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Long time

I haven't been on here much, and I suppose my blogs show that. Since I last posted I've gotten various games, a PS3, and Metal Gear Solid 4 which feels like a passage of time in itself. The rest of this summer vacation more or less looks like Metal Gear, Oblivion, Call of Duty 4 and whatever other games I can get my hands on. Everything else in my summer is just going to even out my other life from gaming;)

School's out for the summer

school's finally out, which means some dedicated time getting back to gaming. Issue being, I need to get new games. Hopefully, I'll be getting a job soon, and I figure I have really a month before I have to start getting re-involved with school-related things.. Not much to put here this time around, even though I haven't posted anything here for quite some time...

Just a week away

So I've got a few games to look forward too:
SmackDown vs RAW 2007 (PS2) -- This was a given, seeing how there's only ONE smackdown game I don't have... the very first one :wink:
Mortal Kombat Armagedon : Premium Edition -- What else is there to say?
Bully -- I've waited since the first time I heard about it, and discovered my profound dislike for Jack Thompson. One word: Finally!

The other games coming into the house:
Sonic Riders (for my sister)
NFL Headcoach (my dad)
The Godfather  (I love this game. I beat it when I rented it months ago, but finally it'll be in the household for keeps)
some game kinda like DDR but not? (for my sister)

that's pretty much all I had to say about games, so I guess my next post will be about the games, and hopefully my experience with the PS3&Wii come a new years party :D
Though I did play the Need for Speed game for PS3 at walmart, pretty amazing. It's a shame I suck at racing games :P

Been a while...

Well, marching band has come and gone, and with it's leave left me more time to play games. I'm playing more computer games, though that really isn't my thing.

Props to Empire Earth II, AOE3: The Warchiefs, Warcraft III, War of the Rings, and Sid Mier's Civilization... and that's where I'll stop. I'm not the greatest in them, and like I said, pc gaming isn't really my thing, but I've had fun playing those games lately so...

PS2 time. I've gotten farther on Freekstyle. Practice makes it less frustrating. Haven't play much lately, but I could probably pick up where I left off.
WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2006... Sounds a little dumb I'm saying something about it now that '07 is out, but I won't be playing 07 probably until Christmas, asuming my parents get it for me, but it's almost become tradition, so I'd imagine I'm getting it. Anyhow, I've just been working on completing the challenges I should've done months ago, and getting the last of the trophies and items unlocked as I beat the challenges. I've got the legend ones left to beat yet, and I don't imagine many troubles coming up soon.
Also in the PS2 area, things I'm looking to add to my collection of games: Mortal Kombat. I'm missing Deception and Armagedon, definently going to be adding those as soon as I can. Bully has been in my sight since I first saw it on here ages ago, I'm looking to be adding that as well.

Now, the PS3 is out, God knows I'd love to try Resistance, but it'll have to wait. I'm holding off on the PS3 until MGS4 is coming up on it's release. The PS3 games I've got my eyes on: GTA4, MGS4, Resistance Fall of Man... That's for the time being at least.
Xbox 360: It's not an unknown fact that xbox (mostly microsoft) is far from my favorite, but I won't deny the system any credit. Gears of War looks amazing, I'd love to try it, amongst other games...

Now, the only system I'd like to have right now, that's been out for a while... The PSP. Why? Well, to say the least, MGS: Portable Ops comes out in a few days, and I'm kinda SOL. I love MGS, but I'll be missing that part of the adventure until I get my hands on enough money for a PSP, and then the game itself.

So I've now beaten KH2

Kingdom Hearts 2 if anyone doesn't know... (technically I beat it yesterday... only because of the time it is now)

Brief overview:
Beginning was too long, and the Organization XIII fights got really irritating after awhile, but overall great game.

Now if only my PS2 hadn't locked up at the end...:x

Oh well... Probably going to resort back to MGS again... (Not sure which, 1, SOL or SE)

Nothin' much

I'm bored. Actually, I'm supposed to be at band right now... Haven't felt good since yesterday, so I'm not going.
I wrote my first game review today, mainly because I was bored and didn't feel like roleplaying and all that fun stuff, did that last night. So since I'm obcessed with Metal Gear, I wrote one for the most recent installment. One of these days I'm just going to write everything about the series and that'll be the end of it lol.

Been playing Kingdom Hearts II a lot more lately trying to beat it. I started it a while ago, but never got around to finishing it, kinda lost my vibe in the game for a while. It gets better as you go through it for the most part.
Other than that I haven't played too many games. I played SmackDown! vs RAW '06 until I finally beat GM mode. I'll probably never beat it 100% like I did in the past games, mainly because I need a stupid PSP to unlock Jake "The Snake" Roberts. So lame.
On the computer... Well I had my introduction to Titan Quest. Great game so far, hope it stays that way. And it is definently a great game coming after Diablo II.
Also, I tried Empire Earth II. Addictive, just on my stupid computer it locks up after a while... But a fun game overall.