this time i think differently for two reasons :
1) Christmas are coming and that means better prices for everything
2) Many great games are in different consoles than PS3
3) A good gamer afters the good games regardless of which console they are!

I know that's three :P
Anyway, another reason that is not quite relevant with the others above is that i kinda need to change my gaming experience and play something new and different than the usual so xbox360 is not a suitable choice cause it's almost similar to PS3 and most of the games are the same.
Also i've noticed some good games in Wii and many of my friends here bought one and i can't take their taste lightly.
So, considering all these facts i can't ingore the existance of this console and i'm thinking seriously to buy it !
What say you? :P

A future game list !

Today i want to present a list of games that are coming up within 2008 and 2009 and i will buy them.
Good thing is that most of them have confirmed release date which makes the waiting a bit more easy ... or not ?

White Knight story
Valkyria Chronicles
Eternal Sonata
Last Remnant
Little Big Planet
FFVII:AC blu ray complete
God of War 3
Street Fighter IV

KH birth by sleep
FF: Dissidia

Also i would like to share with you a few games that i wish they will make some day

Legend of Dragoon, FFVII and Suikoden II & V remake for the PS3
Suikoden VI (a true sequel that would explain many things)
Breath of Fire VI
Legend of Dragoon 2
Kingdom Hearts 3 (a true sequel after KH2)
Chrono Trigger 2 (HD this time)

I'm sure many of you sharing the same desires as me ! :lol:

Get things straight !

To justify my absence,

I was hired to a company 3 weeks ago !
This month is a test for me to prove that i can work there, i didn't want to say anything cause i wasn't sure if they're gonna keep me working for them, it would be embarrassing if i do say so right the first day and after one month say that i wasn't success .
This company is about automations in industries, networks and things that are depending in PC programming and machine automations.
But now that i'm almost sure i'm ready to announce it.
By the end of this month i'll get paid so many things will change now :P
The fact is that i'll be busy from now on and i'll have money to buy new games and stuff !

Now you know :lol:

Cyah !

My Birthday !

September third is my birthday !

I'm 22 years old now :P
I'm not sure what will i do this day or what will i buy myself as a gift !
The first gift i receive is this fantastic handmade pictures from Angel , thank you :P
I think i'll buy a DS for a gift but i'm not sure !
The thing is that i feel good :lol:

A fanboy is always a fanboy! :lol:

I was playing Rogue Galaxy , i was really into it, and then it happens !

Right the next minute i find myself playing Suikoden V !
I'm determined!
I'll make everything in this game!
I have to recruit all 108 characters and i have to beat the s**t out of every mini game&side quest the game has !

Really ... i don't know what got into me , but i like it :lol:

Maybe i'm losing it cause of all that waiting of the new games(SW:FU , White Knight Story, FFXIII etc)

New gaming plans !

Hey esse !

Ok , joke's over !
The last wave of new games that companies will release is over and only few games are worth to play !

Now it's time for the new line up ! The list is pretty large:

Disgaea 3
SW: Force Unleashed(Ps3 & PSP)
Last Remnant
FF: Dissidia
Eternal Sonata
White Knight Story
KH: birth by sleep
FFVII Advent Children Complete Blu ray

These are the new releases within 6 months from now and not to mention that i have to buy a DS and a few hundreds of games there !

Also xbox360 has some good games such as Tales of Vesperia , Spectral Force and Eternal Sonata but the last one it's heading for PS3 also and my fanboism is still affects my judgement :P

Anyway i recommend each one of the games i mentioned, they sure are a must buy !

Soul Calibur IV

Finally i got that game !

I ordered it from ebay and that guy sure took his time sending it!
It's fantastic game!
It has great graphics , i mean you can see everything :P
And the gameplay is fun , i have to learn some moves though :P
Right now i'm trying to create my character in "Character Creation" but it doesn't have much things that i can use, and i don't know how to unlock them, but hey ! i just got the game so i'll have to play it till i find everything!
I bought Premium Edition which includes a black T-shirt with Darth Vader and Mitsurugi , an awesome poster, artwork with the characters and a card with a password that lets me download more stuff in PSN for free ! It also has a little marker , it's probably to mark the score or something :P
Hope we can arrange some online event !
I already discuss this with my friend Curtis so if anyone else wants to join then... we'll gladly face him/her :P


Gaming !

Hello everyone !

This is another Blog that talks about gaming :P

I'm still playing MGS4 now in the Boss Extreme difficulty and i'm trying to unlock the Big Boss emblem which is very difficult!

I also start playing rogue galaxy which is an RPG for the PS2 and it's awesome! Lvl 5 is the company that created this game and it seems that they really know how to make rpg games. The character developing system, the minigames, the story are things that can make you spend many hours in this game. Also the cell-shaded graphics that usually lvl5 uses are wonderful and in a way i prefer RPGs to have that kind of graphics.

I downloaded from PSN 2 games, Pixeljunk monster and Super stardust HD. I know i don't play that kind of games :P but the reason i did that it's because these 2 games have Trophies and i want to collect few. After i played a bit i found myself enjoying the gaming so i'll say these two games are good.

Finally i have to buy Dragon ball burst limit and i can't wait for Soul Calibur IV !

That's all for now !

Cyah !